Report: Peterson’s son severely beaten, in critical condition


When reports emerged that Vikings running back Adrian Peterson missed practice and traveled to South Dakota due to a “medical issue involving [a] young family member that likely will be a police matter,” several tipsters linked the news to reports from Sioux Falls of a man named Robert Joseph Patterson charged with aggravated assault and aggravated battery of an infant, who is in critical condition.

TMZ reports that the link indeed exists, and that Peterson’s two-year-old son is in critical condition after being severely beaten, allegedly by Patterson.

Per the report, Peterson’s son suffered severe head injuries.

We continue to wish Adrian Peterson and his family the best as they deal with, if the report is accurate, an unimaginable situation.

223 responses to “Report: Peterson’s son severely beaten, in critical condition

  1. I’d hate to be the Panthers defense this weekend. Anger is easily the most powerful emotion and Peterson is going to run 100x angrier than he already was.

  2. Who beats up a toddler? They should put this guy in a room with no doors or windows with AP for 10 minutes.

  3. How awful! I cannot imagine. All are in my prayers.

    I know what I would want to do with this individual, but I pray that Adrian allows the police to handle it

  4. Whoa whoa whoa!! I am outraged! What kind of man beats up on an infant child? That man deserves to be beaten by the entire Vikings team!

    Im praying for you AP

  5. Absolutely awful to hear… You’ve got to be a sick person to harm a child. I wish his family and his son the very best… Peterson, be with your family this week. Football is not as important. God bless.

  6. An innocent 2 year old was beat by the man who is dating the childs mom…

    AP gotta kill that dude.

    Yo AP! i know some people that can handle that for you for the low…

  7. My heart goes out to Adrian and his family. This is horrific.

    Hopefully, justice will come to that scumbag.

  8. I can’t do the mental math to imagine such a scenario.

    Nothing but the best wishes for Peterson, and for his son to make a full recovery.

  9. Take all the time away you need from the team AP. We love you and support whatever you need. God & Family ALWAYS come first. The Vikings & NFL have got your back.

  10. Every once in a while we get a reminder that sports are about entertainment and not life and death. We can only hope that things turn out well for the child and the Peterson family and that justice will prevail.

  11. If I’m AP I’m swinging first and asking questions later. If he actually constrained himself and let the police handle it, my respect for him only grows.

    Hope it all ends up well for you and your family AP.

  12. Prayers for Peterson and his son that he recovers fully.

    Prayers for Patterson that he gets the justice he deserves. Life in prison regardless and the death penalty if the worse case scenario occurs.

  13. sick sad awful horrible story. as a dad of a 4 year old son i cant even imagine someone doing that to my kid. heartfelt prayers and best wishes for the little boy and his family

  14. How about we let AP meet this Patterson guy in a dark alley vs. a court appearnce. I m sure AP would rather have it this way..

  15. I hope this innocent child recovers fully. Thoughts and prayers from this football fan.

    I also hope this Patterson fellow ends up in a prison full of Vikings fans, and they show him how it feels to be helpless and beaten. You suck.

  16. Awful. Beyond words awful.

    I wish AP and his Son nothing but the best, and a speedy recovery.

    The guy who did this should be put down like the rabid dog he is. It takes a special kind of “sick” to abuse an infant.

  17. What goes through the head of an individual who decides to beat a 2 year old child?

    Utter craziness

  18. From the reports I read this guy in custody, Patterson, should be locked up and the key thrown away.

  19. Oh dear god.

    Adrian is going to kill that guy. I have a two year old son and the thought of someone causing him severe head trauma angers me to the point of willingly serving time to exact my own revenge.

    My prayers are with you and so is God’s love.

  20. What a shocking shocking thing to read. Just hope the poor 2 year old recovers. What is it with some people in the world (the mothers boyfriend), just sickening.

  21. So sad to hear. AP is a great player and from what I’ve seen and heard from him, a great person. We all should keep him and his young boy in our prayers at this time. God bless your family

  22. I cannot express the rage I feel toward a grown man who would beat a 2 year old at all, let alone badly enough to put him in critical condition. My thoughts and prayers go out to Adrian Peterson and his family and especially to his son.

  23. As a new father to a 4 month old girl, my heart wretches for AP and his family. I hope justice is swift and unmerciful for the monster who is responsible for such a heinous act. One can only hope that his son can recover from this.

    My skin is crawling… SMH.

  24. Dear God! Who is capable of such a thing!

    My thoughts and prayers to out to the Peterson family!!

    Get well soon! Please!!

  25. i hope they let him and AP fight one on one, and AP crushes his skull!!! u dont do that to a child, so sad!!!

  26. People don’t take lightly to child abuse… as twisted as it may be, they don’t tolerate it in prison. Right or wrong, the inmates WILL show you what they think of you. Scumbag.

  27. Can you imagine what will happen to that guy if AP gets his hands on him. The pic of AP and his kid at training camp was one of the best team pics all year.

  28. Been following this story all morning, did not even imagine it was Adrian’s son, regardless this is an extremely sad story. Im speechless, just wondering how could anybody do such a thing to a child/infant.

    KEEP AP AND HIS SON in our prayers…#shocking#whatiswrongwithppl

  29. The abuser is probably not prepared for what happens if the goes to prison and he’s not in protective custody. Child abusers are not exactly loved there.

  30. As a father, I can’t even imagine the terror, sadness and fury he is experiencing right now.

    From a life-long Packers fan, may God be with you AP, may He be with your son and your whole family.

    And may the wretch who did this never see the light of day as a free man again.

  31. This news is horrific. Not because it is Adrian Peterson’s child but simply because it is a two year old child getting beaten by a grown man. Because it is AP’s child it will draw more attention than most incidents, but it is just as horrific no matter who’s child suffers. AP will not be the man to get even with this POS that did this to his child, but someone will get to that man and make him pay.

  32. thoughts and prayers to Peterson and his family .there is NOTHING lower than crimes against children.Nothing…

  33. Too bad he abandoned his son… I can’t imagine doing that. Hopefully he will be at his side throughout the recovery process and take a leave of absence from his job. It comes down to priorities…

  34. I am pretty confident in my ability to keep my head right in every situation….the only exception where all bets are off is if somebody harms my children. There would be no concequences enough to restrain me.

    AP…my family’s thoughts and prayers will be with you and yours throughout this unimaginable situation!!!

    PS: Any fantasy owner of AP that flips out if he doesn’t play is no better than Robert Joseph Patterson!!!

  35. Thoughts and prayers go out to the entire family. I don’t care what team you are a fan of, news like this is bad enough but I can’t believe any poster put click on a thumbs down on other poster’s well wishes to the family. The thumbs down posters are as sick as the idiot who beat the kid . Disgusting.

  36. My heart felt prayers from a father and Bears fan. Bear nation will pray for your son and yourself. No father or mother should feel the pain you are feeling. God bless.

  37. Situations like this really puts football in its proper perspective, its just a game!!! Praying for AP, his beloved son, and entire family!!! Would totally understand if AP stays in South Dakota and tends to his son rather than “play a game”!!! FAMILY FIRST

  38. AP in a room for 10 minutes with the guy, no questions asked, then let the animal who would put his hands on a 2 year old child die slowly and painfully. The world doesn’t need people like that in it.

  39. Just awful news for anyone, but it just happens to be Adrian Peterson’s son. Here’s hoping that little boy makes a full recovery and hopefully never remembers what happened to him.

  40. I’m curious to know more about the relationships here. The South Dakota Newspaper said the woman left the child with her “boyfriend” (Patterson) .

    So, apparently this is a Son by a woman different from whom is he currently living with?

    Not that it matters, but just curious about what the Mother’s relationship is to Adrian now…..

  41. My mind just keeps going to… How? How does a guy that could even possibly cause a kid harm get access to Peterson’s son?

    I have a feeling that upon conviction, the prison population will handle this.

    Prayers and best wishes for AP, and sincere hopes he can get time and privacy to deal with this. To hell with football for awhile.

  42. And yet when we have so many posters appropriately expressing condolences and wishes for a speedy recovery, there were actually seven people (so far) that gave a “thumbs down?” Pathetic and sad…

  43. Unspeakable.

    As an aside…. The 5-10% of you who thumbs down the comments here clearly either represent heartless Trolls or confused inaccurate typists….

  44. Is there some sicko in this thread that’s going through all the comments and giving them a ‘thumbs down’ just for laughs? Grow up.

  45. Aj Mansour ‏@AjKFAN 35m

    Sounds like Adrian Peterson is back in town, will practice today and speak to media after to clear the air on the SD situation. #Vikings

  46. The perp’s punishment should be having to serve as the tackling dummy at a week of Viking practices until his lifeless body is trampled into the dust.

  47. Who are the mouth breathers that are down arrowing the first couple comments offering condolences and wishing the two year old recovers??? What pathetic losers….

  48. 5150cd says:
    Oct 11, 2013 11:08 AM
    I’d hate to be the Panthers defense this weekend. Anger is easily the most powerful emotion and Peterson is going to run 100x angrier than he already was.


    Cmon dude. You really think Peterson plays this weekend? Football is the farthest thing from his mind right now.

  49. My prayers got out to him & his family. As Fathers we’re looked at as protectors for our children. I can’t imagine the pain, hurt & anger that he’s feeling all @ once. I pray for a speedy recovery for your son & may god be with your family during this tough time.

  50. Who the hell are all the people giving thumbs down to these positive comments and well wishers? This society we live in is right here posting on this board.. Thumbs down? You’re either a child or have something wrong in the head….and clearly don’t have children of your own. Something happening to my child is my worst nightmare.

    Wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy.

  51. There is a special place in hell for Robert Joseph Patterson.

    Normally I’d ask God to have mercy on his eternal soul, but not this time.

  52. What a disgusting human being to raise a hand against an innocent child

    I can’t even begin to imagine the heartbreak that AP must be feeling right now

    Hope the kid pulls through and hope Patterson suffers the most harsh justice available

  53. I don’t even know what to say… So sad. AP, nurture your family. Football will still be here when you get back. To your little guy, get well soon.

  54. This is horrible. I cannot imagine being able to focus on anything else if it were me. I hope the kid turns out OK.

  55. Despicable that someone is thumbs downing thoughts and prayers towards an innocent child and his family… Sad that Robert Joseph Patterson types exist in this world… especially behind keyboards.

  56. As a father myself I couldn’t imagine the heartache and pain AP is going through right now. What kind of sick monster does this to a child? Once this coward is sent to prison I have a feeling he won’t have a warm welcome by the other inmates, I don’t think they take too kindly to child abusers/beaters.

  57. To

    To all you idiots that keep hitting the “thumbs down” button towards comments that are heart felt and supporting AP’s son, I hope something even close to this unthinkable act never happens to you. If it ever does, look up “karma” and you will know why it happened to you.

    And of course, go ahead and hit the “thumbs down” tab on this post, I expect it.

  58. Not sure what’s lower, the guy who did this or the people obviously going through and down voting every single comment containing well wishes. I feel sorry for both of them and their sad pathetic lives. To the guy who did this to a 2 year old, as someone who worked in a prison for a long time, you will get yours. Trust me. You aren’t going to be able to PC up fast enough.

  59. AP is more of a man than I am because I would have put this person down like a bad animal. That’s all they would be to me is an animal at this point not a person!!! Unacceptable!

  60. Absolutely disgusting. I don’t know how anyone could do that to a child. Hopefully his son makes a full recovery. The family will be in my prayers.

  61. I wonder as to the character of some the individuals on this site who are pressing the “thumbs down” button. As a father of a 6 and 3 year old, I simply could not imagine this!

  62. The perp is not “sick” or “misunderstood”, he is an evil person and should receive the harshest penalty possible, legal or illegal.
    Put him in general population and tell EVERY prisoner what this guy did and let the chips fall where they may.

  63. southpaw2k says: Oct 11, 2013 11:38 AM

    There is a special place in hell for Robert Joseph Patterson.

    That same place in Hell is also reserved for the immature fools who thumbs-down the good wishes and prayers for Adrian and his child.

  64. Heartfelt emotions go out to A.P. May you have justice, peace and your son back in your arms again healthy.

  65. How can ANYONE be giving a “thumbs down” on the comments wishing for a full recovery?

    How can you do that? How? That is just sick! I noticed there are 19 “thumbs down” on the first comment on this thread which is simply praying for the kid to get better.

    How can any human be giving a thumbs down on this thread? Some people are truly truly sick!

  66. In the words of Phillip Anselmo of the great Pantera

    “I ask you please just give us… 5 minutes alone”

  67. Gosh…I am amazed that there are people voting “thumbs down” to the expressions of sympathy and concern posted here.

    Hoping for the best for AP, his son and family.

  68. I’m sorry to hear this, AP has been a stellar football player and I hold him in high respects. Hopefully they leave that guy alone in a room with AP for a while so he can repay the favor.

  69. This story literally makes me want to vomit. To think an adult could do this to a baby is absolutely horrifying. What is this world coming to? Prayers are for that little boy and for the family and here’s hoping that the sick bastard who did this is brought to justice.

  70. I am asking because I dont know but being the father of a toddler myself how does one go to practice the next day when the child is in critical condition? Is he not a regular figure in the childs life? I am not casting judgement and I believe he has to be devasted at a vicious attack on a helpless child. Something just seems weird or not fully reported yet if that is the case. Prayers go out to AP and his child…sick world at times.

  71. I’m praying for two things:

    1. That Adrian’s son recovers fully and has no memory of the event.

    2. That South Dakota has a death penalty.

    Stay strong AP. I hope your little guy is as tough as you on the field and off.

  72. Disgusting. Patterson might want to skip his bail hearing. If he does get released on bail, he might learn what a real beat down feels like.

  73. What kind of sorry bastards are disliking some of these sympathetic comments? Just because AP has probably ran up & down the field on your team doesn’t matter right now. A child is seriously injured and as a father I know this must feel terrible . My thoughts and prayers are with AP & his family.

  74. I can’t believe people actually thumb-down positive comments wishing nothing but the best for a young child…What is wrong with you people!

    Faith in humanity crumbling

  75. this just shows no matter what team u root for no one likes a child abuser. Our prayers are with u AP, be strong little man. also I’m not able to see the thumbs downs yet I will see it when it comes across my Dallas Cowboys news app under the pft. all of u giving the thumbs down are no better than the sort sob that did this to an innocent 2 year old child.

  76. Glad to see that there are still enough low life idiot responders on PFT that actually think it’s funny to thumbs down well wishes on a story like this.

    Stay Strong, AP.

  77. First of all, I hope the little guy a quick & full recovery.

    Secondly, our legal system prevents an appropriate punishment.

    Put this fool in a cell, in the Vikings complex and let Peterson do whatever he wishes with him for the rest of his life.

  78. God help the Peterson family in this horrible time.

    As for the posters who are thumbs downing the supportive comments, may you be inaccurately identified as Patterson by an angry mob. You people are disgusting.

  79. My son just turned two this July. I can’t even think straight having just read this story. Thoughts and prayers are with the Peterson family. This is horrible. I hope the little dude is okay and justice is served.

  80. I honestly think it is time to get rid of the thumbs down option on this site. It really serves no purpose. If you think you are funny by doing a thumbs down on this you are not. It is childish and immature. Instead of doing a thumbs down on it, why not post a message under your user name with your negativity? My guess is you won’t because you are a coward.
    For the same reason Facebook does not have a “dislike” button, it is time for Pro Football Weekly to dump this in my opinion.

    As an avid Packer fan, I have nothing but thoughts and prayers for the Peterson/Viking family.

  81. Just horrible to hear, pity nor mercy should be shown to “men” cut of this cloth. America needs to stop allowing this sort of behavior with weak penalties. All thoughts, love, and prayers to that poor little boy.

  82. This is just a terrible story, and I hope AP’s son is able to make a full and speedy recovery.

    Obviously we do not know everything that happened, but why was this man allowed to be alone with the toddler? I know he is dating the mother, but an article I read said it was a “new” relationship. Again this is just a terrible story, and I know nothing of the mother, but I can not help but feel she should be held responsible also. I would like to see Adrian get custody of his son and he can live with AP and his fiance.

  83. This is the reason why I am so overprotective of my kids!!! OMG prayers and love going out to AP and his family and especially for his son in hopes that he will recover from this soon

  84. As for these “thumb downers” It’s sad, but I’m not surprised. I’ve read sports comments for years now and they always contain a handful of these fan boy extremists who do nothing but troll opposing teams spreading their vile comments, and it’s not any teams fans, they exist everywhere. These sad individuals are so consumed by their petty hate that they would thumb down or make a negative comment on anything if it involved a player from an opposing team. It truly is a mental disease for someone to be so consumed with things so trivial in life.

  85. Why would any idiot put a thumbs down to well wishes for AP and his son? You are not being funny, just completely ignorant!

  86. Prayers to this child for healing and peace to AP and his family.

    The mother allowed this to happen. She should have her parental rights stripped away imediately. If I were to ever be divorced, I would not have my kids be left alone with another man not their father. Shame on her.

  87. What? Why? I don’t even understand how this could happen. How could you hit a kid? Assault on a 2 year old? Very confusing.

    As for people complaining about thumbs down… while some are no doubt trolls, or just terrible human beings, I often browse PFT on my phone and hit thumbs down instead of thumbs up because my thumb is too large.

  88. This is exactly why I believe that women with small children should not date. Too many times the boyfriend kills or seriously injures a child. You read about it in the papers every day it seems. If you choose to have a child as a single parent, stay home and raise that child. To trust a non family member with a small child is to court disaster.

  89. What do you even say to something like this? This is one of those things in life that just shouldn’t be allowed to happen. I don’t believe in hell, but for who ever did this’s sake, I hope there is one. So that he can rot there forever.

  90. Is there no vile act humans aren’t capable of..? Harming a child is beyond my comprehension. As a father I don’t understand how AP’s mind can be on anything other than ending that sick SOB.

  91. My thought and prayers are with this little boy and his family. I’m disgusted to see there are people giving thumbs down on comments that wish this little boy well. Just who in the heck does that? Regardless of whether you are a fan of AP or the Vikings, NOBODY normal would wish this baby anything but to get better.

  92. this makes me think of my niece, who is the same age and how anyone can hurt someone so innocent. I don’t understand how one can do that and I think most will agree with me there. hope his kid is OK and the guy gets what he deserves.

  93. It’s ridiculous how some ppl would rather right a paper on here about somebody giving a thumbs down rather than giving their blessings… Is the thumbs down really that big of a deal right now..

    My thoughts and prayers go out to AP and his family. Stay strong.

  94. Horrible story. Perpetrator will be taken care of in prison. Why is AP’s child living in SD? Is it his off-season residence?

  95. Not only is the situation that is happening with AP and his family an unbelievable situation, but what the h*ll is wrong with people on here who leave a “thumbs down” on the comments for people who are praying for AP and his family that everything turns out ok??? Those people are just as sick as this Patterson guy.

    Praying for AP and his family. NO ONE should have to go through something like this. Patterson should be sent to prison for the rest of his life. Zero excuse for beating a child like that.

  96. A lot of thoughtful posts. However, has anyone asked “who is Patterson?” and “What is he doing near Peterson’s son?” I doubt this is some random attack. Is Paterson a relative of Peterson’s?

  97. Hey sorry Mr Peterson. This is sad and I just want to add my name to the list of people who feel the sadness and utter shock at this very sick man’s deed.

    I pray he pulls through.

  98. According to the number we saw in grad school, (not my research) over 6 in 10 American children recieve corporal punishment. Sixty percent. Don’t hit your kids. Don’t do it ever, for any reason. Learn better parenting skills. Read. Research. See a behavioral therapist if you cannot control your children, they will help you. Never ever strike your children. If you were hit as a a child, make that pattern stop with you. Think about how you feel as you read this article about AP’s son and burn it into your brain, never hit your kids.

  99. What kind of sick ass man can beat a 2 year old and feel justified?!?!?….

    I would be in jail cause his ass would be shoving up daisies at my hands!!!!

  100. justanotherdummy says;

    “Don’t hit your kids. Don’t do it ever, for any reason. Learn better parenting skills. Read. Research. See a behavioral therapist if you cannot control your children, they will help you. ”


    Spanking is different from a “BEATING”. Yes some parents can lose their temper but many many parents over centuries have physically punished their children without taking it to this extent. My mother raised 5 and we were spanked, neither of us have ever been in jail, strung out on drugs, nor have myself or my siblings had a problem discipling our children without restraint.

    I’ve worked in the medical field for over 20 years and the cases I’ve seen of severe abuse most always involve a parent or significant other of a parent that has some type of substance abuse issue.

    Every parent that decides to physically punish their children are not abusers or capable of doing this to a child…

  101. Sadly, USA Sports has reported that the boy has passed away. God Bless the Peterson family in their time of grief. My heart goes out to them.

    I am a liberal, but seriously feel the laws for penalizing child abusers of any kind, are much too lenient in the USA!

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