Still no clearance for Gronkowski


As Sunday approaches, it’s looking less and less likely that Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski will play on Sunday against the Saints.

Earlier this week, we (and others . . . i.e., don’t blame only us) reported that there was optimism that Gronkowski would be cleared to play for the first time since January, after breaking his arm for a second time, having multiple surgeries on the arm (due in part of infection), and then back surgery in June.

Per a league source, clearance still has not come from Dr. James Andrews, who recently became involved for the purposes of providing a new set of eyes on the scans of Gronkowski’s arm.

It’s all pointing, for now, to Gronkowski not playing on Sunday.

Meanwhile, here’s Tom Curran of CSN New England talking about the situation on PFT Live, along with an intriguing take on whether having Gronkowski available to practice the past six weeks has been a good thing, or a bad thing.

Specifically, Curran thinks it may ultimately have been a bad thing, since certain players (cough, Tom Brady, cough) are getting frustrated about the disconnect between Gronkowski’s presence on the practice field and his absence from games.

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  1. How is it that Andrews can be the team doctor for the Redskins and still be involved in other teams’ business? I’m not saying Gronk should play, that’s a medical decision, but isn’t this some kind of conflict of interest?

  2. Slow healing, infections, team uncertainty, maybe some player hesitation with good reason. I don’t believe his injuries are fully healed. A solid hit and that’s that. It’s not a popular move but he should do a Derrick Rose and rehab that shoulder for the rest of this year. Instead of IR, he should do light work in the practice squad and get ready for next year.

  3. Well, looks like our chances just went up a little bit. Please sit out one more week so we don’t have to deal with you. He’s a beast.

    Who Dat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. isn’t this some kind of conflict of interest?

    He’s reportedly the best. If that’s true, I don’t blame Gronk and/or the Pats hiring the best, obamacare be damned.

  5. Dr Andrews isn’t the “team” doctor for anyone. He’s a surgeon that practically every team uses. He gave Drew Brees that bionic shoulder so get off his back!

  6. I can definitely understand the offense’s frustration over practicing with Gronk, but not having him in games.

    He is taking up valuable reps that could be used to help fine tune his timing with the new receivers. Brady also gets more time with Gronk out there, getting open, making plays, etc… but when it is game time, he isn’t there.

    Hopefully he gets cleared AND stays healthy for the season.

  7. “Dr Andrews isn’t the “team” doctor for anyone. He’s a surgeon that practically every team uses. He gave Drew Brees that bionic shoulder so get off his back!”

    * * *

    He also botched Alex Smith’s shoulder surgery in 2007. The suture literally broke a bone in his shoulder the following training camp, and he still nearly played all the way up until the start of the season.

    Andrews isn’t infallible, and Smith is one of the toughest dudes in football.

  8. I wonder if Gronk would be sitting out if it were a contract year. Given that he just signed a blockbuster extension – he clearly enjoys the luxury of the opposite of a contract year.

    Very hard not to like Gronk — but the question above remains. Gronk has low risk to sitting on the sidelines now – though players like Cutler, Tomlinson and Clowney have been castigated for doing likewise in quasi-similar situations.

  9. Can anyone say, BYNUM!!!!!!..Gronkowski is going to pull a Bynum…he will not play a single down this year….just like Andruw Bynum didn’t play a single game for the Sixers….Andrews won’t clear him because Gronk tells him it still hurts…he’s going to sit out this season….just like his family and agent are telling him…pats getting screwed big time as their season starts to unravel….Saints will smoke them this weekend….

  10. mrlaloosh says:
    Oct 11, 2013 8:33 PM
    Dr Andrews isn’t the “team” doctor for anyone. He’s a surgeon that practically every team uses. He gave Drew Brees that bionic shoulder so get off his back!


    Not true. He’s the Redskins team doctor. Among other things…

  11. He’ll play…This is BB’s doing. The Cowgirls did the same thing a few years ago with Ware. Kept saying all week he wouldn’t play, and then he did. This is the same coach that keeps Brady on the injured list.

  12. I’m a Pats fan and I’m tired of hearing about it. Play don’t play… Just shut about it. Three weeks ago he was ready to go…. No next week….. No next week……..whatever.

  13. trade Gronk before the deadline ! he’s washed up ! either that or amputate the forearm and install a Boston Bionic forearm there to take it’s place. He’ll be ready by next season. this is the 21st century with modern medicine. I’m sure the Bears and all of their Polish fans would love to have Gronk playing TE for them. He would be a cult hero in Chicago. Fred Arbanas played TE with one eye . Gronk can play TE with a Bionic Arm and body catch the football.

  14. If I understood what Tom Curran was describing yesterday on PFT Live, the plate installed in Gronk’s forearm has created a (permanent) risky condition of a pressure point along the bone where a re-breakage can occur under the stress of live play. Yikes. Could this be why Andrews 1) was called in to consult and 2) he hasn’t cleared Gronk for play? This is serious.

    It seems that maybe that plate that was the cause of the 2nd break, has to come out–if it can–and Gronk needs to allow his arm to return to it’s normal strength which mean no games for him this season. No?

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