Suh not fined for tripping Aaron Rodgers

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In the first quarter of Sunday’s win by the Packers over the Lions, Detroit defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh was flagged for tripping Green Bay quarterback Aaron Rodgers.

The move came after Suh slid outside to left defensive end, pitting him against right tackle Don Barclay.  As Suh pushed Barclay into the pocket and Rodgers decided to roll to the right, Suh’s left leg swung toward Rodgers.

It drew an immediate flag.  According to the league office, it didn’t result in a fine for Suh.

The reason for the decision not to fine Suh isn’t entirely clear.  “Tripping” doesn’t appear on the official 2013 fine schedule.

“Leg Whip” does, but that’s not what Suh did.  So Suh wasn’t fined.

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  1. The reason for the decision not to fine Suh isn’t entirely clear. “Tripping” doesn’t appear on the official 2013 fine schedule.

    “Leg Whip” does, but that’s not what Suh did. So Suh wasn’t fined.

    Sounds pretty clear to me.

  2. How about if we demand an explanation if Suggest isn’t fined for offsides next?

    It was only a trip because he couldn’t get his entire body to follow his arm and leg. Rodgers was quicker to the point.

    Since the point of football is to get guys to the ground, fining someone for being in bad position to do just that is stupid. The equivalent, would be fining someone for holding.

  3. He is treading on thin ice and this kind of acquittal really is not in his best interest. At the same time, his reputation works against him. I do think however he is largely responsible and aware what he is doing.

  4. And in other news, No offensive linemen were fined for holding and no DB’s were fined for PI.

    Come on man, fines are for rule violations that affect player safety. They are not for every flag thrown.

  5. Suh’s a dirty player, but fines should only be for actions that endanger another player. If you’re going to fine for tripping, you might as well fine for holding too.

  6. Before I start, we’re talking about non-fineable penalties and witch-hunting in this thread, right? Cool.

    BREAKING NEWS – Nick Fairley wasn’t fined for jumping offsides on a hardcount. BUT, what a scumbag, amirite?

  7. Jim Schwartz should bench Suh, and if his idiotic behavior continues, suspend him. Penalties cost teams yardage, points, and ultimately, wins. While there will always be some penalties, stupid unnecessary penalties (the type in which Suh specializes) should not be tolerated.

  8. the official lions and sue explanation is that rodgers should have been fined for placing his body in the way of sue’s leg. he could have done damage to sue by coming into contact with his leg. schwartz is outraged at the dirty play of rodgers!

  9. As I understand it, Suh was being held on the play and probably shouldn’t have even been flagged. How does that make him a dirty player? Save it for when he does something, you know… dirty!

  10. azarkhan – Suh has 4 penalties in the last 20 games……so how does he specialize in any type of penalty?

  11. I saw the play and thought it was a ticky tacky call. I think the flag came out just because it was Suh who (deservingly) does not get the benefit of the doubt.

    To fine him would have been way over the top.

  12. as bad as I hate the packers I hate that bum Suh worse. the NFL needs to throw his retarded a%$ out TODAY! Suh is going to try some dirt to the wrong player one of these games and get just what he needs.

  13. Compare to the “flying guillotine” Matthew put on kaepernick 3 yards out of bound, this is like a hug.

  14. lets be honest here. not everyone is familiar with what the hell a “leg whip” is defined as.
    But, I’m pretty sure I know when i see an intentional tripping.

  15. I’m guessing that if Suh had actually tripped Rodgers, there might have been a fine. But he didn’t actually even make contact with Rodgers. Granted, the penalty is called “tripping” whether a trip actually happens or not – but still, you’d think the editor of the site would take a peek and see what happened on the play, right? naaaaaaaaah!

  16. Suh is a wanna be bully and while I have NO love for the packers I know Suh tried to hurt Rodgers.
    Chicago is 4-2 and 2nd in the NFC. Redskins next!!

  17. Question: Why is the right half of the picture cut off?

    Answer: Because it would show Suh being held and THAT’S why his left arm and leg are ahead of the rest of his body.

  18. Sue have been fined over $300k for dirty hits he should be on probation 1 more dirty play he should be suspended 3 games next one 6 games all w/out pay

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