“Tragic” situation for Adrian Peterson


Adrian Peterson is indeed dealing with a personal situation that a source close to Peterson describes as “tragic.”

The source declined to share any further details, explaining that it’s a subject Peterson will address at the appropriate time.

On Thursday, Stu Whitney of the Argus (S.D.) Leader reported that Peterson remains in Sioux Falls, “dealing with [a] medical issue involving [a] young family member that likely will be a police matter” and that it is a “very serious” health situation.

No further details are currently available.  Multiple tipsters have suggested a possible link to news of a Sioux Falls toddler being in critical condition, and a man named Robert Joseph Patterson charged with aggravated assault and aggravated battery of an infant.

We continue to extend our best wishes to Adrian Peterson and his family.

56 responses to ““Tragic” situation for Adrian Peterson

  1. This sounds like a tragic case where the boyfriend shook a crying baby. A boyfriend is hundreds of times more likely to abuse a child than the child’s father if he’s married to the mother. Just another huge example of how morality has huge consequences in families.

  2. “a subject Peterson will address at the appropriate time.”

    Peterson doesn’t need to address anything. The media needs to just leave him alone.

  3. TERRIBLE. Hopefully everything works out. It takes a special kind of person to ever hit a child, let alone a toddler. Hopefully the little one makes it. This is just terrible. Especially thinking of it as a father.

  4. Stay strong AP. Don’t let some dirt bag drag you down. Packer fans are pulling for you through this tough time.

  5. I don’t know Robert Patterson, but I’m will to bet Adrian Peterson could smash him like a bug. Dear souix falls p.d., please look the other way while AP handles this one…

  6. Adrian Peterson is easily my favorite player in the NFL and I’m not a Viking fan at all. My heart goes out to him and his family.

  7. Anyone who abuses children needs to be severely punished. If this it true, they should make him spend a day at a closed Vikings practice for the start of his punishment.

    Let’s see how he likes when someone 10 times his size hits him.

  8. Battery of an infant? The people in this world are despicable.

    Not even God can save this man if AP gets to him.

  9. As a fan of The Packers I as well extend my best wishes to Adrian Peterson and his family.
    And all others involved.

  10. I do hope everything works out ok. I also have to ask why people keep calling him AP…He has never gone by that. They call him AD!! Stands for ALL DAY!!! Just had to put that out there.

  11. Local news media are now reporting that the “young family member” is actually AP’s son. My heart is just breaking for him.

  12. Another disturbing issue is the number of thumbs down that are being given simply because someone is wishing for AP’s family’s best or calling out the fact that this is a disgusting act of violence. It’s sad when so many people wish the worst on others. Get a life.

  13. Every post on here is sending out good thoughts to AP and his son. How any of you can thumbs down comments is beyond me.

    God help all of you who would do that. Even as a joke.

    Good luck to AP and his family.

  14. Seriously what losers are disliking all these comments? Show some respect, my thoughts and prayers go out to AP and his family right now in this horrible situation.

  15. Men are, deep down, animals in nature…. The fact that we are human and capable of thinking SHOULD set us apart from beasts of the jungle. Alas, not always… We pray for this innocent child.

  16. This isn’t football folks. This is a child’s life. I would wish no harm to any human being, but if the thumbs down are because he’s a football player on another team, well your pathetic. I sure hope your never in the same position. You would need all the love support and prayers you could muster. Now get some class. Again My prayers got out to the Peterson family.

  17. Report by radio KFAN AP will be at practice today with press conference to follow. I truly hope this is a sign all is well and his son is on the up swing……..

  18. Wow. Some of you people need a reality check. Petersons son gets beaten half to death, and some of you are thumbing down thoughts and prayers for Adrian?? That is exactly what is wrong with this country. There are a lot of players I don’t like, but I would never wish harm on a child, no matter how bad he was or how much I disliked the team or organization he worked for. If they are kids thumbing down, well, you have a lot of growing up to do. Not to mention we are talking about Adrian Peterson. One of the most humble players in all of sports. I hope and pray that whatever happens, the kid is going to be alright. Peterson is a class act, but even if you don’t like him, its not the kids fault who his father is. I just can’t believe the inhumanity of some people. A 2 year old? What is wrong with some of you? Just sit there and hide behind your computer screen. Wow.

  19. Social Media (unfortunately) often given forum for the most ignorant & hateful to display their views. The comments after internet articles are more commonly the worst of the worst.

    The people thumbing down well-wishes for a two year-old … actually got me today. Your faceless ignorance actually made angry.

    I hope this child has the inherited strength of his dad and can hold on and recover.

    I hope those who thumb down this kids well wishes would just go away (or hit me up privately … let’s talk).

  20. Tragically, the baby is now dead.

    If anyone in prison with the murderer Patterson is a football fan and is reading this, well, you know what to do.

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