Browns place Brian Hoyer on injured reserve, sign Charles Johnson


The Browns placed quarterback Brian Hoyer on injured reserve on Saturday, the club said.

To fill the roster spot, the Browns signed rookie wide receiver Charles Johnson from the Packers’ practice squad.

Hoyer suffered a torn anterior cruciate ligament in his right knee in Cleveland’s victory against Buffalo on Oct. 3. He was replaced by Brandon Weeden, who will start Sunday against Detroit.

Weeden and backup Jason Campbell are the Browns’ lone quarterbacks on the roster.

A seventh-round pick from Grand Valley State, Johnson (6-2, 215) was waived by the Packers on August 31, then re-signed to the practice squad on September 2. Johnson racked up 1,199 receiving yards and scored 16 touchdowns as a senior in 2012.

29 responses to “Browns place Brian Hoyer on injured reserve, sign Charles Johnson

  1. You want to talk about being star crossed! Hoyer has bounced around, after showing promise several times and finally looked like he had nailed down a permanent starting role, only to have this happen to him. By the time his leg is well, Cleveland will have moved on and every other team will have solidified their rosters. He may never get another chance. Don’t tell me that you make your own luck.

  2. Get off the Hoyer hype.

    Hoyer has 5 td and 3 int against Minnesota’s 29th ranked PASS Defense in the NFL, Cincinnati who was without starting #1 All-Pro corner Leon Hall, #1 FS Reggie Nelson, and #2 corners Dre and Ghee, and went 0 td — 0 int against Buffalo’s 18th ranked PASS Defense.

  3. TO CLARIFY…. 5 td — 3 int TOTAL in three games (against one terrible pass defense, one team who was missing more than half their secondary, and a below average pass defense).

  4. For what it’s worth, MarQueis Gray is the third QB, although hopefully he’ll be playing TE and FB, with the occasional Wildcat role this week.

  5. Just to highlight the overhype of Brian Hoyer…

    Tim Couch had a higher CAREER completion percentage, higher CAREER yards per catch average than Hoyer with much worse receivers and offensive line.

    As a Cleveland Brown…. Kelly Holcombe had a higher Browns CAREER QB rating than Brian Hoyer.

  6. ballboy48 says:
    Oct 12, 2013 4:51 PM
    This kid looked very good in preseason, and showed a lot of potential. He’s got a ways to go, but he has what it takes.


    You watch the same preseason I did? He may have potential, but he was hurt all training camp. He played in the last game only. I wish him luck though, it’s kinda hard to crack a spot in the Packers WR depth chart.

  7. Weeden is not perfect either… but… his interception percentage is MUCH LOWER than Hoyer.

    Weeden’s touchdown percentage is much lower but he played against better pass defenses…. not 29th ranked Minnesota and a bunch of backups playing for the injured starters.

    Detroit Lions have the 21st ranked PASS Defense who average 7 more yards than Buffalo’s 18th ranked PASS Defense (that Hoyer “torched for 50% — 0td — 0 int).

  8. But, doctorrustbelt, Hoyer is a winner! He went 2-0 this year! And as Matt Flynn proved with Green Bay, having 1 or 2 good games is more than enough to prove a backup QB is actually good…right?

    /On a more serious note, it’s amazing how after many notable examples of 1-2 game wonders like Flynn, fans keep jump on QB bandwagons every year based on limited sample sizes. As doctorrustbelt said, Hoyer has posted so-so stats against 1 bad team and 1 team missing half of their best defensive backs. It’s really amazing how some people are acting as if he proved anything in that stretch.

  9. As a Browns fan I liked Hoyer. He did some good things like getting the ball out fast and most importantly we won the games he was in.

    But he was/is so incredibly overhyped. He scraped out 2 wins and had a nice hometown story so everyone went crazy.

    And if one more person in the media talks about how he sat behind Brady I will explode.

    It’s not a coincidence that our O started looking better when Gordon came back and we benched G. Little for Davone Bess. Greg Little probably dropped at least 4 third down conversions from Weeden in the first 2 games.

    The truth is, Hoyer played like crap vs a very crappy Vikings defense but since he won, and winning is so foreign for the Browns, everybody was blinded by the win. And he played solid against a Bengals D which was missing all of their secondary.

    Weeden ain’t the guy and Hoyer ain’t the guy. The Browns could have a solid season if Weeden doesn’t lose games for us and I have a feeling he will start playing much better with Gordon and an intact O-like. But let’s be realistic. The Browns are drafting a QB in the first round and for good reason. I just pray they pick the right one.

  10. And what sucks the most is that we definitely won’t get the best QB because I think the Jags already drafted him.

    After Bridgewater I see a bunch of QBs who have had inconsistent careers or have made a living in gimicky college offenses.

  11. It could’ve been Hoyer, now it’s Weeden playing out the rest of the season. It doesn’t matter how weeden does, or how Hoyer would’ve done, as they will move up to get their “franchise” Qb in the 2014 draft. I’m hoping they make the playoffs with weeden this year then draft Manziel late in first round, the kid is a winner. Go Browns

  12. doctorrustbelt says:
    Just to highlight the overhype of Brian Hoyer…

    Tim Couch had a higher CAREER completion percentage, higher CAREER yards per catch average than Hoyer with much worse receivers and offensive line.
    As a Cleveland Brown…. Kelly Holcombe had a higher Browns CAREER QB rating than Brian Hoyer.


    OK! We get it! Three posts telling us Hoyer, who is done for the year, is ‘overhyped’. Now why don’t you take a minute and remove that stick?

  13. Flashed amazing speed and had great size for the position, but hardly ever played due to injuries.

    Never had a chance in Green Bay, though there was a definite spot open for him.

    Yeah, I’m a cynic, but I do believe this signing has more to do with the NFL schedule than anything else.
    Just an opinion.

  14. Back in the day Quarterbacks were allowed to develop…in the NFL!

    Trent Dilfer is an example he threw 5 TD passes and 24 interceptions in his first 2 NFL seasons…and he was allowed to keep playing through several other losing seasons like that for the Tampa Bay Bucs before he finally turned it around and led his team to the playoffs and later won a SuperBowl as a starter for the Ravens.

    My point is in this day and age in the NFL no Quarterback who has 2 seasons like that to start a career is on a roster, quarterbacks today are thrown in the dumpster if they don’t produce right away…
    It never used to be like that…

  15. ugh…. right when two of our wideouts go down, the friggin’ dumb “no shot at anything this year” browns decide to fleece one of our developmental practice squad players.

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