Bucs’ Banks will get recommendation from independent expert this afternoon


Johnthan Banks, the Buccaneers cornerback has become the third player on the team diagnosed with an antibiotic-resistant MRSA infection, will get a recommendation from a doctor today about whether he should play on Sunday against the Eagles.

PFT has learned that an independent medical expert will make an evaluation this afternoon about whether or not Banks should play. Officially, the Buccaneers’ injury report lists Banks as questionable with an “illness.”

The Bucs have not confirmed that Banks is the player who was diagnosed with a MRSA infection, but it has been widely reported that Banks is the player in question.

Tampa Bay previously lost kicker Lawrence Tynes for the season with a MRSA infection, and guard Carl Nicks missed the first two weeks of the season with a MRSA infection. The NFLPA has expressed concern about the conditions at team facilities and urged the team to bring in an outside expert to evaluate the situation, which the team has done.

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  1. Glad to hear that the NFLPA is “concerned”…would think that the Commissioner would be too. I imagine visitor teams scheduled to play the Bucs are “concerned” for their player safety and wonder if any have voiced any reluctance at using the Bucs facility?

  2. Obviously they don’t have this thing under control or limited to the players already infected. Does this not prove it is an epidemic waiting to happen across the NFL? There won’t be much of a league if they continue to let the Bucs infect the players.

  3. This must be quite embarrassing for Tampa Bay, having such disgustingly filthy facilities that 3 of their guys managed to get this gross infection. Whoever is entrusted with keeping those areas clean either got a stern talking-to, or is out of a job. One would assume that these facilities would be kept a lot cleaner and disinfected, given the fact that they are in use by professional athletes. If you look at what Tampa Bay is paying these 3 players this season, those 3 accumulative salaries represent a big chunk of change that TB will have to pay to inactive players. The infrequency in which they disinfected these areas is the difference between paying 8-10 Million dollars (guesstimate) to players that are inactive vs players that actually play. To think, some Lysol could have been all it took to salvage this season for these 3 unfortunate players.

  4. It’s spreads and If 1 person infected touched 1000 things in that facility and 995 places he has touched was disinfected then those 5 other spots are still hot with the virus and will keep spreading. He’ll it might even be a terrorist attack lol

  5. Its not that their facilities are “dirty” its that MRSA is such an incredible bacteria and its insanely difficult to get rid of. Many normal people actually carry MRSA on their noses and never get infected by it, but can spread it. Its a lot more complicated of an issue than having a “filthy facility.”

  6. These places are no different than hospitals or surgery centers none want to pay for a real service, If you saw what I see on a daily basis you’d never leave your home. . think about this next time you see someone mopping a floor. .
    Where was that mop last? the bathroom, kitchen etc etc YES and the same “cleaning”solution is used everywhere with same mop that’s dunked in it over and over its filthy cross contamination !!
    They need a real cleaning company that uses color coded microfiber towels and no dip mops with disinfectants cleaned daily= a truly clean building, for another level they should have it sprayed with a biocide it will kill every bacteria in the facility.

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