Colts, Luck own the fourth quarter


At the end of every third quarter in every football game at every level, every player puts four fingers in the air.

For some, it means they want four hot dogs.  For most, it means that crunch time has arrived.

While every team can lay claim to the fourth quarter, only one NFL team currently owns it.

The Colts have outscored their opponents in the fourth quarter this year, 35-7.  The only opposing points in the fourth quarter came from the Raiders in Week One, giving Oakland its first lead of the game.

Led by Andrew Luck, the Colts responded on the next drive, scoring a touchdown and taking the league for good.

Since then, the Colts haven’t allowed a single fourth-quarter point.  With last week’s win over Seattle, Luck notched his ninth fourth-quarter come-from-behind win.  For his career, he has won 15 games.  Sixty percent of those victories came via fourth-quarter comebacks.

“It goes back to process, ‘One play at a time, all you got, 60 minutes, don’t judge,'” coach Chuck Pagano said, via quotes distributed by the team.  “Play as hard as you can and make sure you’re in position [so] when the play shows up you’re there to make it.  That’s what these guys are doing.”

Characteristically, Luck claims no credit for the performance, praising instead the defense for locking down when the game is on the line.

“It is remarkable,” Luck said.  “They’ve been incredibly opportunistic.  It’s so much nicer watching them instead of going up against them in training camp every day and you get frustrated when you throw an interception in a two-minute drill.  It’s been great.”

Though Luck surely would prefer to put games away earlier, his poise and the defense’s ability to rise up when needed have thrust the Colts back among the AFC’s elite.

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  1. As “great” as people think the Colts’ defense is, the only teams that are worse against the run with years are the Redskins and Jaguars. It’s going to catch up with them.

  2. The four fingers thing is so stupid. “Oh it’s the fourth quarter? I sure am glad we do the four fingers thingI’m going to play EXTRA hard now.”

    Why don’t the do one finger for the first quarter, two for the second and three for the third. Those quarters are pretty important too, right?

  3. I love the mindset of this team. Everyone on that roster is a team first type of player who puts in the work all season long to make it happen on Sunday. They’re a few missed plays from being undefeated right now, despite a lot of mistakes and some sloppy play.

    I think they’ll get beat by Denver, but this team is only going to get better as Luck grows. A lot of young talent and an absolutely amazing coach. Maybe not the best X and O guy on the sidelines, but I don’t think there’s a coach who gets more out of his players than Pagano.

    The defense is suspect and plagued by injuries (just like every year, it seems), but I think in a few years with good drafts, they’ll be able to get a couple studs on the other side of the ball to bring consistency.

  4. Just a reminder folks, colts went from best veteran QB to best young QB in one year. Luck > Wilson/RGKnee/Kaep
    Meanwhile, my team just picked up josh freeman to replace something called Christian ponder. Oh well

  5. Chicago Bears have out-scored opponents 51-15 while not allowing a single touchdown in the 4th quarter through 6 games, despite missing 3 Pro Bowlers on D. That was against Saints (rank #7 in scoring) Lions (8th) Vikings (14th) Giants (19th) Bengals (25th) and Steelers (30th)
    Colts 35-7 in fourth quarter through 5 games against Seahawks (5th) 49ers (17th) Dolphins (16th) Raiders (22nd) and Jaguars (31st)

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