Giants’ Terrell Thomas not sure how much his teammates care

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Giants cornerback Terrell Thomas says he’s personally broken up about his team’s 0-6 start, but he doesn’t know how bothered his teammates are.

Asked if the entire locker room is as upset as he is, Thomas said he doesn’t think everyone is.

“I think some are, I think some don’t care,” Thomas said, via Conor Orr of the Star-Ledger. Who knows? I know one thing, this team is going to fight and not going to turn against each other.”

Asked what he meant by “some don’t care,” Thomas didn’t come across as angry at the teammates who can shrug off a loss. He just said he’s not among them.

“Yeah. Everybody is different. Some people can lose a game and go about their day very easily. Others can’t sleep at night. I’m one of those guys. I didn’t get home until 4:30, and didn’t get to sleep until about 6. I was just laying in bed,” Thomas said.

If the Giants don’t turn things around in a hurry, Thomas is going to have a lot more sleepless nights.

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  1. I’m glad Thomas cares, but also, saying that some of your teammates don’t care is planting the seeds of your team turning against each other.

  2. It’s due to all of the 1 year contracts everyone is on.
    Everyone is just “out for theirs” as they know they won’t be in the Giants the next year.

    Build thru the draft and keep it moving. Cut ALL the loose ends Reese.

    GO BIG BLUE!!!

  3. There’s so many one year contracts they don’t care about giant pride and what it means to be a giant because half of them won’t be there next year.I’m beginning to wonder if even Eli has forgotten what it means to be a giant!!!

  4. and so it begins–this could be a very delicious season, especially if this is the year Karma catches up with Miss Vicky in a most gruesome and cruel manner–however a total Giants meltdown is quite entertaining, I must say.

  5. Im a 35+ year NY Giants fan, with that said I hope that they have the worst record in the league at years end. I’d love nothing more than to get some great picks for a change and rebuild this team. After the Super Bowl wins, and the playoff years, there are way to many cap issues, everyone wanted more money and that leads to this year. I will always be a fan, and in the last 25+ years theve given me some great football. So a bad season like this isnt an issue with me. Can you imagine being a fan of one of the other 3 teams in the NFC east!!!! Dallas: dead for years, Eagles: can never get to the big one, let alone win it. And Washington: One of the worst owners in the NFL.
    So fans from other teams can laugh, giggle, think its great that were having an off year, but the great thing is, we WILL be back sooner than later!!!!

  6. The entire NFC east sucks. No matter who wins the division they’ll be one and done. However unlike Vicky and RGcripple and tony chokesmo Eli WILL come back strong next season.

  7. Terrell Thomas made a huge mistake making a statement like this. Win as a team; lose as a team. With that being said the Giants aren’t losing because they don’t care it’s because they are bad led by that overrated Eli Manning.

  8. Depending on how badly this year goes, it could negate the SB wins by suggesting that cheating as a QB does not pay. Draft-dodger Eli should have had to play with the Chargers, like every QB before him had to accept HIS lot. Meanwhile, while Brady is scratching his way to a 4-1 record with no talent, Eli is throwing 15 INTs and looking generally like Ryan Leaf.

  9. People who were troubled by T2’s comments heading into Week 1 were vindicated. There was an air of complacency and not caring, as judged by T2’s own comments before they went to Dallas. They play like it.

  10. richndc says: Oct 12, 2013 12:36 PM

    and so it begins–this could be a very delicious season, especially if this is the year Karma catches up with Miss Vicky in a most gruesome and cruel manner–however a total Giants meltdown is quite entertaining, I must say.

    You people have repeated this narrative so much that you believe it. Your slimy owner got caught trying to take advantage of a loophole, one that all the other owners voted on, and was only ANNOUNCED by Mara, and you are here talking about “karma.”

    I guess trying to be slick, Griffin never being the same again, and your 1-3 season is karma also?

  11. @bencoates57 you sir need to sit down and shut up. Your team hasn’t won a THING since being caught taping practices. Since being caught cheating the almighty Brady is 0 and 2 in the Super Bowl.
    Eli is 2 and 0. Your comments are laughable. Your intellect is a joke, and your point is invalid.
    Have fun watching the pats not win another Super Bowl though.
    Maybe you’ll get lucky and bill can slip in a flip cam in some practices so you can actually win something again.

  12. So he got home at 4:30, probably got into bed around 5, and didn’t fall asleep until all of 6? And he calls that a sleepless night? Hell, I probably lay in bed for an hour before falling asleep a few times a week. Maybe I’m upset at the Giants losing and don’t even realize it!

  13. @mtgblue1979

    You sir need to look at this year’s Giants to understand what “not winning a thing” is really all about.

    Hard to compare that with coming to within 30 seconds of winning 2 SBs. Still a fail I know — only 1 team has a successful season — but losing a SB by 3-4 points and winning 3 by 3 points … it’s a fine line. Where were the Giants those 3 years the Pats went to and won SBs?

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