Joe Banner: We’re absolutely not shopping Josh Gordon

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Browns receiver Josh Gordon is not on the market.

That’s the word from Browns CEO Joe Banner, who told USA Today that Gordon, a talented player who carries some off-field baggage, is in the Browns’ long-term plans.

We’re absolutely not shopping Josh,” Banner said. “We’re not going to shop him and we don’t have any plan or intention to trade him.”

The Browns were thought by some to be seeking a trading partner for Gordon for a couple of reasons. First, the fact that the Browns previously traded Trent Richardson to the Colts suggests that they’re looking to load up on draft picks to build for the future while moving on from players brought in by the previous regime. And second, Gordon was suspended for the first two games of the regular season and is one positive drug test away from a year-long suspension.

But Banner, who told PFT last month that he has no intention of trading anyone else, says that while he can’t predict the future, he doesn’t view Gordon as someone the Browns would want to send away.

“When we did the Trent Richardson trade, the perception was we were throwing in the towel, [so] we got calls on players,” Banner said. “I guess that was a natural reaction based on how the move was perceived. If you’re in this long enough, you learn to never say anything absolute, because then something comes up and you look like you lied. I personally — and I think anybody here — would be completely shocked if we ended up trading him. Josh is playing great. He’s working his butt off.”

And if Banner has his way, Gordon will continue working his butt off in Cleveland for years to come.

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  1. It made no sense when i heard the rumors about “shopping him”… they have plenty of ammunition now… with two No.1 picks and plenty of other picks… So its not a shock to hear this rumor has been put to rest!

  2. Cleveland traded Trent Richardson because they were able to acquire a first round pick for an average (at best) running back. That’s a no-brainer, assuming Cleveland doesn’t draft a total bust with the pick.

    Josh Gordon is a baller, he’s one of the young up-n-comers whose name I expect to see mentioned alongside the best in the game in the coming years, as long as he can keep his nose clean.

    Cleveland may indeed be a franchise QB away from contention, they have most of the other important pieces already in place…

  3. Here in northeast ohio word was 49ers called/inquired about Gordon, not that browns were shopping him, just “answering the phone” rather. Banner might be being honest here but behind the scenes could see how the team plays over the next couple weeks while raising Gordon’s value in return to a contending team on the bubble with injuries to wr or a playmaker away from pushing the team over the edge therefore offering max value or an offer the browns couldn’t refuse for him. Don’t think the browns should trade him but in a win now league another team may be so desperate the value would almost be too good to pass up.

  4. This current regime all the way up to the owners is obviously a bunch of idiots. I don’t give this head coach 2 years. I don’t give banner two or three years.

  5. He is a top 10 talent, It would take the top receiver in the draft to replace him, so unless you’re getting offered 2-#1’s it would be stupid to trade him.

  6. @carranofa

    What has this new regime done to warrant them the label idiots? I have no doubt Chud & Banner will finish out their current contracts because from day #1 these “idiots” have preached continuity & stability. Something this franchise hasn’t had since it’s return the the League.

  7. Translation: We were shopping Gordon and then we unexpectedly won 3 straight games, so in order to avoid complete fanbase abandonment he is a cornerstone of our franchise

  8. While hope is high in Cleveland, the reality is they are facing another 7-9 campaign.


  9. the best part of the article is where joe banner speaks to not being perceived as a liar. in actuality, if joe thought it would further his interests, he would gladly be perceived as a liar. look at his track record. he never shied away from being the bad guy; actually appeared to revel in it.

  10. Banner realized he had some value left to trade Richardson for a 1st round pick and jumped at the offer. The Browns will get an extra pick somewhere in the upper 20’s next year which is much better than had they waited until the offseason to trade an unload him when he’ll have had another full year to show he wasn’t worth a top 3 pick.

  11. To repeat, we are NOT shopping this incredible 22-year-old, 6’3″, 225-pound speed demon with soft hands and healthy knees. We would absolutely NOT consider an offer from a team with a high second rounder, and they should NOT call me directly at 216-……

  12. It probably just means that they haven’t gotten the right offer yet. You could argue that almost any player could be traded if the offer was right. I wouldn’t trade a guy like Gordon for a bunch of draft picks because they are so hit or miss. Gordon has shown he is legit…even if you traded him for 3 first round picks, they could all end up busting.

  13. I was one of the people who when T Richardson was traded thought Cleveland was just throwing in the towel and going to have a fire sale.
    After watching Richardson stink it up in Indianapolis for three weeks now I think Cleveland really knew what they had in him, which is a very average back who was overhyped and way over drafted. They got a first round pick for a 3 yards and a cloud of dust running back. Those guys are available as FA’s every single year.

  14. “wearethesteelers says: Oct 12, 2013 10:31 AM

    While hope is high in Cleveland, the reality is they are facing another 7-9 campaign.


    Buffalo hasn’t been to the playoffs since Bill Clinton was in the White House. Cleveland went in 2002.

  15. Not a Browns fan (I am a fan of $hitty team solidarity though), but thank god for them, I was completely outraged on Browns fans’ behalf when I heard the report that they were shopping Gordon for a second-rounder the other day– I can’t imagine a worse possible move for this franchise to make.

    I understand front offices around the NFL have a new fetish with obtaining draft picks, but the Browns spent a second rounder on a guy who ended up having upper first round talent. I don’t care how much you’re in a “rebuilding” mode, you don’t trade away a potential superstar for less than he’s worth. I completely understand Richardson for a first– great move, but there is no way in hell you can guarantee, or even hope for, a second round pick with more value than Gordon, hell, even if they managed to trade that second up to a first, it’s still unlikely that he pick would have more value to the team than Gordon.

  16. Why would they get rid of Gordon? He’s the best receiver they’ve had since Webster Slaughter. Of course Weeden is the best QB they’ve had since Kosar and they can’t appreciate him so who knows

  17. Howie,
    Never mind comments from steeler fans, truth or accuracy are never their strong points. We Are is nothing more than a nine year old who recently changed his troll name from 6 rings or something silly like that. The only Steeler fan that has something intelligent to say is Deb.

  18. It’s looking more and more like Banner scalped the Colts on the TRich deal. Richardson is playing twinkle-toes at the line of scrimmage and can’t seem to find a hole to run through. That’s not even a “new offense” issue, he’s been doing that since he was drafted. He has top-5 pick talent, and UDFA vision.

    The Steelers are winless, their team is suffering from age and injury, offering little hope for the future. Their fans still don’t know how to act.

  19. @4512dawg
    best receiver since Webster yes.
    We don’t appreciate weeden because he’s terrible and not getting better. He has a strong arm that’s it. He takes too long to makes decisions in the pocket especially for an old man! He also stares down receivers. Derek Anderson > Brandon weeden

  20. If you where offering a first round pick I would bet they might consider a trade but no one is doing that.

    This talk of throwing in the towel was silly from the start. They traded a draft pick that wasn’t working out and recovered some value in the process. Had some dead money but a 1st rounder and some dead money is better than a plodding RB eating up more cap space.

    The Browns made the right move and are positioning themselves to have an extended run infusing youth into the roster.

  21. Since it’s very likely that the Browns leaked potential trade talks for Gordon, I think they were playing the media to gauge his trade value and the potential backlash. I think if Banner could swindle a team into giving a 1st, he couldn’t fall out of his chair fast enough to make the deal. If he could get a 2nd plus something else reasonable, he might bite depending on high the 2nd would be and what the added compensation is.

    This Gordon thing is not done. Not until the Oct 29th deadline passes. Until then, I think the “for sale” sign is still up no matter what Banner says publicly. He knows Weeden will stink it up and he knows the Browns will likely lose 3 or 4 of the next tough 4 game stretch. He also knows that, as the injuries pile up, someone might be desperate enough to pull the trigger and over-pay.

    I’m a Browns fan so I hope this doesn’t happen, but I put nothing past Banner. Now, I’ve loathed the guy since his blowhard days in Philly, but I must admit, the front office talent evaluation since he’s taken over has been better than I believed it would have been. Still, they passed on Manuel and Geno, so, maybe they’ve blown it on the QB issue already.

  22. In this modern pass happy NFL…. a good g.m. only gets rid of good wide receivers if they are selfish, grandstanding, annoying nuisances.

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