Professional bettors have preferred Jacksonville to Denver


At numerous notable Nevada sportsbooks, “sharp” bettors — handicappers who generally bet bigger and better than the general public — have taken a side in Sunday’s Jacksonville-Denver game.

And they are not backing the overwhelming favorite.

Professional bettors have preferred Jacksonville — an underdog of nearly four touchdowns — to Denver, two oddsmakers said Saturday.

In an email this afternoon, Jay Kornegay, the vice president of race and sports book operations at the LVH Las Vegas Hotel and Casino, said most of the betting on Jacksonville-Denver “has come from the sharps(,) and they are taking the points.”

Jay Rood, the vice president of race and sports at the MGM Resorts International sports books, reported that sharp bettors took the underdog when Denver was favored by 28 points.

According to The Linemakers of Sporting News and, which track Nevada point spreads, Denver is most commonly a 27-point favorite at some of the state’s major sports books.

At that price, any result in which Jacksonville lost by 26 points or less — or won outright — would result in a point spread win for the backers of the underdog.

Denver is not completely without support. According to Rood, the betting public has backed Denver this week. That hasn’t been as much the case at the LVH’s SuperBook, however.

“Casual players have stayed away from this game,” Kornegay said. “They don’t like to wager on the Jaguars and have supported the Broncos all season long but don’t want to lay those kind of points.”

Rood reports that the betting revenue on Denver-Jacksonville has been “average,” with Kornegay calling it “light.” However, Rood said he expected more money to come in on Denver on Sunday.

Now, we wait to see where this massive point spread closes. If it stays at its current level, it will best the Philadelphia-New England line of 2007, which closed at 25 points, according to Marc Lawrence’s 2013 Stat and Log Book.

38 responses to “Professional bettors have preferred Jacksonville to Denver

  1. At the end of the day, 28 points for NFL team vs NFL team…you cant possibly take the broncos, regardless of hos good theyve looked and how terrible the jags and gabbert are.

    I think the broncos get up early and just cruise to a 21 point victory without trying

  2. That is just to many points for professional football..add to the fact that an unpredictable injury, or the starters being pulled at some point in the game to avoid an unnecessary injury..Guaranteeing a team will win a game by 3+ touchdowns is ignorant..I hope Jacksonville keeps it close so some idiots lose money

  3. Demaryius Thomas, Eric Decker, and Wes Welker truly comprise one of the best trios at Wide Receiver that the NFL has seen in recent memory. Add Julius Thomas to the mix and how can anyone expect to hold these guys under 30 points? This pointed towards Peyton Manning having a great season, but how could anyone have known that through the first 5 contests he would be so relentlessly and unapologetically historic. All he’s done is average 4 passing TDs and like 40 points per game. After the neck injury, the vast majority of us would have guessed that Peyton’s best years lied behind him, but that is clearly not the case with this future HOF’er.

  4. PFT: “Professional bettors have preferred Jacksonville to Denver”

    A better headline would have read: “Professional bettors have preferred Jacksonville Plus the Points to Denver”

  5. “Philadelphia-New England line of 2007, which closed at 25 points”

    That’s right, and the Eagles almost won that game. Final score was 31-28 to send the Pats to 11-0. The line was so high b/c McNabb was out for the season & AJ Feeley started that game. Wow, looking back I can’t believe the line was that big.

  6. It doesn’t surprise me. As good as their offense has been, Denver’s defense is 2nd rate. It wouldn’t surprise me to see JAX put up a fight, out of pride more than anything else. Those guys are also professionals, after all.

  7. It’s all about how long the #1s play for Denver’s offense. When Peyton plays, they will score on 9 of 10 drives if they make a good faith effort on the field. This team cannot hold the Broncos off by 30 if the Broncos play the whole game trying to score with the 1’s. No way. Eat the chalk. Peyton will destroy them.

  8. Love eveyone hating denvers defense after ONE game with FIVE starters out against a good offense.

  9. The score will likely be something like 28-6 at the half so i cant see the broncos offense playing past the third Q. At that pointits just a matter of whether or not the jags score any garbage points.

  10. Yeah I’m sure they’re being completely honest and aren’t manipulating the media to get the action they want tomorrow or anything

  11. Harrison, Wayne, and Clarke was pretty goods as well. I also thought that old man Raiders crew of Brown, Rice, and Porter put up some numbers as well for a two year run.

  12. How crazy. Take the jags all day.
    If they lose 36-9
    You still win. After seeing Denver’s defense last week, it’s a no brainer

  13. I would love to see the Jaguars go into Denver and beat the Broncos just to see all the talking heads explode

  14. I’ve watched both teams play. The way I see it is Denver right now is up there with the 2007 Patriots as the best teams I’ve seen in the last 20 years or so. An absolute machine right now.

    The Jags, meanwhile have an anemic offense and a cruddy defense prone to blown coverages in the secondary. Plus the game is in Denver where one of the biggest home field advantages in all of sports resides.

    Jags pride and Donks overconfidence could sway this thing, but I’m not going to guess on their psychology. I’m going against “the sharps” here.

  15. The comments about this article gives valdity to the story. “Average bettors” prefer the Broncos. I’m pretty sure the “sharps” don’t post their thoughts on PFT.

  16. Any given Sunday. Just ask the 2011 Packers about the Chiefs and the playoff game against the Giants. Even though KC needed the refs’ help to beat us.

  17. Imagine if Indy had kept Peyton Manning, and had traded the 1st pick to Cleveland or Washington. Indy could have used the 3rd or 4th pick on Justin Blackmon. Then they still would have gotten 2 more firsts at least.

  18. This line belongs in a college game. Jacksonville may be underdogs, but not even the Greatest Show on Turf or the 18-1 Pats could convince me to take them to cover a 28-point spread.

  19. Denver has continued to throw on Teams when comfortably ahead too.

    One thing to win a shootout in Dallas but, to keep running up a score like it’s a College game will get someone hurt at some point.

    Especially when the Vegas line all but gives JAX no chance from the start.

  20. i see alot of new broncos fans all of a sudden, wonder if they will still be there when peyton chokes in the cold playoff game again

  21. 20 our of 24 of us pick the Jags to beat the spread. The Denvers D has proven it will surrender points.

  22. Burress, Ward and Randle El were not a bad WR trio.

    Too many points. Take the Jags and the points. 34 – 10 is my prediction.

  23. I would bet games if I knew how – or knew who the bookies are. I just don’t trust them to pay up when I win.

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