Adrian Peterson active and will play today


Any questions about whether Adrian Peterson will play for the Vikings today have now been answered.

Peterson is active for today’s game against the Panthers, and will play two days after the death of his 2-year-old son in an alleged beating by the boyfriend of the child’s mother.

Only Peterson can answer whether it’s the right call, after having a short amount of time to process an enormous personal tragedy.

28 responses to “Adrian Peterson active and will play today

  1. Skol Vikings let’s win this game
    Skol Vikings honor your name
    Let’s get a first down, then get a touchdown
    Vikings Vikings, fight fight fight

    Let’s win this one for AD boys…

  2. Ugh, let the kid rest in peace & AP do his job. It’s his life, his decision, his reasons. We(media, fans) have a football relationship with AP, not a personal, our job is to enjoy his football antics not worry about his personal life. Have a great game, Mr. Peterson!

  3. I hope AP has the game of his life to honor his son.

    May everyone have a thought or a prayer for that child who did not deserve such a tragic fate.

  4. Though Peterson had no relationship with his son, he still tried to do the right thing and it’s a darned tragedy. I hope he can come to peace with all this.

  5. Wouldn’t be surprised to see him get a long td on his first carry. it’s going to be emotional for him, hopefully he does his best in a sad situation.

  6. Has there ever been a 300 yard rusher in the NFL ?

    Because he’s going to crush anyone who gets in his way today.

  7. As a father of 4 sons, all grown, I cant imagine how I could play a football game only days after the brutal murder of my 2yr old son. Using the death of a son to motivate you speaks loudly of the “make up” of Mr Peterson. All you morons praising this “warrior” apparently are not fathers.

  8. enough already with the idiotic comments about him going for 300yds in the kid’s honor.. he had no relationship with the kid & was not a father to him.. he’ll get what he gets because he’s a beast on the football field, period.

  9. Am I missing something here? Yes, it’s always a tragedy when a young child dies, for any reason. This kid was two years old and from what little news is leaking out, Peterson never set eyes on him until the hospital visit, although he might of caught a glimpse of him at the DNA facility. Why the hell is all this sympathy directed his way?

  10. For those of you who keep praising AP consider this:
    a) your child is rushed to an ER and placed on life support. Would you go the the ER? Because AP didn’t on Wednesday night.
    b) your child is on life support. Do you stay at the hospital the entire time? Because AP left after spending a few hours.
    c) your child is struggling to stay alive and then passes away. Would you be at his side or would you be going about your normal routine? Because AP made sure his dying son didn’t interfere with his own life.
    Stop calling him a father to this boy. It is an insult to men who are real fathers.

  11. LOL @ ppl that said AP would have a huge game. He might not care about the death of his son but I know his dreams of single season rushing record being dead bother him.

  12. daddyb1gdrawz says: Oct 13, 2013 11:36 AM

    He is going to have a HUGE game today. This reminds me of the BRett Favre Monday Night Football game when his father passed.

    Except its not really anything like that.

  13. The “enormous personal tragedy” here is that this little boy never knew his father and never caught sight of him until it was in his P.R. interest to make the effort.

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