Bengals escape in overtime against Bills


The Bengals looked to have their fourth win of the season firmly in their pocket when the fourth quarter got underway, but things weren’t as easy as they appeared.

Thad Lewis rallied the Bills for two touchdowns and the Bengals offense stopped moving the ball in the final minutes, sending the game to overtime as a 24-24 tie. Both teams punted on their first possession, but Brandon Tate busted loose for a 30-yard return on Buffalo’s punt to set the Bengals up in Buffalo territory. Three running the balls moved the ball into position for a 43-yard Mike Nugent field goal and a 27-24 road win.

The victory gives the Bengals sole possession of the AFC North, something that makes it a lot easier to swallow how quickly things got away from them after taking a 24-10 lead. The Bengals punted five times and missed a field goal on their six possessions before the winning kick, a slowdown that could have easily cost them the game given the way Lewis caught fire late.

Andy Dalton threw three touchdown passes, ending a scoreless streak through the air dating back to the second half of Week Three, Giovani Bernard had 100 yards from scrimmage and A.J. Green had several big catches on the way to victory. Those efforts helped the Bengals control the ball for nearly 43 minutes even as they stopped putting points on the board, but the normally stingy defense broke down in the secondary just often enough to leave a door open for Buffalo.

The Bills did their best to walk through it and performed better than many thought they would with such an inexperienced quarterback, but the result still wound up being an unhappy one.

26 responses to “Bengals escape in overtime against Bills

  1. The fact that they struggled against the mighty Bills with Thad Lewis is more telling than the W. This is a pathetic group.

  2. First: “Burst” not “busted.” Grade school stuff, guys.
    Second: Feeling pretty good about 1-5, eh, wearethesteeles? Good for you guys! You finally did it!

  3. Even when announcing our W you twist it to bash us. Just like how Brady struggled against us because of the rain.

    Newman who has been great all year slipped once on a big play for a TD and for some reason we had Carlos Dunlap covering the TE on the other TD. A couple small mistakes that cost us. Trying to make it look like we barely outplayed them is a joke.

  4. wearethesteelers says

    The fact that they struggled against the mighty Bills with Thad Lewis is more telling than the W.

    Actually, the fact that the Steelers won their first game in Week 6 of the season is more telling than the fact that you are a moron.

  5. I think one of reasons most fans hate the Steelers, and theirs fans is because of the rants made by fans like wearethesteelers. Don’t judge us all, I think the Bengals have collected a great team, and look for them to battle Denver for the AFC Championship. While my team struggles, I enjoy watching another Pittsburgh guy like Marvin Lewis see the hard work he has done come to fruition…

  6. The Bengals DESTROYED the steelers on Monday Night Football (Week 2) in front of the nation?!?

  7. Marvin Jones having a good game only shows that Buffalo’s PASS Defense is terrible.

    Sanu waking up for 44 yards is further proof of Buffalo’s secondary’s below averageness.

    Gresham getting 5 yards and being undependable and lacking explosiveness is his normal.

  8. If the Ginger kid steps up a notch, the Bengals are going to be dangerous. That defense is nasty.

    Somehow, the old habit of making dumb mistakes is still there. Hope it doesn’t cost them.

    Too early to say, but they have the inside track to the #2 seed in the AFC. That should be their first aim.

    Who dey!!!

  9. Sorry, the Steelers have been so bad this year it just seems like they’d already lost 5. Guess we’ll have to wait until next week – then they’ll be 1-5.

  10. doctorrustbelt says:
    Oct 13, 2013 5:16 PM
    The Bengals DESTROYED the steelers on Monday Night Football (Week 2) in front of the nation?!?

    Thanks for the update.

  11. not sure how i feel about this game, yea i’m glad we won but man did we almost pull a week one in chicago all over again, you cannot be up by double digit points in the fourth quarter and start playing soft. The bengals dominated the whole game until then, not sure why the bengals decide to play soft against garbage qb’s and play really good against some of the best. This team is frustrating to watch but it feels good to see them win. If they can clean up their mistakes they have a real shot at winning a playoff game or two, there’s still alot of season left.

  12. I love the Bengals but Lewis and the coaches make some bad calls every week. 4th and 9 and they blitz leaving a DE on a TE with no help in the middle of the field…22 yd TD. 3rd and 1 with 3 minutes left and they don’t have The Lawfirm in there for a crucial short yardage play…stuffed. Sometimes I think the biggest obstacle to this team is their own coaching staff.

  13. Bengals are steady but the offense has picked up the past two weeks. Dalton 3TD and over 300 years… If they get that they will win a lot of games and will be deep in the playoffs.

  14. Where have I read this book before – Bengals start out hot, lead the division for a while, then…..

    drrustbelt, you should go back and watch that mnf game. And if you capitalize, bold, and underline “destroyed”, it might actually change the score.

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