Broncos win, but not as easily as everyone thought

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The best team in the NFL beat the worst team in the NFL, as the Broncos improved to 6-0 and the Jaguars fell to 0-6. But this game was a lot closer than expected.

The Jaguars, who entered the game as 28-point underdogs, actually played a competitive game in Denver, and the final score of 35-19 was respectable. (Not to mention a winner for those who bet on the Jaguars with the points.)

Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning was fine, but his stats were far short of what he’s been doing so far this season. Manning completed 28 of 42 passes for 295 yards, with two touchdowns and one interception. Statistically, that was by far his worst game of the season.

The Jaguars’ offense had its moments, with Chad Henne going over 300 yards passing and Justin Blackmon having a huge day. Henne did throw two interceptions, and the Jaguars scored only one offensive touchdown, but they moved the ball effectively against the Broncos’ defense for much of the game.

There was never much doubt that the Broncos would find a way to win this game, but anyone expecting a blowout of epic proportions was incorrect. The Jaguars were overmatched, but they came to play.

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  1. An above average game was his worst of the year… Can’t wait to see the showdown next week in Indy!

  2. Great job Jags, you knew what your were up against and made it a game. Playing for pride, no quit and sticking it to the Vegas oddsmakers. You can see the pieces in place, Blackmon is just straight dirty, another good draft with a franchise qb and they could be pretty competitive.

  3. herlies says:
    Oct 13, 2013 7:12 PM
    The next person to claim that Alabama could beat Jacksonville needs to get pounded into the ground.

    I don’t think we have to worry about that. Most people with common sense know this is a joke to even discuss. The only people who speak such nonsense are few usual lazy talking heads and backwoods Alabama fans.

  4. It was funny watching the Denver backup QB warming up in the 2nd quarter. If I were the Jaguars coach, I would have definitely relayed that to the team..

  5. Jags +28 was one of the easiest bets you’ll ever see. Thanks for the easy money fellas.

    No NFL team should ever be favored by that much for any reason over another NFL team. The difference between a great team and a lousy team is much, MUCH smaller in pro football than in the NCAA.

  6. I am pretty sure this will get deleted, as every positive post about the Jags usually does, but the Jaguars are going to be good sooner rather than later.

    The problem has been that they could not move the freaking ball. With a decent offense (like you saw today) and that young defense getting a little older, the future is bright!

    They played today without Shorts III and M. Lewis at TE. They played with two undrafted FAs at LT and RT.

    Sure, they got beat, but this team will win some games very soon…

  7. It’s only because the Broncos half assed and have become delusional with everyone kissing up to regular season master Peyton Manning and picking them for the Super Bowl.

  8. I can’t stop laughing!!! The Broncos beat another NFL team by 19 points and are getting criticized for it. The fat belly mobsters in Vegas have no clue; no NFL team should EVER be favored by that much in any game. The Broncos hammered the Jags…period and there is nothing wrong with their defense who took a day off.

  9. Should be interesting if the media and broncos fans cheer on that blatant cheater Von miller. What a disgrace of a person. If you cheer for a cheater, you’re just as low as the cheater.

  10. deezenucks says: Oct 13, 2013 7:17 PM

    Great job Jags, you knew what your were up against and made it a game. Playing for pride, no quit and sticking it to the Vegas oddsmakers.
    The oddsmakers are just trying to an equal amount of money bet on both teams. They are pretty good at it, too.

  11. Next week is going to be their toughest test yet? Didn’t Denver get ramrodded for 48 last week? Needed a FG at the last second? That wasn’t tough?? Gimme a break

  12. I think Kansas City is the best team in the AFC west. Denver has a defense that is ranked in the bottom five. Great offense but lousy defense.

  13. “Theres nothing wrong with their defense, who took the day off”

    Well, espn says the defense is ranked 29th, a week after giving up 48 points and 500 yards passing. Maybe theyre fine and you meant to say theyre taking the year off?

  14. Denver’s D allowed 12 points today with 3 starters out w/ injury (Von Miller, Robert Ayers, Wesley Woodyard). Peyton threw a pick-6. They’re also #1 vs. the run in the NFL.

    Von Miller’s been out all year. Against Dallas, Miller, Bailey, Woodyard, Chris Harris, and Robert Ayers didn’t play.

  15. Broncos D gave up too many yards, but they only gave up 13 points. Peyton had a pick 6. Good job in the red zone.

    Don’t think they played quite as bad as some are saying.

  16. @timreph

    “Denvers defense was down a few key players. And yes they took the day off.”

    That was the 32nd ranked offense of the Jaguars, without Shorts III, and M. Lewis.

    This Broncos team looks exactly like the Manning led Colts teams. All offense, but in crunch time, can’t play defense…

  17. Only people who do not watch sports or those who do watch sports but have the memory/attention span of about 15 minutes thought Denver would destroy them. For others who DO watch sports and DO have a memory longer than 15 minutes, they knew that Denver would come into the game thinking they would be handed the victory like most heavy favorites do when facing league worst teams and those with a clue knew it’d be an ugly game which it was. Manning was off big time, the O-line was lousy, the receivers dropped way too many passes, the D gave up too many yards, play calling was hideous…it was a bad game all around.

    It also doesn’t help that Denver’s pass defense is average at best and probably below average which the media is ignoring because of how much the offense has dominated. It’ll only be when the playoffs come about and the D gets torched (like it did this past Januar)y when the supposed “experts” in the media finally realize this is a poor D although they’ll probably still just blame Peyton regardless of how well he may play.

    This team so far looks A LOT like the 2004 Colts and 2011 Packers. For those with the 15 minute memory, 2004 was the year Manning dominated and the offense was great while the D was lousy but since the offense was so good the media and Colts fanboys (just like most current Broncos fanboys are doing) ignored the D and just assumed the offense would get them to the superbowl which it of course didn’t. The same for the 2011 Packers.

    Maybe when the D struggles against the Colts next week the media will finally clue in and realize this team is all offense and quit acting like they are guaranteed superbowl champs and when they don’t win it all they won’t go and blame Peyton like they always do.

    It’s mind boggling how every year there is a team that has a great offense and the media STILL hypes them up to be the superbowl champs and THEY NEVER WIN. Maybe after it happens for another ten years people will finally realize you need more than a top offense to be champs. Hell, probably not. Humans never want to learn from history.

  18. Jags had a spirited effort. They are pros, and anybody that thought it would be a blow out, are not! A beautiful day to watch a football game in the Mile High City. I get the feeling that 58 will have a bunch of pent-up aggression to take out in his return next week. Defense gets better tomorrow!

  19. Ignore the money line. The Jags lost by 16. That’s playing for pride?! Good lord. Since when is that a good showing?! How bad is your team when you’re ok with a 16 point loss?

  20. I’m a NFL fan and a Jaguar fan! I know our team sucks this year but I loved how they show improvement and did not give up! That makes fans of teams that don’t always win into BIGGER fans! Great show Jaguars! NEVER GIVE UP!

  21. Wow folks! Think about it for a minute. Peyton throws a pick 6 and fumbles twice (both in Jags territory, once inside the 10), and they still win by sixteen. Stop knockin the Broncos, they would be favored against anybody, anywhere!

  22. Anybody noticed that when a fumble is near the line, Peyton watches. Kinda makes you wonder if the game is close, will Peyton take a team first approach now with his neck on the line.

  23. As a Jaguars fan, the issue is not that we are fine with a loss….we had to endure the hype about being an historically bad team. For two weeks the media continued the narrative that the spread was the largest ever! Come on, it was a loss….a hard fought loss..It’s time to focus on teams with real problems…the ones that aren’t rebuilding, but are still bad. (Looking at you Texans, Giants, Bucs).

  24. Its funny 6 weeks ago when Von was suspended we would be lucky to be 4-2,now that we’re getting him back and Denver is 6-0,we are not that good(according to some of you).I’ll take a GREAT offense that when it only scores 30 points had a bad day.This D is decent,with the ability to be good.Don’t underestimate Von,him and Philips Will provide a PASS RUSH we’ve been missing ALL year!!6-0 with a Decent D,what if we get better with Von???

  25. This probably won’t be
    get posted like everything I post positive about the jags but I’ll say it anyway.With the performance the Jags displayed today. I believe the Jags can definitely win at least five to six games remaining on the schedule.

  26. If Andre branch would not have made that bonehead unnecessary roughness penalty that allowed the Broncos to score 7 points when the Broncos had to punt. And a few of those passes henne through would not have been tipped. The Jags possibly could have won his game.Even the Broncos had to do a fake punt they didn’t trust the defense could stop the Jags offense.Justin Blackmon is a beast!!

  27. The defense only gave up 12 pts, the other td was a pick 6. And they did that missing half of their front 7. The offense gets 5, I’ll repeat 5, on a BAD day, yet denver is being criticized. Get a clue people. Not every game is supposed to be a 30 pt blowout

  28. The Broncos are overrated. Their defense took the day off, really? Another Manning one and done in the playoffs, yawn.

  29. @sportsfan you are not a Broncos fan. No Bronco fan will sit here and start predicting the Broncos will lose because the Broncos D, with Champ just getting back and shaking the rust off and Von finally back is so bad right now. The D will get better and the offense is still one of if not the best in the league. I want another Lombardi in Denver, I’m not going to start predicting a playoff exit because of a win!

  30. ” They’re also #1 vs. the run in the NFL.”

    All that means is that teams are throwing against them and not running the ball.

    Denver allows on average 357 passing ypg – #32 in the NFL.
    Their defense allows a total of 416 yds per game – – – ranked 29th.

    not so impressive now

  31. A team must be going well when 5 TDs are seen a a let down. Any win in this league is big, no matter the opponent or their record. I’d take low scoring, one point wins every week, it just doesn’t matter.

  32. People were saying this game was over before it started. Late in the 3rd quarter the game was still tight. The Jags will be a contender in their division next year – provided they draft well.

  33. emma,

    Saying your team is rebuilding assumes you were once “Built”

    The Jags never were and your fanbase doesn’t deserve to have a winner as it is. Being a Colts fan watching you idiots celebrate 375 while Indy went on the win the Superbowl a month later still makes me chuckle.

    You idiots call Colts fans… “twinks”, “clots” and whatever other trailer park inspired wit you come up with.

  34. Had I not known you were talking about a professional football team, I wouldv thought you were talking about a high school team. I mean give me a break, they are getting paid hundreds of thousands more than the average fan, but let’s give them a big fat E for effort! Next we can give them some milk, cookies, and a trophy for um , wait for it…..losing.

  35. LMAO at the sharks who smell Bronco blood in the water just because they didn’t score 50+ points.

  36. Should be a good game against Colts next Sunday night. But they will cover 26 against Washington.

  37. @ fatsolio

    They have 4 probowl starters out(Bailey,miller woodyard,wolf) for most of the season and not to mention the best linebacker in the NFL!!! well see how good their defense looks in the upcoming weeks!!!

    And for the rest of the clowns who downplayed their performance yesterday all i have to say is when you win by 16 points in the NFL its considered by most experts a convincing win!!!

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