Calais Campbell leaves field via stretcher, can move extremities


Cardinals defensive end Calais Campbell was taken off the field on a stretcher after being injured in a collision in the fourth quarter of Sunday’s game at San Francisco.

Campbell gave a thumb’s up as medical personnel prepared to take him off the field.

According to Matt Barrows of the Sacramento Bee, Campbell is said to be able to move his extremities, though he has experienced some tingling and numbness, per an announcement made in the 49ers’ press box.

Campbell was credited with four combined tackles and a half-sack before leaving the game. He has notched 3.5 sacks on the season.

UPDATE 8:15 p.m. ET: Cardinals coach Bruce Arians said Campbell can move his extremities, the club’s Twitter feed reported. He will be evaluated at a hospital.

15 responses to “Calais Campbell leaves field via stretcher, can move extremities

  1. I was at the game and watching it while getting some food and the broadcast was really deceiving. They didn’t actually show the fans doing the wave because they didn’t do it when the announcers said, and it wasn’t a huge amount of people, it was just a small group in one section. They made it seem like the whole stadium was doing the wave when the stretcher came out, but it was right after the play before it was obvious anyone was injured.

  2. Gone are the Wine and Cheese fans at Candelstick park. As a 49er fan, Calais Campbell has been a tough foe for a long time. I hope he is back with no long term injury, and soon. Prayers for him.

  3. NBC showed a Niners player waving down the crowd. I’m not going to believe what I didn’t see. But what I did see was nothing but respect from the Niners’ sidelines, and they treated Campbell with nothing but respect. I’m a Cards fan and have nothing but respect for the Niners’ treatment of Campbell.

  4. Glad to hear the commentators sensationalized the “wave” issue. Would have been very un like the 49er faithful to lack that kind of sportsmanship.

    The Niner players were very concerned. The guy , on tv, that looked unconcerned was the Honey Badger; he was smirking and wasn’t,focused on his teammate anywhere near what the Niner players were focused on him. But, then again, maybe that’s just tv.

  5. Hardly say it was sensationalized. Players mentioned it on both sides in the locker room, post-game. Jay Feeley even commended the 49ers players for getting the fans to stop. So, no, it wasn’t a huge ordeal.

    But it did happen, and people don’t have to act like it didn’t just cause it offends you that your team has classless fans.

  6. Wow, a lot of bitter Cardinal fans here hanging their anger on anything after a tough loss. Many 49ers came over to Campbell while he was being tended to including Boldin.

  7. I was at the game & refused to do the wave. Total disrespectful to the other team & especially Calais Cambell. In our section, us Season Ticket Holders was booing so hard while others was performing the wave. Again, very disappointing & disrespectful.

  8. i was at the game and it was not “one small section” doing the wave. and they were still doing it 5 minutes after campbell went down. it was damn near 70% of the stadium. it was completely classless and i was horrified. gotta say though, there were a couple very vocal people in the crowd (probably season ticket holders) trying to get everyone who was doing it to stop, which they eventually did.

  9. With a name like “deepseabeeze”

    I’m SURE you were at a Cardnial vs. Niner game. Yeah, just like Niner/Cardinal fans attend Seattle games for no friggin’ reason.

    Nice try troll, next time don’t be so obvious.

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