Cushing calls fans cheering Schaub injury “barbaric”

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During Sunday’s ugly loss by the Texans to the Rams, things got even uglier at Reliant Stadium.

Down went quarterback Matt Schaub with an injury — and up came the cheers from the home fans.

After the game, Texans linebacker Brian Cushing called the fans “barbaric” for their response, via Will Grubb of SportsRadio 610 in Houston.

It’s a strong word from Cushing, especially since cameras caught him and defensive end J.J. Watt yukking it up, Derek Anderson style, while the Texans were trailing 38-6.

Regardless, it’s never appropriate to cheer or celebrate any injury, whether to a member of the home team or the visiting team.

97 responses to “Cushing calls fans cheering Schaub injury “barbaric”

  1. Aren’t these the same fans who show up at players homes and cuss them out and take pictures of their families?

  2. Maybe they’re not looking for him to be injured but for your much hyped team to actually do something to warrant the hype around it?

    Last year your D was supposed to out of this world and the Packers hung 6 TD’s on you.

    This year was supposed to be “the year” and its been a hot mess all year.

    SOMETHING’S got to change there in Houston and the change at QB is a good place to start.

  3. I lay a lot of this at the feet of media since they harp on these reports and in fact, hasten the demise of QBs and coaches alike.

    As far as those prick fans. screw them who the hell do they think they are.. If that was there brother or wife they don’t go there…

    Shame on the Texans fans for being the Philadelphia Phillies fan of the NFL,

  4. Not much Kubiak can do.. Shaub is not the answer.. Yates is not the answer.. Keenum is not the answer.. play for Johnny football….

  5. He’s correct. It was absolutely pathetic and inexcusable. It wasn’t just a few fans, it was a sizable amount of the stadium.

  6. Well, it’s time the masses became are of it, but Houston is the worst bandwagon city in the USA behind Miami. It sucks, I’ve been with this team since formation, back when a bunch of whack jobs wanted the expansion team to be called the “Rebels”. But this influx the last couple years has been ridiculous. I mean, who the hell burns a jersey at a game or boos any injured player? Perhaps this season is like God flooding the earth and sparing Noah. It’d be nice to knock these frauds off the bandwagon.

  7. virusgvr says:
    Oct 13, 2013 4:40 PM
    Wow. What in the hell do they think Yates is going to bring to the yard? Milkshakes?

    41 5


    Nah, Slushies..

  8. It wasn’t like he was out cold or writhing from a knee injury…
    Know what I think is barbaric? Juicing up as a drug cheat, behaving like a roid-raging lunatic literally drooling and foaming at the mouth, and then claiming the positive test was just because you work out so hard, like the Chinese women who were running 150 miles a week… and still sticking by that hilarious bullbleep, refusing to take any responsibility whatsoever for your actions. That’s barbaric. Just shut up, Roger Roider.

  9. Why play for Johnny football? He will not be a good NFL QB, he is nothing but hype. Sure he’s good in college, but hey so was Tebow and look where he is now. Johnny football is going to be nothing but Ryan Leaf 2.0

  10. Why play for Johnny football? He will not be a good NFL QB, he is nothing but hype. Sure he’s good in college, but hey so was Tebow and look where he is now. Johnny football is going to be nothing but Ryan Leaf 2.0

  11. As a Texans fan, I am thoroughly disgusted and disappointed in my city. We are NOT all that ridiculous, so do not classify us all that way. I don’t get what these idiots think cheering when he gets hurt will do? Absolutely nothing but make your team mad and make other fans look at you like a bunch of tools. SUPPORT YOUR TEAM!! Or get the hell out!

  12. It is pretty classless and Houston now deserves to be one of the most heavily criticized fan bases in sports.

    Philadelphia gets it for booing injured opponents.

    Isn’t it worse when you do it to one of your own?

  13. Although he was unnecessarily booed I think this injury is a blessing in disguise.

    He can get away from the madness and maybe Houston can even trade him for a QB needy team.

    Schaub has played his last game as a Texan.

  14. Look guys, I hear where you say us Texans fans are horrible and whatnot, it’s not us as a fan base. It’s the individuals who are making us look bad. No one should ever cheer for a fallen player. I LOVE the Texans, and I know we’ll be alright. I hate the individuals who are making us real Texans fans look bad.
    Hopefully we can look past those individuals and continue to be a positive fan base for our Texans!

  15. Yet these same fans would be to lazy to get out of their lazyboy and vote out their congressman. It is a game folks.

  16. I think any fan base with a similar QB situation is capable of doing that cause I’ve seen many fans of many teams do that in my thirty years of watching pro football. That being said Cushing is right! It is barbaric. I believe every fanbase has some non-classy, jerks (some more than others), but living in Houston I’ve met many classy fans. They just want a title like every fan does. I was surprised though when I heard people in the sports bar cheering, but not too much, and it was only a handful of people.

  17. Cheering an injured player? Someone must have left the Philadelphia Fans playbook laying around…despicable!

  18. I think it says a whole lot more about the human garbage element one finds in NFL stadiums these days than it does about any one city or team. It’s an experience not worth the money anymore–unless you are in a luxury suite on someone else’s dime.

  19. I never celebrate any player getting injured, even those I loathe or think are very dirty.

    It’s a game. But its a very hard game and even the worst player in the NFL is an amazing athlete and works very hard.

    None of them deserve to be rewarded with cheers that they were injured.

  20. The Texans have been lucky for many years now and won many close games they shouldn’t have. They are at best a 500 team and finally the rooster came home to roost this year. Same goes with the Falcons, another very lucky 500 ay best team. So happy to be over both those Cinderella stories and not have to see either of these 2 Losers in the playoffs this year!

  21. Texans fans, I didn’t think it was possible, but you may actually have less class than Jaguars fans. First you show up at the guys house and harass his family, and now this.


  22. Cushing’s right. I’m not happy with the Steelers right now, and not happy with Roethlisberger. But those are my guys and that’s my QB. I’d never boo my team or cheer a player’s injury. Did they ever stop to think that doesn’t exactly inspire the team to play better?

  23. All you Steeler, Titan and Bills Fans; not all of us Texan Fans are idiots, but of course you guys would know what an idiot looks like considering you guys are! LOL!

  24. Love the way some five year olds figure out how plug Philadelphia into this thread. Low hanging fruit and sloths.

    Also love how the Steelers dude that posted ” Go Steelers ” on the death of AP’s kid thread still shows up. Solid human being right there.

  25. The cheering of an injured ineffective player by fans is not only
    not barbaric & certainly not inhumane.The fans aren’t cheering the injury to the player.They are merely choosing to express their feeling of joy that another player may bring them. Management has chosen to keep hope when there is none .the fans clearly see things differently & are embracing change … Nothing more than that.

  26. I was at the game, and yes a few idiots got noisier when Schaub went down. That does not categorize an entire fan base, or city. The a few of us gave him courtesy applause coming out – I guess that counted as cheering he was hurt?

    The real loud cheer was when TJ went in. And who wouldn’t cheer for the backup coming in if your starting QB gave up a pick six every game?

    Oh crap. Where’s Keenum?

  27. No more room in Tennessee for Houston rejects..this one is yours to fix! As for Cushing laughing and then chastising fans…don’t forget where your paycheck comes from Brian!

  28. This is the most ridiculous thing i have ever seen, makes me embarrassed to call myself a Texans fan, you never cheer for an injury, these “fans” make me sick!!!

  29. This is silly on both accounts. First of all fans aren’t cheering for the player to be injured they were cheering because they think a change at QB was needed. It’s no different than a player who makes a big hit, celebrates only to find out the opposing player is seriously injured. The player wasn’t celebrating the injury, just the hit. As far as the camera scathing JJ watt and Cushing laughing? Oh please say it isn’t so? Players are human and might laugh at something even though they are losing? You can take anything out of context and make it seem horrendous. I have no problem with either thing, the fans cheering or the players being human and laughing about something. Being overly sensitive will be the ruin of this country.

  30. Been a fan all my life Oilers now Texans, I remember what it was like when they left and we had no team. Guys it is a game bottom line and Schaub is a human being, pray him through it.

  31. Hey Crabcakes…take it youre from New England since those are the only things of any worth that manage to ooze from your part of the country. Classless morons? You must not go to Bruins or Patriots games. Texans fans are classless and it is a loser city but for a New Englander to criticize Texas….now thats moronic.

  32. @thekingdave

    Or the Apollos!!! That’s just atrocious. 2002 and on I’ve stood by this team. Do i think Schaub is the answer, no. But he’s currently the best option we have I believe. I’d love to see Keenum get a shot, though. I’ll be happy to see the true fans back in force rather than the 2010 bandwagonners.

  33. “The training of these poor Texans…to turn themselves….into pick-six machines… simply barbaric…”

  34. heyblueyoustink says:
    Oct 13, 2013 5:43 PM
    Love the way some five year olds figure out how plug Philadelphia into this thread. Low hanging fruit and sloths.

    Also love how the Steelers dude that posted ” Go Steelers ” on the death of AP’s kid thread still shows up. Solid human being right there.

    I agree wiyh you on this one. That guy is a real piece of work. There is noway he represents the steeler fan base or does the few that were cheering represent the the houston fan base.

  35. Cheered when he got up and left. Just like I do every player. Not because they are hurt. Give me a break.

    Cheered louder when TJ came in. Will cheer even louder when they get rid of the head coach and special teams coach. Unfortunately, our owner is awful and doesn’t understand the fans frustration or how awful his team is. Blown out by the Rams. Let me repeat myself, blown out by the Rams. Wow.

  36. Maybe they were only cheering his leaving the game for bad performance and not the fact that he was hurt. wasn’t there, don’t read minds, don’t know

  37. @tennesseeoilers

    Did a Titans fan just talk about another fan base lacking class? This is from the organization which brought you Jeff Fisher’s filthy ways, Albert Haynesworth’s psychotic stomping of Andre Gurode, Corty McFinnegan’s sociopathic behavior on a weekly basis, and brought Gregg Williams back into the NFL. And how could I forget, your owner is one of the worst human beings to ever associate with the NFL.

  38. @69finfan …

    And as usual, someone shows up to make a tired post about the use of “we” in commenting on a team. Wow, imagination abounds on football blogs 🙄

    Honey, football teams would not exist without the fans who love them. Owners sell; coaches leave; players graduate, retire, or jump ship. Heck, teams even flee for new cities. Only the fans remain, steadfastly buying tickets and merchandise, and tuning in so the Rooneys and those like them can profit from those huge television contracts. I’ve been “with” the Steelers longer than almost anyone in the organization not named Rooney. And if I want to claim them as my team, I will.

    Now that sound you hear is probably Mama calling you upstairs for dinner.

  39. Fans have the right to boo. They are paying the bills. On the other hand it’s not right when a player is hurt, these fans are acting like Philly fans. Having served at McGuire AFB eight years during my career, It was an honor to be the guest of the Eagles, Phillies and 76ers numerous times supporting our troops. But having served around the country with pro teams nearby the Philly fans were brutal and close behind was Pittsburg Steeler (arrogant) fans. I was actually in a bar in PA and was watching a Steelers game last year, another customer was rooting for the other team and several patrons asked this guy and his group to leave or else. Wow scary. But then again never seen so many fights or potential fights that I did in Philly, besides that aspect, the fans pay the big bucks and have a vote either with a boo or their feet. Don’t get me wrong, 90% of Phillies fans are great. Philly fans to get so close for so many years under Reid, 6-0 with KC, and lose they have persevered and continue to support them. Weak NFC North they have a chance this year.

  40. paskin1717 says: Oct 13, 2013 6:01 PM

    Hey Crabcakes…take it youre from New England since those are the only things of any worth that manage to ooze from your part of the country. Classless morons? You must not go to Bruins or Patriots games. Texans fans are classless and it is a loser city but for a New Englander to criticize Texas….now thats moronic.
    Someone needs to work on their knowledge of local cuisines.


  41. Yeah, booing/cheering an injured player is as low as it gets, especially your own. However, it’s pretty hard to take Cushing seriously after all his juicing at U$C , in the pros and all his pathetic denials. Then there was him fighting his own teammates during a game and you have a classic roid rage fanatic.

  42. I was at game and a few fans cheered when Matt went down. They stopped pretty quick as they realized how alone they were. Lots of fans left early when they ran ball, down by three scores. (Not trying to win)
    Bottom line is I am down 450.00 dollars, my sons first NFL game was not much of a game. If we had watched Tebow playing tennis today I would have been entertained. Tebow may not play tennis but probably would have won anyways! See that is what Schaub, kubiak, lack I will not be denied attitude! My son says he likes the HS football we go to better . Thank you schaub and kubiak you just saved me a lot of money. GO CLEAR SPRING CHARGERS ! !

  43. so what they boo when their QB gets hurt. it’s a messed up game. fans go “all in” for this game. it’s our outlet. there’s no place in this league for feelings. it’s what can you do for my team right now. we’re not watching cross country running here, it’s the NFL, modern day Gladiators.

  44. Don’t blame the City of Houston. Most of the “fans” at the game are illegals and/or Katrina imports. Most natives are at home waiting for Kubiak to be fired.

  45. I’m not from Houston, but I live here now. You folks are throwing a lot of hate and harsh words towards a great city based on the actions and comments of a few low lifes and bandwagon fans.

    Houston is a great city with a strong economy and a higher than average household income. I haven’t lived everywhere, but I’d assume it’s a better place to live than Indianapolis, St. Louis, Detroit, Pittsburgh, or Cleveland.

  46. What else do you expect from a state that brought us comic-relief from local idiots like George Bush, Rick Perry, etc… the state is full of tactless redneck trailer trash- average IQ: less than 75

  47. As a Ram fan, all I hear about on PFT and other media is about Houston, how they lost the game and are spiraling downward. Well, there’s a whole other side to the story, and it’s a happy side for a very downtrodden franchise in STL that is finally showing signs of competitiveness. Anyone out there realize that the Rams actually WON THE GAME? Or is it an irrelevant footnote in the funeral march for Houston?

  48. I love it. Go ahead and root on the demise of your team leaders and star athletes Houston “Fans”. All this means is that come free agency time JJ Watt and company will be a little less likely to offer Texan’s Ownership a home town discount or maybe even an all out, “I want out of this town and away from this fan base!”. I hear South Florida is a nice place to live, No State Income Taxes. Wouldn’t be the first prized free agents to elect to move to South Beach.

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