League stops short of committing to joint investigation on Freeman leaks

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The NFLPA wants to conduct a joint investigation with the NFL regarding leaks that occurred while quarterback Josh Freeman was still with the Buccaneers.

The NFL has stopped short of committing to a joint investigation.

“We will share information,” NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy tells PFT.

The league also has concerns that the sharing of information could result in even more leaks.

“We take the confidentiality provision of the policy as seriously as the union and will vigorously pursue any leads the union provides,” McCarthy said. “However, such information should be shared confidentially with our office rather than inappropriately leaked to the media before the investigation has been concluded.”

The NFLPA wants a joint investigation because the NFLPA otherwise has no authority to force team employees to cooperate.  Likewise, the NFLPA fears that the NFL will perform a cursory investigation that accepts people at their word and/or that doesn’t result in the imposition of discipline.

Freeman’s final weeks in Tampa featured multiple leaks.  Some suspect that the team leaked the information.  Some suspect that the player or his camp leaked the information.  The truth could be somewhere in between.