Owners didn’t discuss preseason, postseason changes this week

Getty Images

Here’s an intriguing (at least for me) footnote to the ownership meetings held last week in Washington.

Although NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell addressed with reporters after Tuesday’s meeting the possibility of expanding the postseason, the issue was not addressed during the meeting itself.

Per a league source, there was an expectation that the topic would be mentioned in the meeting.  It wasn’t.  There’s now an expectation that it will be discussed at a future meeting.

If the changes will be implemented by 2015, the issue needs to land on the agenda at an ownership meeting soon.  And then the NFL and the NFLPA will need to strike a deal that would allow extra playoff games to be played.  And then the broadcast contracts would have to be adjusted.

So, basically, a lot needs to happen before the playoffs can expand.  For starters, the owners need to at least have the topic raised during a meeting.