Patriots defense leads way to 17-7 halftime lead


The Patriots lead 17-7 against the Saints at halftime in New England and a big reason why is their ability to do what no other team has managed this season. 

They’ve shut out tight end Jimmy Graham. With cornerback Aqib Talib leading the effort against the Saints superstar, the Patriots have kept Graham from picking up so much as a single catch through the first 30 minutes of the game. As a result, the Saints offense has picked up just 130 yards thus far and the Patriots have a two-score lead heading into the second half. 

Drew Brees is clearly frustrated and has tried to force the ball to Graham a couple of times and was nearly picked off on one throw into heavy coverage. He’s just 9-of-19 overall, numbers that will never do good things for New Orleans’ chances of winning. 

Things have also gone a lot better offensively than they did in Cincinnati last week. Tom Brady has completed 16-of-22 passes for 163 yards and Stevan Ridley has run for 61 yards and two touchdowns to pace things on that side of the ball. The Saints have racked up four sacks of Brady, but the never described as nimble quarterback has been able to avoid the rush and make plays a few other times in the first half. 

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  1. Don’t forget the refs are helping the Patriots out too. Hard to beat Brady, almost impossible to beat Brady and the refs.

  2. Patriots are benefitting severely from homefield calls, its pretty comical.

    1 imaginary PI on the goal line, turned 3 into 7.

    Another phantom PI on Lewis that extended a drive and cost saints a possession.

    1 horrific missed neutral zone violation by Patiots that ended a a promising drive.

    And there is a lot of holding going on with the Patriots OL but that’s fine.

    Refs have decided this game so far…..

  3. Give me a break. Refs make calls for both sides. Fans always try to take down the #1 Pats because they’ve been up for so long. Lots of conspiracy theorists out there.

  4. More importantly the Refs are letting the Patriots mug Graham while not allowing as much as a pat on the back by the Saints defenders…..joke, i’m sure its apparent to the national audience

  5. Thought this would be other way at the half. Actually I think I said Saints 24-3. Patriots looked absolutely impotent against the Bengals. At least on offense.

    Still plenty of time to go, though. Maybe it really is a week-to-week league.

  6. The patriots defense is great. We cant get anything going on offense. Defense cant stop the run. If we lose its because we got outplayed and maybe even out coached. The patriots are still the patriots.

  7. Kinda hard to win a game when it ain’t teams like the dolphins and bucs you’re trying to beat up on huh? And are we really blaming the refs for it? Keep the excuses coming the saints are 5-0 cause they ain’t played nobody this year

  8. I would love to see Periera or the NFL explain the offside infraction no call against the patriots. defense jumps, the offense reacts immediately and directly across from defender. Still shaking my head.

  9. What game are you watching saints fans? I saw one bad call on that 4th down. Everything else seems fair. (Its really easy to call penalties when you can watch plays in slow motion)

  10. You mean the Pats who lit up the Bengals with 2 field goals?

    Yeah they are easily the best team the Saints have played.

  11. @nfl4days I’m aware of that but as of right now the saints are the ones that are 5-0 with wins against less than impressive teams I don’t mean to act like the pats are the best in the nfl I understand they’ve had an easy schedule too but they already got their reality check and as far as the cowboys record again the saints have beat up on less than impressive teams

  12. hdahs143 says:Oct 13, 2013 6:48 PM

    You mean the Pats who lit up the Bengals with 2 field goals?

    Yeah they are easily the best team the Saints have played.
    ———————————————————-Guess so, since they just beat them. The Brady Legend continues.

  13. Blaming the refs, the classic excuse of a fan who doesn’t want to blame their team for the inadequate play by their players.


  14. Ravens fan, but WOW. Brady can take an average to good receiver and make him great. I wish Flacco could do what this guy does. He is truly elite as is Payton. Flacco is good sometimes, last year in playoffs he was great. With some weapons he can be great.

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