Pats touchdown with five seconds left lifts them to 30-27 win

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It was not the kind of game you’d expect to see when Drew Brees and Tom Brady are the two starting quarterbacks, but it ended the way you might have predicted.

There weren’t a lot of aerial fireworks over the course of a physical, run-heavy matchup between the Saints and Patriots, but both quarterbacks made big plays in the final minutes. Brees hit Kenny Stills for a 34-yard touchdown with 3:29 to play in the fourth quarter to give the Saints a 24-23 lead over the Patriots. The Saints were able to add to their lead with a field goal when the Patriots tried and failed to convert a fourth down on their own 24-yard line with just under three minutes to play. Bill Belichick made that call despite having all of his timeouts.

Brady would then throw a pick deep in New Orleans territory and the Saints worked some clock before punting. The problem was that they left Brady just enough time to win the day.

A frustrating day for Brady, who was sacked five times and saw receivers make several drops, ended with a 17-yard touchdown pass to Kenbrell Thompkins with five seconds left on the clock to cap a 70-yard drive. That gave the Patriots a 30-27 win in improbable and exciting fashion. Brady’s final line — 25-of-43 for 269 yards with a touchdown and an interception — belies how difficult things were (and how well the Saints defense played before the final minute), but the win makes it much easier to swallow the continued struggles in the passing game.

New England did run the ball well, but there’s two steps backward for any one forward in the passing game. Tight end Rob Gronkowski’s return would surely help, but it might not cure all that ails the Patriots in that regard if Danny Amendola, knocked out on a massive hit by safety Rafael Bush, misses much time.

Brees finished the day 17-of-36 for 236 yards and a pair of touchdowns, so there was plenty of frustration for him on Sunday as well. If Jimmy Graham, who was held without a catch before leaving with an apparent ankle injury, is out for any extended period of time, it might stay that way for the Saints quarterback.

180 responses to “Pats touchdown with five seconds left lifts them to 30-27 win

  1. Incredible game.

    Half the stadium was empty. I hope Brady rips the thousands of chumps who left early.

    You should all be ashamed.

  2. I really don’t like the Patriots or Tom Brady, but that final drive was beautiful. It’s a shame half of the stadium bailed to go watch the Red Sox. They missed what really looked like a game the Saints had in the bag until Brady flipped a switch.

    Rob Ryan’s three man rush was pretty lame though. He just let Brady carve his defense up.

  3. Well if you ever wondered if the NFL rigged games here is all the proof you will ever need. Three plays in a row the Saints tried to give this game away, especially right after a defender purposely threw a receiver out of bounds to stop the clock. Come on man, that was blatant give away by the Saints. The Saints put a linebacker on the Patriots best receiver two plays in a row and he just couldn’t hold onto the ball. Rob Ryan’s look at the end of the game was some of the worst acting I have ever seen. This game made someone really rich….WHAT A JOKE NFL>>>#investigatethistrash

  4. As much as I dislike the Pats it was worth watching them win that way just to see the look of anguish on Rob Ryan’s face.

  5. Great game by both teams. The pats earned that even with some questionable calls for both sides. We’ll heading into the bye week isn’t something to complain about, but in all honesty our offense and coaching lost that one for us. You play to win the game. 3 runs BOTH times we got the ball isn’t gonna get it done.

  6. Skip Bayless has a meeting set up with Tom Brady at some Motel for 9pm……

    wonder what they will talk bout


  8. Eat that Pats haters.

    Unfortunately another tough day for injuries. I wonder if Talib aggravated the hip injury he had last year

  9. The referees should be the focal point of any story referring to this game. Damn. I knew it was bad, but this bad?

  10. Despite the heroics, something is still off about Brady. Yes, it’s the new receiver but he hasn’t been his near flawless self, all season. Also, let’s not heap praise on him and forget about Thompkins, he made a hell of a catch. What a game, shame on the fans that left early!!

  11. Sean Payton choked this away, that fricking idiot.

    How do you not get 10 yards on 2 consecutive possessions and ice the game

    How do you give Brady the ball back 3 times under 3 mins? 3 times…Jesus

    That was one idiotic clock management choke job.

    This Saints team is good but not on par with 2009 and 2011.

    But the defense is better. Can’t blame them for htis loss. YOu don’t give Brady that many chances and live to survive.

    What i don’t get is why SEan Payton called a pass on 3rd and 5 when they were in FG range?

    If you were going to be conservative be conservative all the way. Could’ve salted out more seconds. He was an idiot today.

  12. This loss was on the timid play-calling by the Saints offense in their last two drives. They couldn’t make one first down?!

    Defense did its job, offense didn’t.

  13. Wow big Pats fan here and I was totally defeated after they blew the lead but Saints screwed up in getting the ball back to the Pats. Was awesome to see a game winning drive from Brady, haven’t see that since like 07 was great to see he’s still got it.

  14. Forget Brady. Last drive notwithstanding he wasn’t all that today.

    Now that defense….that’s where the real story is. I figured they would get annihilated but they actually made plays and stops. Maybe the Pats finally have a defense where it’s not a foregone conclusion what’s going to happen when they are asked to make a stop late in a big game, like say… against Eli in Super Bowls or Flacco in AFC Championship games.

    They aren’t the 85 Bears or even the 04 Patriots but I think they might finally have something to build on there. It’s been a while.


  15. logicalvoicesays says:
    Oct 13, 2013 7:46 PM
    Zero Superbowls since Spygate. #Cheaters


    You’re going to talk about the Pats cheating after playing THE SAINTS???

  16. Wow. What a game.

    Now let’s hear all the pathetic excuses and whining from the haters! You guys just can’t accept that the Pats are STILL a great team, can you?

    Jimmy Graham, 0 catches. LOL!!

  17. Way to go D. I was surprised we could stop the Saints twice. Sean Payton got a little too conservative on the last drive, although I did like the naked bootleg with Drew. Tom was Tom the last drive, but our recievers need to step up. Amendola is made of glass I swear, Tomp and Dobs look good, way to hang on to that ball Edelman. 2 good teams and 2 great QBs there..if Drew had the ball he would have won. Great to see our fans follow in the footsteps of the Heat fans!

  18. Brady finished 1 out of 3 in final game winning drives. The Saints offense let them off the hook.

  19. As to the Pats fans who left early… you are just as bad as the haters! You don’t even deserve to root for an NFL team.

    Leaving early in a one score game… absolutely pathetic. Go jump on the Broncos bandwagon if you want a blowout every game.

  20. I mean, on the Bree’s int the clock had reached zero, he had tried to call timeout, but the refs just ignored all that. Never mind the bogus false start call that should have been offsides…

  21. Patriots’ offense did everything possible to lose the game, and their defense gave the stone hands WRs chance after chance. Finally got lucky.

  22. When you have Tom Brady….

    Brady won’t break any records or win an MVP this year, but it may end up being his finest work in leadership, determination and inspiration.

    That locker room right now has to be electric and full of belief.

    Now if they can just stay relatively healthy…

  23. If tom brady tried ro call that timeout brees did A. wouldn’t of gotten it if they scored a td B. play would had blown dead if the saints intercepted it after it happened

  24. Let’s here all the excuses as to why the Patriots won the game.

    jakec4 says:
    Oct 13, 2013 9:43 AM
    The Pats know that after today when they’re 4-2 they’ll be falling out of homefield advantage, and would much rather play Denver at home in January. They also see Jimmy Graham lighting it up while their version of Jimmy Graham can’t suck it up on game day even though he’s paid to be a difference maker.

    Jimmy Graham 0 catches
    Colston 1 catch 11 yards

    I guess they must have been held on every play.

  25. I think the Patriots are a great friggen team, nothing but respect to them, but are you seriously saying this wasn’t rigged?????? Come on, I can see the Patriots winning, they are a hell of a team, but the way this thing ended is so fricken suspicious…forget the calls the refs made, a saints defender threw a receiver out of bounds to stop the clock when he easily had the tackle made in bounds…..easily!!!!! Then the Saints put a linebacker on Edelman two plays in a row, the same play and the only reason the pats didnt get the ball at the 1 is because the guy couldnt hold onto the ball. Then the Saints turn around and with only a three man rush allow an easy as hell even a jets receiver could catch throw to the end zone….I am glad the patriots won but I know that this was a rigged damn game and it sickens me…

  26. Where were all the Pats fans in the stadium at the end of the game? Any other city, especially Miami, the fans get ripped for doing this. So staying consistent with those type comments….Pats Fans Suck!!!

  27. Crying about the refs what a surprise.

    How about the vicious helmet to helmet hit that laid out Amendola? Or the 3-4 times I saw Pats pash rushers literally tackled by the Saints oline?

    Normal nfl ref mistakes bad calls for both sides and good ones too.

  28. Impressive come back. I’m just glad all those thousands of spoiled, fair weather, front runner only Patriots fans didn’t get to see it. The first sign of a possible defeat and they head to the exits. Worse than Heat fans.

  29. Brady tried to hand that game to the Saints and they wouldn’t take it. That was a serious choke by the Saints offense and defense.

    Pats go for on 4th down and fail. Saints have the ball on the Pats 24. A TD seals the win. They go 3 and out, but get a field goal.

    Brady throws an interception at midfield. Just barely over 2 mins left in the game. This should be the ball game. One first down and it’s over. The Saints go 3 and out.

    A little more than a minute to play. Pats have no time outs. The Saints defense allows Brady to go 70 yards for a TD.

    Serious choke.

  30. To all the people criticizing the fans for leaving early, you don’t realize the Red Sox are playing tonight in the ALCS. It is a huge deal in Boston and the traffic back into the city is terrible, they had to leave early regardless to get to the game or to a place to watch the game.

  31. Hey saints fans, maybe the Pats D deserves a little credit. They made more plays. Peyton played it by the book, keep it on the ground and use clock. The Legendary Tom Brady just made the plays. Too bad many of you choose to look like sore losers by blaming the officiating.

  32. Also, i hope none of the injuries are too serious, losing Jerod Mayo would be HUGE, losing Mayo &Talib would be catastrophic.Losing Connolly would also be significant, he’s a rock.

  33. TOM BRADY AND THE REFS once again win a game. When they handed the pats 14 points in the first Half it deemed to be just to much for the saints to overcome. Though they did overcome it and outperform the patriots it still ended with them losing. Well that’s roger GOODELL football I hope all you fantasy football punks and fake fans are happy that they are making a joke out of football. Patriots should be ashamed of themselves.

  34. Just goes to show you how fair weather these Pats fans are. The stadium was empty, at the end. You have one of the best Qb’s in NFL history, down by four with over a minute left, and you leave? I’d hate to see what that stadium would look like, if you were as bad as JAX.

  35. How many QB’s get 3 “final” opportunities for a game winning drive?

    Brady gets all the credit, but when his team really needed him he choked. With less than 3 min and needing points on the board he goes 4 and out on one drive followed by a terrible INT on the next drive. His Defense bailed him out and gave him his 3rd opty to get points in the final 3 min of that game. My hats off to Pats D- and an adequate job to TB.

  36. Man people who hate the Pats are funny. It’s either rigged, refs, or cameras. What their defense did was impressive against a great Saints offense. Graham without a catch is nuts. Makes you understand what Tony G. catching a pass for 200 straight games really means.

  37. bigwii says:
    Oct 13, 2013 8:05 PM
    they had to leave early regardless to get to the game or to a place to watch the game.
    Patriot Place has quite a few bars. I am quite sure those TV’s would have been turned to the Sox game as soon as the Pats game ended. Not a valid excuse.

  38. blue18hutthutt says:
    Oct 13, 2013 8:12 PM
    Glad no one is using the word “clutch” because Brady did everything he could to throw that game away

    Yeah you know except that part when he took his team 70 yards for the game winning TD with 5 seconds left.

    I guess he doesn’t get credit for that.

  39. The only reasons the Saints fans can come up with for this loss is that a) the refs or b) Goodell rigged it. Fact is the Pats defense came up huge all game long and the Pats offense finally put a few drives together.

    Gronk matched Graham catch for catch in this one. Saints fans have a right to be upset, they should have killed the Pats considering what the Brady is working with on the offense. But the Saints choked.

  40. The blame for this game should be on Sean Payton. 2 possessions with less than 3 mins left and you go conservative with Brady on deck. Great game by Brady, didnt give up when it was close to over.

  41. truthfactory says:
    Oct 13, 2013 8:17 PM
    How many QB’s get 3 “final” opportunities for a game winning drive?

    Brady gets all the credit, but when his team really needed him he choked. With less than 3 min and needing points on the board he goes 4 and out on one drive followed by a terrible INT on the next drive. His Defense bailed him out and gave him his 3rd opty to get points in the final 3 min of that game. My hats off to Pats D- and an adequate job to TB.

    So on the drive they went for it on 4 down and he threw 3 passes in a row that all hit his WR in the hands and they dropped them , that’s his fault!

  42. wearethesteelers says:
    Oct 13, 2013 7:45 PM
    Saints choke: the story of their life.
    Lol easy there bub. Didn’t you just win your first game?
    Is coach mikey gonna let you have your little games back?
    Are coach Mikey’s eyes going to pop out of his head onto the field?

  43. taintedlombardis says:
    Oct 13, 2013 7:52 PM
    Referees were responsible for at least a 10 point swing.

    True, but the Pats still managed to beat the saints and refs.

    On a side note;
    Anyine else notice how “fans” of NO are real good at trash talk with other teams all week before a game, yet none of them man up after and give deserved props. They either dissapear, or make excuses.
    Is it any wonder why their women lust us N.E. men so much?
    It must be unfulfilling having only loudmouthed boys down there. (Pun intended)

  44. All these comments on the stadium emptying out at the end. If you’re complaining about fans then you’re taking football way too personally.

  45. Worst officiated game ever. Pats + Refs beat the saints. Was not a fair game for the Saints and they were still up with 5 seconds to go.

  46. Man, all this Saints hate. They were playing on the road against one of the toughest teams to beat in their house. It came down to the wire. They are still 5-1, have a head lock on their division, and will make the playoffs. Did anyone think they would go undefeated? Geez people, it is ONE game in an entire season.

  47. harrisonhits2 says: Oct 13, 2013 8:03 PM

    Crying about the refs what a surprise.

    How about the vicious helmet to helmet hit that laid out Amendola? Or the 3-4 times I saw Pats pash rushers literally tackled by the Saints oline?

    Normal nfl ref mistakes bad calls for both sides and good ones too
    You might want to get another seeing eye dog. The only thing that hit Amendola’s helmet was the turf when he fell unconscious, face first to the ground.

  48. taintedlombardis says:

    So all the incorrect calls should be ignored? How ignorant. Every call counts.

    Actually what I was saying was the bad calls balance each other out.

    The ignorance involved is that you seem to think that bad calls should be selectively complained about for one team but the bad calls against the other one can be set aside.

    That’s called a double standard by the way, and devalues everything you have to say on the matter.

  49. I’m the last person to say the refs gave the game to somebody, but wow. This game was ridiculous. I feel really bad for the Saints. They got completely jobbed in this one. In any case, good game and both these teams we will se in the playoffs, so fairly meaningless in the long-run.

  50. Too many calls and lack of calls that went the Patriots way to consider this a clean win.

    1)phantom PI calls in first half
    2) missed offside on a clear neutral zone violation
    3) missed delay of game or at least a Brees Timeout on a play that ended with a INT that resulted in 3 points.
    4) Holding like none other on the Patriots OL
    Look at the final play, Galette had a arm around his neck after he turned the corner…it was a blatant joke of a non-call. Absolutely rigged.

    5) Ball clearly hits the ground on a patriots drive and its not reviewed or called back.

    All that said, the saints offense and Sean Payton’s imbecilic clock management lost them this game, snatched defeat from the jaws of victory.

  51. why is it that people are hating so much!? Earlier this week we were gonna get blown out; yesterday they had no chance; today after a win, they either cheated or it was rigged. Give credit where credit is due instead of finding things to whine and complain about! This game was a classic no matter the outcome!

  52. harrisonhits2 says: Oct 13, 2013 8:32 PM

    taintedlombardis says:

    So all the incorrect calls should be ignored? How ignorant. Every call counts.

    Actually what I was saying was the bad calls balance each other out.

    The ignorance involved is that you seem to think that bad calls should be selectively complained about for one team but the bad calls against the other one can be set aside.

    That’s called a double standard by the way, and devalues everything you have to say on the matter.
    You saying they balance out doesn’t make it the truth. Just a convenient copout. Judgement calls aside, the offsides, and the zebras not seeing the play clock on zero for at least a second, when they also didn’t see Brees then signal for a time out, not only doesn’t balance out, it gave the Patriots the points necessary to win the game.

    Your self serving analysis doesn’t devalue anything but what limited credibility you may have had.

  53. A little more than a minute to play. Pats have no time outs. The Saints defense allows Brady to go 70 yards for a TD.

    Serious choke.

    I am pretty sure Tom did that withoit the aints permission.
    Tee hee.

  54. For everyone who is saying someone got rich, the game was rigged, blah blah – it landed right on the number at Pats -3. It was a push. Nobody made a dime.

  55. As a fan of a rival AFCE team I would have liked for the Saints to have won, but that didn’t happen. You can make all the excuses in the world for this loss, just use the “lawnmower broke” excuse because that will work as good as any other. The fact is with the game on the line Brady was clutch, the Pats scored more points than the Saints, thus they won the game. It’s over and done with, get over it. Go Fins.

  56. For me, Peyton, Brees, and Brady are the best QBs in the league. But I always think of Brady as the best. That final drive showed why.

  57. Normal nfl ref mistakes bad calls for both sides and good ones too
    You might want to get another seeing eye dog. The only thing that hit Amendola’s helmet was the turf when he fell unconscious, face first to the ground.

    So, you are saying he wasnt hit in the head, yet was unconscious on his way to the turf.
    I am all eyes to read your spin on this one fido.

  58. hdahs143 says:Oct 13, 2013 8:31 PM

    You might want to get another seeing eye dog. The only thing that hit Amendola’s helmet was the turf when he fell unconscious, face first to the ground.

    Amendola was hit helmet to helmet and was out on his feet, before he hit the ground. If you didn’t see it, you mus have listened to the game on the radio. Then again, with all the complaining about refs and excuses you’ve made, that may be the case. Pats win, cry me a river.

  59. I love how pats fans say pats def did great. Did you see the score 27 points is not defense doin good it’s offenses making mental errors. Saints lost, good job we deserve to lose and to lose a game not because of the other team outplaying you but you beating yourself is even worse. And the refs are tough too but no excuses saints will be in the Super Bowl but I would bet my house that cry baby and the pats won’t. So enjoy this game guys because it was your Super Bowl. And you can watch the saints from the couch.

  60. I can’t believe all the people crying about he refs.

    The fist PI call in the end zone was CLEAR AS DAY the replay showed the Saints DB holding the front of the jersey. I’ll give you the 4th down play. What about the call for offensive PI on Dopson when he put one hand on the Saints DB. That was soft. Then on the Saints last Td the wr put both his hands on the patriots DB and extended his arms and that didn’t get called.

    It’s typical patriot hater M.O to make excuses everytime NE wins a game, especially when they win a game that everyone picked them to lose

    Notice how no one is giving the patriots D credit for holding Graham to 0 catches and Colston 1 catch for 11 yards.

  61. hdahs143 says:
    Oct 13, 2013 8:31 PM

    You might want to get another seeing eye dog. The only thing that hit Amendola’s helmet was the turf when he fell unconscious, face first to the ground.

    You are wrong, the hit to the head was clear. Not necessarily a penalty but it clearly happened. But if you believe he was never hit in the head, please explain how he ended up unconscious before he hit the ground, as you say. Was it the common shoulder to the elbow that caused him to lose conciousness?

  62. We lost to a HOF QB! All this talk about choking is hilarious though. We played on the road against a great team with a HOF Coach and QB, there is no shame in that. Bascially it boils down to the law of averages. We gave Brady 3 chances w/ under 3 min to go, we stop him twice and gave it up on the 3rd one. Oh well. 5-1 at the bye week is a pretty good start to say the least. Falcon fans eventhough we lost today, yall are still 1-4! Who dat, we dat, we just loss to a great team on the road today.

  63. For all the Saints fans that are so sure they were robbed by the refs and Goodell, look on the bright side, you knocked out 3 or 4 more Pats starters and it sounds like Payton’s not even paying for the injuries anymore.

  64. The Saints defined the term ‘choke’ with this game. Twice they were given possession gifts. And both times they went 3-and-out. They couldn’t ice the game. And neither could their D get a stop on that last drive. I blame this on the coaching…

  65. The line on this game was 2.5 so dont give me that crap that this was a push you NFL lovin troll scrub morons!!! 2.5 points and the Pats win with some of the most unbelievable “bad luck” on the saints…like a buddy of mine told me this was sports entertainment not real… What the F word you idiot morons,,,, you r being played by the NFL….. it is totally RIGGED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  66. Before the half, the refs ended a Saints drive by calling the offense on a false start when the replay showed it was a very clear neutral zone infraction.

    Later, Brees goes to call a time out before the snap. None of the “refs” saw him motion for the time out. It was clearly visible on the replay.

    The refs called a completed pass for the Pats. They had to change the call because the ball actually hit the ground. They were really anxious to call a completion.

    You know, I love the Saints, but I respect the Pats. Yet, all things considered, I feel like the Saints got ripped off in this game. The refs prematurely ending the Saints drive before the half, in particular, was very detrimental to the Saints momentum going into halftime.

    Don’t get me wrong, great game, but I can’t help but feel that we got a little screwed on a couple of major calls, you know, calls that actually ended a drive or two. That’s a big deal over the course of a game.

  67. As a Patriots fan I’ll admit the Gillete stadium crowds are generally really bad. Lots of uppity rich people that pay $500 dollars for a ticket and know nothing about football. I got spoke to by security for making to much noise about 5 years ago. Not even anything offensive just being “To Loud”. I guess that’s what happens when you can sell your season tickets for 5 times face value on the internet.

  68. $32 Billion SHARED REVENUE CORPORATION, and outcomes can’t be left to chance. The NFL is a corporation with 32 departments. The total league revenues are shared equally so there is no punishment for owning Jacksonville vs Kansas City vs Dallas.

  69. Ravens fan, but WOW. Brady can take an average to good receiver and make him great. I wish Flacco could do what this guy does. He is truly elite as is Payton. Flacco is good sometimes, last year in playoffs he was great. With some weapons he can be great consistently.

  70. Brilliant job by Rob Ryan and the D to play a prevent at the end and hand the Pats this game. I can’t say I was surprised by it as I had a feeling the Pats would win after Sean Payton made some horribly bad playcalls near the end when they should have been putting the game away. The game itself had a feel of the Pats winning with some BS luck given how horrible the officiating was with the Pats bias. Usually when the officiating shows a clear Patriots bias they end up winning a game they should have lost because the other team screws up.

    I really was hoping to see what the media would have said had the Saints won and that pick Brady threw sealed the deal as it’d have been back to back games where Brady had a chance to win the game and threw bad picks. They ragged on Romo when Trevathan made a great defensive play to pick off Romo last week while this was a horrible throw and decision by Brady where he just threw it to a Saints defender. I am sure though the media would have excused it and somehow blamed Edelman since it is against the rules to criticize Brady.

    I also like mentioning the drops by these Pats receivers yet drops are never mentioned for any other QB. Today for example the Broncos dropped at least 5 passes and on the season they have a lot of drops. Apparently since it doesn’t fit the poor Tom Brady has nobody to throw to meme it doesn’t get mentioned.

    Speaking of that meme, while I do agree these guys are dropping a bunch of passes, Brady is also making some really poor throws. He missed quite a few wide open guys today and has all season.

    Having said all that, I am impressed with the Pats D and I won’t be surprised if they get to the superbowl because of it and win another title. This team is more like the 01-04 Patriots as is the offense since it is far more balanced than the last bunch of years where they thought all you needed to do was pass the ball 99% of the time.

  71. Brady was fortunate to get the chance and took advantage. Saints must be sick over that loss. I had Pats minus 2.5. Whew!

  72. I hate the people saying the game was rigged.
    I typically always hate when people blame the refs. The Saints had two opportunities to put this game away at the end and they didn’t make the plays, the Pats did.

    Yes there were some horrendous calls and the majority of those seemed to benefit the Pats, but at the end of the day when you force the Pats to turn the ball over twice inside of 3 minutes there is no reason you shouldn’t win that game.

    Great game and I think both teams will be a force to reckon with for the rest of the season.

  73. Saints fan here. Great game! Great game plan by Belichick. Great job by Brady. Sure it sucks to lose on a late TD, but there is no shame in losing a close one to the Patriots in Foxborough. No excuses. Go Saints!

  74. Peter King won’t need to take an enhancement pill tonight.

    He’ll just watch that drive over and over since it contains his pre-ordained, perfect, #1 QB of All Time, Tom Brady.

  75. Some people’s acts in this forum are so predictable and laughable. We’re laughing AT you, not with you.

    Today was wild, entertaining and stomach churning for both legions of fans. Brady typically ends up on the good side of things versus Rob Ryan, but he’s done a great job with that Saints D overall. You just can’t give Brady any time, and that’s on the offense. With all the injuries, Hernandez and the kid WRs, 5-1 is more than I could have expected. I do not like Belichick as GM but he can coach my team any time.

  76. This loss is on Payton for going so fn conservative at the end…has he not watched football before or knew he was playing Brady?….it was honestly like the ending was rigged

  77. Rigged! You cant convince me otherwise. I have never seen it be so blatant. PLEASE. I have no skin in the game. My team doesn’t play til tomorrow. What I saw tonight proved to me that it is all a scam. It is such a joke. What happened in that last 2 minutes is soooooooooooooooooo unbelievable, it could only happen in a scripted movie. RIGGGGGGEDDD
    Shame on you Goodell
    Shame on you NFL
    Shame on you players that took bonus money to blow this game.
    Check their accounts. …. Check their accounts
    If there is no extra money in there than I will move on, but please, check their accounts…..

  78. WWE just watched this game and went DAMN we aren’t even that good!!!

    Please, I could care less, that was soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo rigged
    R U kidding me, watch these players bank accounts and pllllllllllllllllllleeeeeeaaaaaaaaassssseeee tell me that is all legit.

  79. And what is with all the talk that the game was decided by Paytens poor coaching?
    Belichick made his share of bonehead decisions late in the game.
    Going for 4 and long deep in your own territory?
    The D bailed him out of that one. Kept the saints to 3 points, which, outside of a turnover, was a given.

    Then, a hail mary with that much time on the clock?
    The D held strong yet again forcing a punt.
    Finally, Tommy got his act in gear and drove the offense all the way. Much like he did against the rams some years back.

  80. ColtsWinColtsWin!! says: Oct 13, 2013 10:36 PM


    Maybe some of this energy could be re-focused on finding a girlfriend or something? Rather than posting inane nonsensical rants on football message boards at 10:30 on a Sunday night. There’s more to life there fella……

  81. Brady GOAT loves this outcome doesnt she!!!!!!


  82. I get there were bad calls but I doubt that the NFL rigged the game. If the NFL did rig this game then why didn’t they rig the Ravens and Broncos game in the Playoffs or the Ravens and Patriots game in the Playoffs.

  83. A few fundamentals need to be established:
    First, the NFL possesses an Anti-Trust Exemption to the law granted to it by President John F. Kennedy, which ultimately allows the NFL to classify itself as “entertainment” rather than sport, as well as incorporate itself as a single entity instead of the 32 separate “franchises” they would want you to believe.

    Second, in a 2004 lawsuit vs the NFL, the NFL argued they are not a collection of 32 teams, but a single entity. They compete as a unit in the entertainment marketplace, and not subject to Anti-Trust laws.” Like the WWE.

    Third, NFL Referees are part-time employees of the NFL. NFL refs make less than $75,000 per season. They work for the league, period. Referees are bound by NFL mandated gag orders which prevent them from talking to the media.

    The “Patriots” post 9/11 run.
    The Saints 40 years of losing, then winning a title for a Katrina ravaged city.
    The Harbaugh Bowl
    Marketing MAGIC !!!

    In 2007 a Jets season ticket holder sued the NFL for $185 million and the case reached the US Supreme Court. The Jets fan argued that, all Jets fans are entitled to refunds because they paid for a ticket to a legitimate sporting event. Had he been aware that the games were not real then we would not have gone.

    The Judge stated that a ticket to a game only provides you access to the stadium. The fan entered the stadium, witnessed a game, therefore he did not suffer any damages. The fan’s lawyer disagreed and argued that the NFL committed consumer fraud.

    Judges ruled that fixing a game for entertainment purposes was completely LEGAL.

    In 2000 Art Model, a storied and respected owner of the Baltimore Ravens announced he was selling the team. Miraculously, even with one of the worst offenses in NFL history, they won the Super Bowl. And the Ravens were subsequently sold to Steve Busciotti for a record price.

    Robert Kraft and John Mara are two of the most business savvy and highly respected NFL owners. Kraft is in charge of the NFL TV broadcast committee and also leads all television negotiations for the NFL. Kraft also is on the board of Viacom (CBS). Kraft negotiated a record TV deal resulted in $24 Billion in revenue.

    Atlanta Falcons owner Arthur Blank was interviewed saying “It is predetermined that these two teams would be here, I wish my team was selected to be in the Super Bowl, but these two gentlemen deserve it”.

    There are many more examples, and no one wants this to be true…..But it is. The NFL said it themselves in court. We are entertainment and we can manage outcomes as we see fit. We’re EXEMPT. Thanks for reading all of this. It is compiled from many sources.

  84. (The following is an imaginary conversation)

    Q: “What message do you have for all the fans who hate you Tom?”

    A: “I’m Tom Brady and you’re not – get used to it.”

  85. Worst officiating I’ve seen in a while. The offsides call been beat to death. On another play, Drew Brees called a timeout. Refs turned a blind eye. That int shouldn’t have happened. The clock ran out, delay of game. The catch that clearly hit the ground for the pats. Also if you watch the 2nd half closely, the Pats had 4 timeouts. On the tom Brady td throw at the end, the left tackle CLEARLY held the the dlineman.

  86. coltswin=wearethesteelers=6rings=flaccomontanaunibrow=however many others. Find another hobby, you’re boring me.

  87. I don’t care how the Patriots won (flags, refs, etc.); they won and that’s all that matters to me…enjoy your conspiracy theories while I enjoy the win

  88. My favorite part was all the Pats fans who began heading for the exits before the game was over. Typical. They never have known a damn thing about football.

  89. Colts, if what you are saying is true (and mind you, none of it is), then you’re the biggest sucker of all. You believe this is true and you STILL engage yourself in the NFL.

  90. ColtsWinColtsWin!!

    DUDE!! Stop! Go to bed, sober up and let it go! Get the help you need in the morning. Gamblers anonymous will be happy to take your call. Anyone with an ounce of sports knowledge knows that no one, not coaches, players or officials are perfect. They all make a mistake. Like you. Stop gambling and start having rational thoughts again. Your ranting is boring and senseless. You have no basis of fact to back up anything you allege. You appear to be a fool and it behooves you to stop now. You’re giving Colt fans a bad name.

  91. Geeze take the tinfoil hat off ColtsWin, it must be picking up mind melting signals from the aliens or something.

  92. In my 9 or so years of reading this blog a couple of commenters really, really, need help, i will not name names, but most know the ones i am talking about. With that being said all you have a blessed week, what a wonderful weekend. Cheers.

  93. Pretty pathetic for all the Vikes/Falcons/49ers Saints-hating twerps to come on in beating their chest now, Saints lose in the last second in a game where the refs shafted them on three crucial potentially game-changing calls and now you come in trying to bring the ruckus?

    Where were you the first 5 weeks of the season, huh? Where you gonna be when the Saints go 12-4 or 13-3 preparing for a home playoff game and your team can’t even get off the mat? Losers.

  94. I have seen numerous hashtags associated with comments tonight. Is ignorance a prerequisite for the twitter account?

  95. To the Haters,

    Really? The refs handed the Pats the game? What about the non p.i. call on Stills’ TD. I’ve been told many times that the refs let things go unless the WR extends the arms. Well, Stills extended both arms impeding Dennard’s ability to jump for the ball. Also, the refs called a dubious p.i. on Dobson earlier negating a big play. Stop with this rigged crap. If you think it’s rigged, then why do you watch? Seriously, stop with this b.s.

  96. Big pats fan chimin in. I wouldn’t be knocking the Saints ever. Great organization. Great class especially breeze.complete Class act.

  97. Colts Win…Conspiracy theorist.

    Your long winded argument is so off base that there is no point in arguing with you. You’re a loon who is clearly off his rocker.

  98. Colts fan, just one question. If it’s sooo rigged, why do you keep watching games? I’m pretty sure that you won’t think that the game is rigged tomorrow if the Colts beat the chargers

  99. What is the matter with you people?

    Its one friggin game and there are still 10 left in the season.

    And both teams are 5-1, so how can you say either team is superior to either team unless you are looking at stats.

    If you’re looking at stats for those 6 games – then Saints LEAD the Patriots in overall stats – period – end of story.

    But bottom line is – both teams are 5-1.

    And the defense didn’t lose that game and Ryan’s defense still held up – its the offense that choked on that game and poor game calling and clock management at the end, it happens.

    So what…one game out of 16, 10 left to be played. Saints lead their division and will win their division–no one is even close.

    Saints still a great team with a great offense and a defense that did not win today – Patriots should know how that feels – didn’t you guys FEEL THAT WAY LAST WEEK??

    Short memories – that’s what you Pats got – short memories – grow up and move on, its like watching a bunch of five-year-olds in here.

  100. I’m not a Pats fan but Brady might be the best ever. He’s clearly better than Peyton who has a losing record in the playoffs. And ColtsWinColtsWin should be institutionalized.

  101. flash1283

    The reason they were able to hold Graham to ZERO catches is they were all over him, so much so I was yelling at the TV – GET A ROOM!

    Guess the refs were blind on all those too?

    I’m not advocating that the refs were for NE and helped them along in the game–I’m not that delusional, but there were a couple of questionable calls…but people have to remember–we’re seeing things from an up-high angle on TV and refs are on the ground, bound to be mistakes.

    But there were definitely MISTAKES, some, that if not made, might have made a difference in the game so that the ending wouldn’t have.

    But…life moves on – its just one game, we won’t even be talking about this game next week (or at least I won’t) – NE is in the rearview mirror now.

  102. If you give Tom Brady 3 chances at a game winning drive, he will get at least one. Im not very impressed with Brady today. Yeah the last drive was good. But how about the interception and 4 play drive before that? The reason the Pats won was because the Saints offense was unable to get a key first down in their final 2 drives which wouldve enabled them to run out the clock. Im not saying Brady isnt good, hes one of the best in the history of the game, but he certainly wasnt great tonight. Thats what you get when you give someone 3 opportunities to get the W.

  103. “For all the Saints fans that are so sure they were robbed by the refs and Goodell, look on the bright side, you knocked out 3 or 4 more Pats starters and it sounds like Payton’s not even paying for the injuries anymore.”

    Best comment this season.

  104. ColtWinColtsWin!!

    You mention that you compiled the information from several sources… Please provide the reference information for the “sources” you reference.

    Please list legitimate journalistic sources or court transcripts only. You make an interesting arguement, but without reference it comes across poorly.


  105. The Saints played 2 teams today. The pat’s and the ref’s. Blatant miss calls for the pats and ticky tacky calls for the Saints. Hold Jimmy Graham 15 yards down the field, false start calls on obvious encroachment, the non timeout out interception, tackling Dlineman all game, extra timeout, ect. Regardless Even with all the adversity we still almost won against arguably the best team in the NFL in the last decade at their house and with the ref’s heads in their arses. Still 5-1

  106. To the wierdo Coltswincoltswin, you are a man who despises the NFL so much you join and spend all your time in an NFL forum, and judging by your sn are a huge Colts fan. Solve that conspiracy

  107. If Romos D had delt the Broncos 3 and outs twice in 2.3 minutes, his late game pick would not have mattered either.

    Brees resided over the greatest offensive collapse in modern history, what happend to the saints coaches famous risk taking attitude.
    Amazing, 6 downs, zero yards, zero first downs, almost zero off the clock.

    Ryan was perfectly correct to be world record pissed off. Payton and Brees lost that game for the saints.

  108. This talk about this game being rigged is incredibly stupid and makes me lose respect for Saints fans.

    Kind of hard to rig a game so that a guy catches a ball wit 5 ticks left on the clock. There’s that human factor … receivers drop passes. Also, Greer’s coverage was good and he had his hand in position to knock the ball away — he just didn’t make the play.

    Saints fans — put away your tin foil hats and look at the game footage. You got beat – the Pats wanted it more. You’re 6-1. Get over it.

    And if you’re sure the games are rigged, then don’t watch.

  109. Congrats to the Pats for the win. Now that being said, if you can’t say this is the worst officiating ever shown during a nationally televised game you are either; A. an Idiot or B. A Pats fan who is glad you never gave the game away…

  110. Hey! Coltswin guy! You sound seriously disturbed. This was an awesome football game between 2 elite teams. Just enjoy the ride!

  111. ColtsWin: Can’t change your mind, but why do you still watch if its all fixed? I don’t understand why you would continue to waste your time on an “obviously fixed sport” .

    Most of disagree with you, so we will continue to watch and enjoy. Not sure why you do.

  112. What? nothing about how “unloyal” the fans are? no bashing them as horrible people like you all would if this happend in Miami?

  113. whodatsaybaby says:Oct 14, 2013 7:25 AM

    Congrats to the Pats for the win. Now that being said, if you can’t say this is the worst officiating ever shown during a nationally televised game you are either; A. an Idiot or B. A Pats fan who is glad you never gave the game away…
    or C: Not an excuse making, sore losing Saints apologist. Whether there was bad officiating or not(not), Saints had the lead and the ball at the end of the game. At that point the officials were not a factor. The Saints just proceeded to get outplayed and outcoached, simple as that. Hope you Saints fans can get over it. Blaming refs or luck is for losers.

  114. ColtsWinColtsWin!! The NFL rigs games huh?
    really? oh but if say IDK some crappy team sees
    that they will lose a lot of games one year that also happens to have the best QB prospect in football in the last 20 years, I don’t know let’s say they lose every game they need to to make sure they get that QB, but that’s not rigged, is it? I mean god know’s no one NO ONE can play THAT bad, right? I hate both the Patriots and the Saints BUT, there was no rig just a massive Saint choke! Sooo, as the saying goes, don’t piss down my back and tell it’s raining!
    When will the league investigate your cheater owner ???

  115. ColtsWinColtsWin!!

    The biggest scandal in the NFL in the last few years was ‘Suck for Luck’. The Colts actually started Curtis Painter for some games. My God, what a tank job.

  116. This one’s o Sean Payton and his non-existent clock management.

    Why would you want to give Tom Brady the ball when you’re clinging to a small lead with 2:00 to play, let alone TWICE?

    After the first time, all they had to do was get ONE first down, make the Pats burn their last timeout and sit on it…

  117. The Saints lost that game due to a lack of awareness and sound situational football. There are several examples in the last few minutes but the main one was on the final Pats drive.

    They made a stop on the sideline but rather than just push back or hold him up the defender muscled up and threw the ball carrier down out of bounds. Stupid. There were no timeouts and less than a minute. They would have wasted at least 10 seconds and a down to spike it. Instead, they got to regroup, Brady got to scan the defense at the line and then eat them up.

    Props to the Patriots but that was a bonehead move by the Saints defender and it likely cost them the game.

  118. As a Pats fan I almost always think my team is going to win…except for yesterday. First time all year I’ve picked them to lose. I just didn’t think they were ready yet to beat that caliber of team. That type of win will pay off later down the road when they need to execute well in tough moments. They’ve had problems with that in recent years.

    That said I’d have taken a loss if it meant having Talib, Amendola and Mayo unharmed.

  119. Colts= 0 Super Bowl titles since we all heard the fake crowd noise CD skipping on national TV a few years back. Hmm….

    For Coltswin

  120. @dolphindubs says:

    Are you serious…Miami…the home of the fickle fan…If you don’t win, the fans don’t show up to that dump of a stadium in Overtown…

    Even when the Dolphins are winning, you have radio and tv stations buying up tickets so it won’t be blacked out…

  121. A rigged game fixed by bookies. Bookies had 3.5 points favor of Pats winning. This game just confirmed how rigged these games are. Saints defender shoulder hits (laid the boom on his butt) Pats receiver, he drops the ball so Saints get flagged for excessive roughness. A perfectly legal hit. Later, P. Thomas gets hit (exactly same by a shoulder hit) no flag on Pats. Oh no can’t do that if refs are paid to throw the game. Brees signals time out (they showed it 3 or 4 times on replay) yet they let the play go and this broken play ends up in an interception that gave the Pats 3 points for a field goal because they couldn’t advance any more. WHY wasn’t the time out allowed??? Because it ended up OK for the Pats – remember we are fixing this game, the big betting money boys in Vegas wants it that way. A pile of crap it was- way to easy to see what was going on.

  122. SAINTS WERE CHEATED — Brees took the first half off but after further review – the refs made terrible calls and they all went against the Saints. The false start call was terrible, holding call on Galette at the end of the game was blatant and obvious and played a roll in the throw and score, Pats TE clearly dropped the ball and it hit the ground right in front of the ref and he failed to call it, helmet to helmet hit on Malcolm was questionable as well, and Brees calls a timeout before the play which resulted in an interception. Belichick said it was a total team effort and he’s right the Pats and Refs.

    With all of this going against the Saints they were still able to almost pull it out. Without the refs help Pats would have never won.

  123. Most overrated player in the NFL. Talib exposed this guy, he can’t handle a physical corner. Put a hand on this guy and watch him wilt like week old lettuce.

    Talib was allowed to commit pass interference cheap shots at every turn. The refs were pathetic, and anyone who watched that game knows it.
    There’s a pic running around the web showing the last play of the game, by the Pats. A Saints defender, coming after Tom Brady, is held, from behind, in an obvious chokehold, and as usual, no flag.
    The NFL should’ve fired every ref that was on the field.
    Can Jimmy Graham catch a pass, while being mugged? No; nor can anyone else.
    It was thoughtful for the refs to remove their Patriots Fan Gear, and don Referee Uniforms before stepping onto the field.
    Pats fans call it a win. The rest of the world calls it cheating.
    How many Superbowl rings do the Patriots have since being caught cheating? It looks like they never stopped.
    Sad day in the NFL.
    Too bad the Patriots can’t claim they’ve held every team they played to 14 points, or less. They were outplayed the entire game, with 15 men on the field.
    The Saints would beat the Patriots, on a neutral field, 10 out of 10 times, and it’s too bad they won’t get to meet again this season. Anyone who thinks the Pats will make it thru the playoffs is delusional.
    Denver, the only good team in the AFC, will meet New Orleans for the ring.

  124. Who Dat?
    Brady, Belichick and the worse officiated game I ever witnessed. Granted the Saints deserved to lose and were outplayed but they were the victims of so many terrible calls that I have lost faith in NFL officials. If the Saints meet Patriots in playoffs they will get smoked with a decent crew on field. I’ve been to some Saints games and their fans would never leave if there was a slight chance for victory. But we always new that football fans live ONLY in the south.

  125. As a Saints fan, I’m about as over the loss as I’m gonna get. Good game plan by the Pats…good D and good enough O. Only thing I’ll say is…the Pats totally shut down Graham. Colston was sleeping. Lance Moore was out. No Meachem. Not a lot of Sproles/Thomas and…it took a last second TD to beat the Saints…I think that says more about the Saints moving foward than it does about the Pats…

  126. I recall Sean Paytons first season. The Saints had Deuce at the time and he ran the ball down teams throats. Especially when they had a thin lead at the end of games. I can remember who it was against but they power ran the ball down the field for 8-9mins of the 4th qtr and scored to win. What happened? There’s no reason Thomas or Robinson should not have been in the game in the final 3mins to run the dang clock. I’m not sure it was Payton making the calls there though, I saw him on the sideline talking to Pete Carmicheal quite a bit at the end.

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