Peterson’s low-key start mirrors pre-game

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Adrian Peterson has had a high-profile week, but he’s off to a low-key start against the Panthers.

The Vikings running back has not sought out much notice after his tragic week, and that extended into the pre-game. The Vikings did not have a moment of silence for his son, and they introduced the defense to keep him from turning it into a moment.

He sent a text to Laura Okmin of FOX, saying he wanted to play today to take his mind off the pain of losing his 2-year-old son, and try to create a positive.

“My brother passed the night before the combine and I decided to go through with it,” Peterson said. “The same reason why I will play this week. You may ask why? God wants good to come from it … We mourn and grieve but heaven had the baddest welcoming party for my son. That knowledge gives me peace.

“I’m still hurt and feel the pain of life, but I’m able to function because of the peace and joy of knowing my loved ones are in a much better place.”

There was a similarly subdued start to the game. He gained 3 yards on his first two carries, as the Vikings opened the game through the air. Matt Cassel promptly threw an interception as they approached the red zone.


14 responses to “Peterson’s low-key start mirrors pre-game

  1. Apparently he was a pretty low key father as well. He hadn’t even seen his child up until he was notified of the tradgedy, and the kid was on life support in the hospital.

    “Nice to meetcha, Dad.”.

  2. This baby had no father to protect him during his short life. Why is everybody making such a big deal about his father now that he no longer needs one?

  3. He didn’t even know the kid….I’m not saying there aren’t some feelings there….but it’s not like he tried to be a father to the kid from an “ex girlfriend” or whatever she was….I’m thinking this whole think is kinda low-key to protect the AP brand too….

  4. @the great gabbert you seem to have conveniently left out the part about Peterson having just found out he was the kids father., but hey, if it makes you feel better to knock a guy you’ve never met after the loss of a child he just found out he had more power to you.

  5. if by “just finding out” you mean in march of this year aka 7 months ago. then yes he “just found out” and made no effort to meet the kid or be any kind of father. He is such a rolemodel that he had 3 kids by 3 different moms. he has had his girlfriend since i believe 2004 that he obviously cheated on to have the kid that just recently passed. he may be a great football player, but as a father and overall person he is seriously lacking.

  6. Actually “just found out” as in the kids mom just had a paternity to done in another guy 2-3 months ago . When it came back negative she contacted Peterson. Of course like you I don’t know him or anyone involved so like you I could be reading Bs on the Internet as well.

  7. They may seem idiotic and heartless, but they are actually very truthful. Nobody is slandering AP here. Just because he is a great football player doesn’t mean he is a great father. Fact are facts. I think hes an awesome NFL player but the fact that he having children (the same age) with other woman that he is not engaged to says alot about his character as a man

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