Report: Tension around Patriots about Gronkowski’s absence from lineup


On Saturday, PFT reported that Dr. James Andrews recommended that Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski sit out Week Six’s game against the Saints because of continuing concerns about the forearm problems that have kept him out of the first five games as well.

According to a report from Ed Werder of ESPN, that’s not likely to sit well with some in the Patriots organization. Werder reports that there’s been “escalated tension” around the team about Gronkowski’s continued absence from the lineup.

Werder quotes a source as saying that Gronkowski’s created “curiosity and resentment” by going all out at practice and looking good before sitting out on Sunday and that teammates have started expressing their frustration directly to the tight end. There’s reportedly doubt among some in New England that Gronkowski could do everything he does at practice without having full clearance from doctors.

“If he’s not playing in games, he damn sure should not be doing what he is in practice,” Werder’s source said.

Assuming Gronkowski is indeed out again this week, he’ll have missed the first six weeks of the season that he would have been forced to miss if the team left him on the PUP list. Gronkowski wouldn’t have been able to practice during those six weeks had he remained on the list, but Werder’s report makes you wonder if that might have saved the tight end some headaches on top of his other injury troubles.

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  1. It doesn’t matter…Saints win by 2 scores either way. The Saints defense goes up against the best there is every week in practice…I’m pretty sure they’d be ready for Gronk!

  2. Just because he’s been practicing good doesn’t mean he’s game ready. Practices are not as fast, and don’t put so much stress on the arm, plus nobody is targeting your injury like a bullseye.

    We’ve played bad football, but we’re still 4-1 in one of the easiest divisions in the league. Se could use him for today’s game obviously, but I’d rather have him fully healthy in january than right now.

  3. Why keep bringing up the PUP issue? Sure it was a risk to keep him on the roster, but anyone with half a football brain knows that even if there is only a 20% chance that Gronk plays in the first 6 games you roll the dice with that, rather than a 6th linebacker who may be able to help on special teams.

    Just because he didnt end up playing in the first 6 weeks doesnt make it a bad decision. So calm down there captain hindsight.

  4. I hope the NFL forces the Pats to be on Hard Knocks. It would be classic seeing uptight Belichick trying to avoid the cameras. I’m curious as to their plans to try and win a superbowl without being able to film the opponent’s practice.

  5. The Pats know that after today when they’re 4-2 they’ll be falling out of homefield advantage, and would much rather play Denver at home in January. They also see Jimmy Graham lighting it up while their version of Jimmy Graham can’t suck it up on game day even though he’s paid to be a difference maker.

  6. All of this from a broken arm, which probably happened dunking a ball over the goal post. (It sure as hell didn’t happen on the extra point play). He should have healed properly last year before rushing back and breaking it again. No one to blame but themselves for the poor handling of the injury. He sure is fragile for a big guy.

  7. His teammates have every right to be mad. Everyone is at risk when they play football. If he’s not willing to take the risk he shouldn’t be taking up a roster spot and practice reps week after week.

  8. According to the report, Dr. James Andrews is his 3rd party docter, and has advised him that he is not ready, and that playing now poses signifcant risk of career ending re-injury and lifetime issues.

    Sorry, but if the leading expert in sports injuries (who also happens to be the most well respected and renowned orthopedic docter in USA, and also a team docter for another organization) tells me that not only am I not ready to play, but that playing could both end my career and cause lifetime issues, I’m not playing.

    seems pretty simple to me. Gronk is being smart, and doing what person with a brain should do.

  9. I never thought I would say this but the Patriots have a right to be confused and upset. While I have not seen the tape of Gronk practicing, all reports indicate it was live scrimmage where hitting took place. This is the Derrick Rose situation all over again. Having said that, NE is 4-1 and I am sure that is one reason for this delay. I say he comes back after the bye week. Sorry fantasy folks.

  10. I would argue that unfortunately New England has no practical alternative but to let Gronkowski return on his own terms. Otherwise, the Patriots are inviting the “Gronk camp” to throw the “I told you so!” card in the event he is re-injured. And then the media feeding frenzy will start to rip Belichick & Co. apart. The team cannot benefit from that distraction—not to mention the possible loss of Gronkowski—down the line. The line for Gronkowski’s return to the field should be drawn at playoff time.

  11. truthfactory says:
    Oct 13, 2013 9:34 AM
    Why keep bringing up the PUP issue.

    Totally agree. If gronk were to be put on pup, he might play week 9, but, this way if he starts week 9, hr will be so much more ready to play, being more up to game speed and in football shape.

    The hindsight shame is the surgery itself. Every time a player breaks a bone, we hear about surgery. These surgeries are to quicken healing time. We saw how that panned out.
    If he, they did not try to rush him back with surgery and allowed the break to heal au naturale, there would be no issue. There would have been no second break, no metal plate, no infection. He probably would have been reaady to go during summer camp.

    As far as the roster spot goes:
    If gronk were not taking his spot, would that mean some top rank nose tackle would magically appear to replace vince? Would they have not foolisly cut Ballard and Sudfeld? There are no better TE’s available to replace them at the moment, or they would have.

  12. This nothing new to me. Gronkowski was Derrick Rose before Derrick Rose was Derrick Rose. Gronk didn’t play his entire senior season at Arizona because of his back hurt. After his breakout with the Patriots months later it makes one wonder if he could’ve played at least a game or two. He is a great player when healthy but he’ll make sure he sits on the bench until he is completely 100%. He lacks the toughness and intestinal fortitude of the greats who have come before from John Mackey to Tony Gonzales.

  13. Broken arms shouldn’t take that long to heal to begin with. And throw in the operation to rebreak it to supposedly speed the healing, the infection, and all the other procedures and you’ve got a simple injury that has dragged on for close to 6 months. If he can’t play here very shortly it’s possible he never will again.

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