Seahawks climb back ahead, but not without drama


It appears nothing is going to be easy in this Titans-Seahawks game, which makes it incredibly watchable, if not well-played.

After an oddball end of the first half which featured the Seahawks’ backup holder turning a chip shot field goal into a touchdown for the other team, the Seahawks got a break of their own.

After a Marshawn Lynch fumble, Titans linebacker Zach Brown tried to scoop the ball and run with it, since he had about 90 yards of green in front of him. But he couldn’t control the ball, and it hopped neatly back into quarterback Russell Wilson’s hands.

So naturally, Hauschka came back to hit his second field goal of the half, and give the Seahawks a 13-10 lead. Hauschka’s return after being evaluated for a concussion in the first half is a relief, because this game seems destined to hinge on something at the last second.