Steelers hold first halftime lead of season


The offensive effort hasn’t been all that pretty for the Steelers against the Jets, but it has been good enough to send them to halftime with a lead for the first time this season.

The Steelers lead 9-6 in a game that’s featured a strong performance by Ben Roethlisberger in the face of a strong Jets pass rush. Roethlisberger’s been sacked twice and hit several other times, but ended the half with 13 completions on his last 14 passes to get his team into the lead. The lead would be even bigger if Antonio Brown was able to hold onto a pass that he should have caught in the end zone before one of Shaun Suisham’s field goals.

There hasn’t been any such success for the running game as the Jets have remained as tough on the ground as they have all season. Penalties have also hurt the Steelers as their last possession of the half was sunk by illegal formation and false start penalties.

Geno Smith took some time to get going, but finished the half by driving the Jets for a field goal after four straight completions. He wound up the half 8-of-12 for 81 yards while being sacked twice and hasn’t turned the ball over. Smith did overthrow a wide-open Stephen Hill on the one deep throw the Jets dialed up in the half and Hill wound up shaken up at the end of a half after a big, legal hit from Troy Polamalu on the final offensive play of the half.

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  1. It must be sad to be a yellow snot-rag fan. There are some legit Pitt based die hards supplemented by an army of what is essentially the off-spring of regional fair-weather fans from the 70s. Sadly, it’s regressed from fair weather fans to straights out morons.

    Here at Met-Life I’ve witnessed multiple idiots yelling “Go Ben!” while the Steelers are on defense. Unreal.

  2. Here we go!

    Today marks the beginning of the Steelers’ march towards another Lomardi. The Steelers will go 10-2 the remainder of the season, win the division, and blaze through the playoffs en route to yet another Super Bowl victory.

    We have faith. Why? Because this team is resilient. This team is built for Nov/Dec/Jan/Feb. The bye week was spent correcting the little things, returning our focus to Steeler football.

    There are a lot of haters/doubters/trolls that will bash our post, including, sadly, fellow Steeler fans. They will grow quieter by the week, or in the case of Steelers fans, jump back on the bandwagon.

    So, here we go Steelers, here we go. This is what we are born for, this is what we will accomplish.

  3. @wearethesteelers – dude you know this is a game right. You’re talking like that about a game. get a life.

  4. Second time I’ve read the “not so pretty comment”. Does that mean it wasn’t arena style football where each teams trades scores? I know the NFL wants high scoring games it’s evident from the rules changes. But I miss smash mouth football. It wasn’t as if the jets played horribly, or the steelers were given the win. It was a good old fashioned earn every yard you get game, and not a throw the ball down field hope for a PI call or a completed pass. You can probably take 10 games ever week and classify them as “not pretty” wins

  5. One win and the arrow is pointing up……The steelers didn’t even play a good game and still won…..Can’t wait to see them girly purple jerseys next week…….

  6. jr507 says:
    Oct 13, 2013 2:33 PM

    Here at Met-Life I’ve witnessed multiple idiots yelling “Go Ben!” while the Steelers are on defense. Unreal.

    There at Met Life you witnessed a TOTAL STADIUM TAKEOVER by Steelers fans, at 0-4. So much for your bandwagon fans theory. They showed more loyalty than Jets fans with THEIR record in fact.

    How’d it feel hearing all those “here we go Steelers!” chants and seeing all those towels wave? Met Life = Heinz Field East.

    Congrats, you win our “butthurt fan of the week” award.

  7. joeflaccomontana still talking after his beloved ravens lost at home ,scored 0 points in the first half, their elite qb looks horrendous and their running back is just spinning his wheels in place they are an average team face the facts .YOUR RUN LAST YEAR WAS PURE LUCK. isnt that right wearethesteelers-joeflaccomontana

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