Tamba Hali having monster game for Kansas City

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In two of the first five weeks of the season, Chiefs outside linebacker Justin Houston has captured AFC Defensive Player of the Week honors.

Teammate Tamba Hali would seem to have a shot at matching Houston in Week Six.

Hali has led a ferocious Chiefs pass rush on Sunday, notching 3.5 of the club’s eight sacks thus far.

The Raiders’ offensive line, which has dealt with injuries all season, lost center Andre Gurode (knee) and right tackle Tony Pashos (groin) on Sunday.

The Chiefs lead 24-7 late in the fourth quarter.

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  1. The Chiefs got the turnovers they needed to win the game and God knows they needed them. Alex Smith will NOT take them where they want to go though, no way.

    Terrell Pryor is still very green, but the play calling didn’t help him out at all. Where were the screens when they needed them?

  2. Pryor is playing behind a line composed of scrubs, but he has looked clueless in the second half.
    Does he not know that he can throw the ball away?
    He’s looking like I thought he’d look all along. I hope it’s an aberration and he comes back strong after the bye.
    And… Let’s get rid of Dmac. The occasional 8 yard burst isn’t worth sitting through the more normal 1 and 2 yard runs.
    He’s not cutting it.

  3. Ok:
    You guys talked a lot of smack last week how you were going to beat the Chiefs
    What excuses do you losers have today? Back to the cellar just like the last 10 years

  4. You’re wasting you’re time bucrightoff, Toronto just likes to leave messages to get non-raider fans stirred up. He won’t reply to you.

  5. 24-7, 6-0. And yes, worst game Smith has had since we got him. But when you get 10 sacks, 3 int, and a fumble recovery you can afford a bad day! I’d much rather win ugly than lose pretty….so SHUT UP Joetoronto, no one cares bout your tired act of sounding like you know everything bout every team. With our defense we’ll be fine.

  6. I couldn’t believe some of the sacks Pryor took. He took huge losses when he could have thrown the ball away. Also, the interception where he threw the ball up for grabs in the middle of the field … what was he thinking?

    He needs to be a backup for a while and mature a bit.

    Chiefs defense looked terrific.

  7. Third string center, and third string RT. The Raiders went away from the run way too early in the 2nd half even though they were gaining 4 – 5 yrds.

    The referees were calling penalties against the raiders…Holding on McCluster in the end zone?! No flag on a horse collar tackle on Pryor and a roughing the passer after the play was whistled dead? BS!

    Congrats for the Chiefs on the win. Good luck in the playoffs, hope your offense plays better.

  8. few takeaways.

    props to the chiefs for winning, and breaking the sound record…you could tell the noise had an impact on the game.

    growing pain with Terrell…he needs to learn to throw the ball away and live for another play. He also needs to learn no matter how bad he wants to do it all by himself, he can’t

    Seabass once again missed a field goal early on which really might have impacted this games outcome He has missed easy field goals now against the colts, redskins, and chiefs, and raiders lost all those games , and misses impacted game.

    Raiders o-line now on third string guys, and now even guys fresh off the practice are terrible. get healthy, and they really need to sign Alex Mack this off season, and bring him back home to california. Brisiel sucks as guard, and is even worse at center.

  9. Terrible Pryor is so bad, he makes the crappy Alex Smith look acceptable.

    That’s the worst team I’ve seen this year, including the Jags.

    The fade will be rebuilding for another decade at minimum.

  10. After winning 2 games last year, u won’t find us chiefs fans complaining we are winning with defense. 6-0 feels really good. Don’t you wish you could say the same Joe Toronto. Lol. Go chiefs!!!

  11. 3rd and 48. unbelievable. a pathetic performance by oakland. a disgrace. a walking abomination.

  12. It is tough to tell how far the Chiefs can go? They are a good Team, but let’s face facts… They have the Leagues easiest schedule and have only beat losing record and weak teams. They remind me of the Falcons in years past, they rip through an easy schedule and get clobbered as soon as they face a “real team”. Either way, they are playing for a WildCard because everyone know the Broncos already won the Super Bowl.

  13. “cubatadetequila says: Oct 13, 2013 5:07 PM

    Against a OL with ALL 5 starters OUT (3 backups & 2 P.S. players) my grandmother would get 3,5 sacks too.”

    The only way your grandmother gets 3.5 sacks is if one of the guys is missing a nut.

  14. You dominated a bunch of reserves…good for you blowhard Queef fans….see you in Oakland.

  15. azjahwkr: sure, back in the cellar…and where exactly have your Queefs been for the last 10 years? Winning nothing…that’s where.

  16. the offensive line is a train wreck and Pryor looked like a rookie today.Oh and McFragile not playing is better than him playing for the Raiders

  17. azjahwkr says: Oct 13, 2013 4:20 PM

    You guys talked a lot of smack last week how you were going to beat the Chiefs
    You don’t know what you’re talking about, buffoon. I said the Chiefs defense would probably be too much for Oakland’s scrub O-line, and that’s how it turned out. I can’t tell if Oakland’s defense played well, or if KC’s offense just sucks, but if Smith can’t put up better numbers than a guy who took 10 sacks, look out. Props to the Chiefs for the win and the strong start to the season. I’m looking forward to that match up with the Donks.

  18. LT Barnes (backup RT)
    LG Nix (backup LG)
    C Mundy (3rd string P.S C)
    RG Brisiel (backup RG)
    RT McCants (3rd string P.S RT)

    Say what you want, but fact is that unit is a mess.

  19. azjahwkr says:
    Oct 13, 2013 4:20 PM
    You guys talked a lot of smack last week how you were going to beat the Chiefs
    What excuses do you losers have today? Back to the cellar just like the last 10 years”

    Really? Wow, because as I recall, I said that I don’t understand why everyone continues to call the Chiefs defense “great” when they give up 5+ ypc. Where does that imply me talking smack and how the Raiders would beat the Chiefs?

    And secondly, back to the cellar? Do you watch football? As I recall, your team has been dwelling in the cellar the last 10 years or so.

    Lastly, keep this in mind: With Checkdown Charlie as your QB, you can rest assured that your streak of continuous seasons without a playoff win ( last win was in ’97) should remain intact. And you call us losers???

  20. TP2 definitely looked like a rookie QB today, but I can’t recall a single snap where he could actually stand in the pocket and throw. Hell, I’ve seen Joe Montana have bad days when the pressure’s like that. I still like the way the Raiders competed all game. There will be better days ahead. I will say though, even if it sounds like hindsight, that I thought that with Andy Reid and Alex Smith this year, KC would be about a 10-6 team this year and compete for a playoff spot.

  21. Know this, Chiefs fans, you’re D will not look as good the rest of the season as it looked today. Not because “It’s The Raiders” but because you went up against an already devastated O-line that lost 2 “starters” today (2 linemen that wouldn’t be starters on any other team in the league, btw) and a QB that can’t seem to throw the ball away when he needs to.

  22. Phantom penalties????? Not our fault your QB doesn’t look at the clock! Your ex-QB Gannon was 1 of the announcers and said there’s no excuse for all of those delay of game penalties.

  23. TP is a working project we need bring in a good pocket QB and a couple of solid O line with all that money we will have free…I am not a fan of that hybird QB its a temp fix only true good QBs Marino,Farve,Montana,EL Way,Aikman,Young,Brady etc…ALL GOOD QBs can read D’s and has that quick release 2 to 3 seconds. Alex Smith to me is KING OF CHECK DOWNS a game manager just like Trent Dilffer. Props to the CHIEFS and good luck with the BRONCOS Peyton will show you guys how its done i give credit where its due and the CHIEFS earned it but the BRONCOS has it.

  24. repmochief50 says:
    Oct 14, 2013 10:30 AM
    Phantom penalties????? Not our fault your QB doesn’t look at the clock! Your ex-QB Gannon was 1 of the announcers and said there’s no excuse for all of those delay of game penalties
    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

    i do not think those all the calls he is referring to . Lets face it it was a 7-7 game in the 4th quarter….chiefs went up by 7 and raiders were driving to tie it up, and then all of a sudden it’s 4th down and 45 to go. .fact not fiction is for the third week in a row we have had an “offensive pass interference call” which took away a first down again and killed a drive, another “false start” on the center on a third and one which once again resulted in a punt, and a slew of no calls yesterday on the chiefs…….hey but as a raiders fans we all know we can be competitive with any team on any given Sunday, but is is very difficult to beat the refs every week.

  25. First things first! Pryor played horrible. Wasn’t able to locate or realize the play clock, didn’t throw the ball away when he needed too and made a plethora of bad decisions.

    Now that we have that out of the way. What disappointed me the most was the coaches inability or seeming inability to communicate what was going on during the game. The bulk of the pressure was coming from the “outside”. For whatever reason, he wouldn’t step up in the pocket which always buys you more time. Pryor has yet to play behind the exact same offensive line for 2 consecutive games. This is where coaches have to step in and “tweak” the situation. He resulted back to old habits of immediately running to the outside which is where the pressure was coming from.

    In spite of his play and some very untimely and questionable throws, the game was still hanging in the balance in the 4th quarter.

    Coaches, like players have to adjust to what’s going on during the game and the Raiders offensive staff didn’t do that. The “D” played great, although I say switch Hayden for Jenkins. Let the kid take his lumps and play. He is going to be a heck of a ballplayer.

    All in all, Pryor’s performance doesn’t bother me nearly as much as the O-line play, even with injuries. And none of them can stay healthy which the strength and conditioning coach will have to address in the off season. Injuries are part of the game but to not be able to have the same offensive line for even 2 straight games is alarming.

    And for those that think Pryor is a mistake, the game was still winnable midway thru the 4th quarter. Greg Olsen has got to help Pryor out more “during” the game action. When protection is breaking down like that, it’s when you see the greatness in the coaches. Had Pryor stepped up in the pocket more often, you might have seen different results.

    Just saying…………..

  26. Last week it was all about how the Chiefs hadn’t beaten any good teams and how the Raiders were going to dominate. This week is all whine about how the Raiders had a decimated O-line. So here’s the question Chokeland ” Who’s fault is it that you don’t have any depth on the O-line?” Certainly not the Chiefs fault, they just took advantage of an inferior team. And for the record, the 6&0 Chiefs still haven’t beaten any good teams.

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