Vick isn’t worrying about starting job, Kelly is evaluating

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Eagles quarterback Michael Vick said this weekend that he has a “long road” back from his hamstring injury and he said after the team’s 31-20 win over the Buccaneers that going down that road is his only concern at the moment.

Vick made that clear when he was asked whether or not he was concerned about losing his starting job in the wake of Nick Foles’ 296 yards and three touchdowns in Sunday’s win. Vick said he hasn’t spoken to coach Chip Kelly and that there’s no need to talk about it because his focus isn’t on the starting job right now.

“Not at all. It’s the game of football,” Vick said, via Sheil Kapadia of “Nick’s a great player. He’s a great football player. He does exactly what he needs to do when he goes out on the field. That’s not something I’m gonna worry about. I’m gonna worry about getting healthy.”

Vick also said that having Foles behind him made it easier to avoid rushing back to the play. Kelly was also asked about the quarterback situation, specifically whether Foles did enough to hold onto the starting job.

“We’ll evaluate everything,” Kelly said, via Reuben Frank of “We’ll go back and watch the film, see what he did, see where we are, see where Mike is.”

There’s only a decision to make if Vick is healthy, which will either make for an easy evaluation or a tough decision for Kelly.

41 responses to “Vick isn’t worrying about starting job, Kelly is evaluating

  1. Just go with Foles. You know what Vick can and can’t do. Give the kid with the upside a longer look.

  2. Vick should not even be in the league anymore. Awful QB and has been his entire career. Look what Andy is doing in KC, does not take a genius to figure out what the problem is in Philly people.

  3. @logical voice says

    Your order is moronic and changes every week. RG3 is barely top 10

    P manning
    Are all better than RG3

    You could argue that Wilson and rivers are better too

  4. Once Vick had “won” the starting job, I still believed that Foles was the best fit for the offense. Didn’t get to see the game, but sounds like he played sound, mistake-free football. Exactly what Chip should be looking for in a QB. Can’t put points on the board if you keep turning the ball over; see Vick. Not sure if he’s the long-term answer, but he damn-well has proven he should be the starting QB at least for another week.

  5. gopblows says:

    Giants and Bucs a combined ZERO wins.

    Next question.


    Giants and Bucks a combined five Super Bowl wins. Philly-zero.

    Next question.

  6. Barring an injury to Foles, it appears as if a long overdue event is about to occur…the end of Michael Vick ‘s career as a starting quarterback.

  7. I’ve been a long time Vick fan but he is just not a winner. All the talent to transform the position except he lacks something and I think it is professional growth. He has become a better person off the field but on the field he just has not grown. Go with Foles at least he HAS shown on-field growth.

  8. @Ceasers ghost

    That’s the point. Why start a 34 year old QB who still can’t read a defense (it’s not something he’s going to all of a sudden pick up at 35), when you team is not ready to contend?

    This is a loaded QB draft coming up. The time to find out if Foles is good enough to be the guy is now. Even if Chip plays him, he plays well, but he feels he is not the guy, you have a young QB that proved he can play at this level you can put on the block, pick up an extra 2nd-4th depending on how he plays, and still have Barkley as another young guy to be backup next year.

    I’m not a guy who just hates Vick. Up until this year, I though he should of been the starter. But like I said, he’s proven over the last 3 years he’s just not good enough, and hasn’t improved at all in the mental aspect of the game, while his ability in the physical aspect is clearly degrading.

    The only person associated with the Philadelphia Eagles that benefits long term from Mike Vick starting is Mike Vick. There is nobody else in the organization that it helps in the long run

  9. He should be worried I still can’t figure out why Foles didn’t start season #1 he ran basically same offense for 2 years in college and lit it up with marginal talent at UA .. Think it’s time to start writing the Vick asks for a trade articles

  10. Now is the time to trade Michael Vick while he still has value.
    The Eagles can get a 2nd rounder for him.
    Bottom Line: Foles is too good to sit on the bench. When a 2nd year player is at least the equal of and arguably better than your 34 year old starter, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out what is best for the team and its future.

  11. I’m an Eagles fan that will be perfectly happy when Vick is gone because in addition to being a scumbag, he’s not a very good QB.

    But seriously people (and by “people”, I mean a segment of the Eagles fan population), slow down on all the Foles love. It’s been a couple games. All the things that you’re saying about him, you were saying about Bobby Hoying and Kevin Kolb. How did they work out?

  12. What’s funny about this whole situation is we have all been here before…..all the He is too good to sit on the bench and how the offense runs so smoothly with him….This has all been said before……

    …..The defense held a lead……Riley Cooper was actually mentioned as a playmaker for the first time in his career as a playmaker….only a Schiano lead team will have Jackson covered by a LB….

    Remember Kevin Kolb….? All those wonderful things were said about him as well…..

  13. All of you Vick fans need to get a grip on reality.
    When a 34 year old QB pulls his hammy running untouched out of bounds the end is not in the cards. Even by Vick’s own admission he has a “long road to recovery.”
    What exactly is your fear in giving Foles the nod?
    And comparing him to Hoying and Kolb just because of skin color is the definition of racism.
    Can white QBs succeed in the NFL?
    Look around the league and the answer is a resounding yes!

  14. Foles is WAY better than Kolb. Taller, better able to evade pressure, throws fewer picks, decent arm strength, keeps his eyes downfield when under duress, less fragile. See what he can do.

    Doesn’t sound like Vick expects to be 100% next week. It will be a big test for Foles.

  15. I get the impression that Vick is coming to terms with the fact that he may not be starting in the NFL for much longer, but he knows he can stand on a sideline and hold anybody’s clipboard as a backup. And get paid nicely for doing so.

  16. Comparing Foles to Kolb , Hoying, or Feeley is just lazy. They are all very different players with very different strengths and weaknesses ( except maybe Hoying and Feeley they are kind of similar). They also ran completely different offensive schemes. Just because they were all at one time backups of the same team doesnt make the chance of success or failure any more or less likely to happen.

    There have been plenty of backup qbs who have taken over the starting job and played outstanding football. Brady, Romo, Rodgers, Warner etc. just to name a few.

    Calling Foles the next Brady, because the circumstances that lead to them getting on the field are similar, makes about as much senses and takes about as much insight as calling him the next Kolb.

    Which is none.

  17. Three TDs passing, a running TD, no turnovers, 3 of 4 in the RZ, a 133.3 QB rating against a top 10 defense…there shouldn’t be a QB controversy.
    Oh and sprinkle in Vick 1-9 in his last 10 games.

  18. I’m a cowboys fan and last season Foles had to come n for Vick and then started the second game against us and gave us a run four our money I thought he should’ve been the starter then and Logicalvoice RG3 isn’t a top 5 qb especially after fumbling twice tonight and throwing an interception on their way for a loss to make them 1-4! GO COWBOYS!!!

  19. Notice how Kelly has gone from “Vick is the Starter” -> “Foles has a chance” -> “We’ll evaluate everything” in a matter of 1 week.

    That was a cute pass you threw in week 1 of the preseason Mike to whoo everyone however Foles just did it three times in a game that counted.

  20. Foles is the future. Vick is the past. The Eagles aren’t winning the Super Bowl this year. Start the kid, ditch the limited, no-what-he-used-to-be vet and move on.

    This isn’t rocket science, people.

  21. eaglelover1 says:
    Oct 13, 2013 8:35 PM

    …..The defense held a lead……Riley Cooper was actually mentioned as a playmaker for the first time in his career as a playmaker….only a Schiano lead team will have Jackson covered by a LB….


    Actually, Tampa’s defense is ranked 4th in the NFL. They held the Patriots to 23 points, and the Saints to 16.

    I don’t think anyone is calling Foles the second coming of Peyton Manning. But it’s not like this is Foles’ first good game.

    And where exactly is 33 year old injury prone Mike Vick taking you?

  22. PLEASE START FOLES!!! Only Michael Vick can do what Michael Vick do. And let’s review what he do: And that would be never finish a full season in the NFL, and he’s done that again this year. Win one playoff game over a career, Fumble the ball and throw as many interceptions as he does TD’s. And not be able to effectively read defenses. Since we know what we get with Vick, how about we give Foles the chance and at least see what his potential is. Vick was a never-was, never living up to the “hype” of Michael Vick, Yes all you “fantasy” supporters will talk about some great explosive game he had back in Atlanta 10 years ago but this isn’t a franchise quarterback that wins playoff games or Super Bowls and never will be. He’s great for “fantasy” football, but this is real football where playoffs and winning playoff games and getting to the big game still matters. Let’s at least see what Foles can do, he has potentially a whole career ahead of him, not winding down.

  23. Philly fans. I know you are a passionate bunch, but temper your expectations. The Bucs are awful. Us Vikings fans watched Cassel shred an awful Steelers team 2 weeks ago, got excited, but when he played a top 10 defense in Carolina today he was overmatched. Same thing will likely happen to Foles. Neither of our teams are going anywhere fast, but Vick is still your best chance to win moving forward… that said doesn’t hurt to see what this kid can do.

  24. Lets see him do it against a team that has actually done something this season. Not that the Cowboys are the standard by which to set your teams sights but I will be interested to see how he performs against them. Then again D.Ware and Murray may be out next week so it may also prove to be a false reading. Besides 2 passes most of all of his yards came from check down after check down after MnF’n Check Down!!!

  25. Foles is more accurate than Vick, taller than Vick so he can see in the red zone, manages the game and clock better, is bigger so he can take hits better, and tends to anticipate receivers routes better, whereas Vick holds onto the ball and delivers to late, allowing corner to recover. He also doesn’t turn the ball over as much as Vick.

  26. I can’t wish enough bad things on Michael and his turd brother

    Fortunately, I don’t have to; they’ll both be bankrupt and jailed within the next two years.

  27. @melissashusband. You must be new to this board. I can’t believe you actually responded to logicalvoicesays . He, or she, has absolutely zero credibility. The vets on the forum are accustomed to
    expressing the value of his posts with a simple thumbs down. There, you have been duly tutored.

  28. Eli Manning threw three fourth quarter picks to give Foles a short field.

    He has won two games in two years as a starter. Both against Tampa.

    Currently First place in the division and a genuine shot at the playoffs.

    Stick with Vick.

  29. youcantmakemepickausername says:
    Oct 13, 2013 8:35 PM
    I’m an Eagles fan that will be perfectly happy when Vick is gone because in addition to being a scumbag, he’s not a very good QB.

    But seriously people (and by “people”, I mean a segment of the Eagles fan population), slow down on all the Foles love. It’s been a couple games. All the things that you’re saying about him, you were saying about Bobby Hoying and Kevin Kolb. How did they work out?

    No one is saying Foles is Joe Montana. What we are saying is that we don’t KNOW yet, and you don’t know unless you see him play. We know exactly what Mike Vick is and isn’t. Just like we knew exactly what McNabb was and wasn’t. And what both Vick and McNabb aren’t is a quarterback that will take us to and win a Super Bowl.

    I’d say, despite having different skillsets, that Foles and Vick are about equal on the QB scale, only one is very cheap and we get to figure out what to do with him. Vick may be able to be traded (To Buffalo for Byrd? Maybe?) As I see this team under Foles, we could win a total of 7-8 games. With a defense as bad as the Eagles have, thats says something about the offense. DeSean Jackson looks rejuvinated this year, the tight ends are doing their job. If there was more consistency from the O-Line, this offense would be putting up 35-40pts every game. As it stands, if the defense can somehow hold the opponent under 27 or so points, we stand a chance to win.

    Vick has a chance for the big play every play, but Foles is more consistent, and has a BEAUTIFUL deep ball that 2 weeks in a row has scored a total of 3TDs for the Eagles. Vick could maybe have made the 36 yarder to Jackson, but the throw to Celek against the Giants and the throw to Cooper against the Bucs? Never in a million years. They had touch and fell into the receivers hands.

  30. bigblu73 says:
    Oct 14, 2013 12:41 AM
    Lets see him do it against a team that has actually done something this season.

    Tampa had the #4 defense going into yesterday’s game. they held the Patriots to 23 and the Saints to 16. Vick had one good game- against the Redskins defense is ranked 27th in points allowed.

  31. Give Nick the job.

    He came in during garbage time in Denver and took the team down for a touchdown. He came in against the Giants and was effective enough to win the game. And he is now 2-0 against Tampa, despite the Bucs being in his face pretty much all day yesterday.

    Some have said that Foles is average at best. To be honest, if you’re not an elite-level QB it’s going to be inconsistent at first. Foles has only started a handful of games in his career and unfortunately had a terrible non-existent O-Line in 2012. There will be some growing pains ans bumps in the road but Foles will be a better player as a result.

    Chip, let Foles ride it out for the rest of the season.

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