Brady: I don’t think there’s any resentment toward Gronkowski


If there’s tension on the Patriots about tight end Rob Gronkowski’s continuing absence, Tom Brady hasn’t noticed it.

Brady said in an interview with WestwoodOne Sports that he doesn’t know where the reports about tension toward Gronkowski came from. According to Brady, everyone on the team understands that Gronkowski, who is recovering from offseason arm and back surgeries, will come back as soon as he’s healthy enough to come back.

“I don’t think there’s any resentment toward Rob or any other player on our team that is fighting through rehabilitation to get back on the field,” Brady said. “Look, everyone loves having Rob out on the field but we also understand that these medical decisions are out of the hands of the players and coaches. And if the doctors, when they clear them, they clear them, and when they don’t, they don’t. That goes for every player in the NFL. It’s not just our team, it’s every team. So we’ll be excited to get him back. When that is, I don’t have the answer, but I prepare each week regardless of who’s out there. You got to go with the guys that are healthy and the guys who are ready to play. And look, we’ve had plenty of guys contribute to get to 5-1 at this point. So I have a lot of confidence in the guys I’m out there with and whenever Rob comes back, whenever that is and he’s cleared, the team will be excited to have him back.”

Gronkowski is expected to get back on the field soon, and when he does he will likely be Brady’s favorite target in the passing game. Until then, Brady isn’t questioning why Gronkowski remains sidelined.

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  1. Not a Pats fan but these spy gate posts are so foolish. You’re basically just showing jealousy and in essence making the Pats look good.

  2. Didn’t the meathead come back from the arm deal once already only to break it again? Get off the kid’s back, man.

    I love how this league is supposed to be all about safety but people jump at the first opportunity to bitch about guys like Cutler, RG3 or Gronkowski’s toughness when they are legitimately injured.

  3. Not a Pats fan, but stories like these are media fueled slop, that the media tosses at the wall and hope it sticks …The media isn’t the reason fans are obsessed with football, but they think they are..

  4. @hearing voices
    The Pats didn’t need any help the last time they painted the Redskins back porch red, sending them into a tailspin on their way to a typical Redskins 5-11 season. They also got more production out of Hainesworth for $100M less.

    since spygate

    Redskins 9, 8, 4, 6, 5, 10 (1-4 this year) = 43/104
    Pats 16, 11, 10, 14, 13, 12 (5-1 this year) = 81/104

  5. Wow, and I felt sure if there were resentment against Gronk in the locker room, Brady would tell the press.

  6. Everyone stop feeding the troll, he posts the same thing every time. I just look past his name whenever a see a comment. He’s probably 12 years old.

  7. Don’t even bother arguing with logical; it just encourages him to do it on every Patriots-rated article…just ignore him

    I’m getting sick of these Gronk posts and I’m a Patriots fan…he will play, he may play, he won’t play, his teammates hate him…the team is 5-1 without him; the defense should garner the headlines Gronk has been getting…wake me up when he actually steps foot on the field rather than constantly speculating on what he’s doing

  8. have to hate him as a fins fan. but that answer is about as pro and textbook as it gets. you think billy put him up to tjatto put to rest the whispers around the media that patriot players were wondering why he was not playing? come in…its the patriot way man! it’s like duke in coll bb. so annoying that they win all the the time but they do it with class and you have to respect it or you just don’t understand sport.

  9. nyg201: Gmen stole 2 superbowls: remember David Tyree catch where she li threw the ball up in the air with his eyes closed and The football got stuck in turee’s helmet which counted as a catch!! 2nd one you stole was when welker dropped a pass on the 20 yard line that would have iced the game! 2 lucky wins. Had nothing to do with what the giants did to win!!

  10. Going 16-0 in the regular season and 18-1 post Spygate – along with making it to TWO additional Super Bowls is not the “proof” a team “can’t win without cheating” that small minded people appear to think it is

  11. Maybe it’s me, but I remember Aikman saying on TV that he was talking with Tom Brady and he remarked about how great he looked in practice and was strange that he wasn’t out there on game day.

    I don’t know if Aikman let something slip or if he was just mashing together two different trains of thought: – Tom Brady remarked how great Gronk looked in practice
    – And I think (being Troy Aikman) it was strange that he wasn’t out there on game day.

    Whatever…Gronk needs to get healthy and feel healthy. He’s had plenty of surgeries, so I’m not exactly rushing him back. I’d rather him healthy and strong going into and hopefully THROUGH the playoffs rather than getting hurt again and risking his career.

  12. The people asking questions like this are just hoping Brady has one small slip of the tongue so they can write an article about a rift between him and Gronkowski. Lazy freaking journalism.

  13. edelmanfanclub says:

    Everyone stop feeding the troll, he posts the same thing every time. I just look past his name whenever a see a comment. He’s probably 12 years old.

    Great post! I’ve gotten so when I see the Pat’s trolls (and everyone knows who they are) I don’t bother to read the post. I just give ’em a thumbs down and move on.

  14. Please, the Alphabet Soup Lettered Network that lives in Bristol, Conn, just wants to create news. The sports media wants to start something. To those with the spygate remarks, get the heck over it already.

  15. Not a Patriots fan but the Spygate comments are so boring and unoriginal. Let’s focus on logical and take bets if he owns a television. Seems to not be watching the Redskin games this year.

  16. Gentlemen; logicalvoice, wearesteelers, 6rings, flaccomontanaunibrow and many others are all the same guy. It’s a twisted cry for attention to see who’s skin he can get under and how many thumbs down he can get. Responding is pointless. So is reading his posts. Don’t bother.

  17. I hate the Pats but they’re winning without him. The only people who need him to play are fantasy owners whose teams are terrible and think Gronk is the answer to a championship. Yup, every league has one. When he finally comes back he’s gonna be 6-7 games fresher than every D he faces, and that’s scary.

  18. these types of stories are purely media driven. its always and “inside source”. u could see is the pats have a losing record but why would anyone complain when you’re winning anyway? esp considering the dude has had 4 surgeries on that arm less than 12 months

  19. Extra help from the refs? Have you watched a game lately? Brady is over rated? Really? Um they are 5-1 with all new receivers, except Edelman who was a qb in college, injuries all over the place. If that’s over rated and the end of the patriots I’m good with that.

  20. Samapoc, again not a Patriots fan, but Brady is overrated??? He’s thrown multiple times for over 4000 yards,threw 50 touchdowns. Won 3 Super Bowls and a million other things but he is overrated at 35 years old? Most of all he keeps his team relevant every year giving them a shot. Patriot fans have hope every year,you must be a Redskin fan. Moron.

  21. He should have said this before the game to kill all the talk. But now that they won, he comes out in support of his team mate who will most likely play next week. Talking about monday morning quarterbacking Tom.

  22. There’s something to all of the resentment talk. There are guys who appear to be more banged up than Gronk who are finding their way to the field on Sunday. Just don’t expect Brady to be out in the open about that stuff.

  23. Again – even if Patriots go into bye 8-1, with no Gronkowski is fine.
    We potentially lost opportunity for undefeated season without him, but if he’s ready week 10 and into the playoffs,no problem with that.

  24. Wouldn’t you trust the coaches at this point? The Patriots are 5-1 without Gronko and he hasn’t been healthy in the playoffs where they need him the most. I think they are doing the right thing and I can’t wait to see what happens when he returns. A run in the playoffs with a healthy Gronko spells trouble for teams especially if they can get home field in the playoffs. Besides the Broncos who can really beat New England at home in the playoffs this year? I say we might be looking at the Afc Champs if their defense keeps playing like they are and Gronko is healthy.

  25. I can’t stand the media who pushes this crap about Gonk “Not wanting to play” “Bad tension between Patriots and Gronk”


    Gronk HAS to get 100% healthy or it is pointless to come back to the lineup.

    How quickly everyone forgets. Gronk got hurt in the Ravens AFC Championship game in January 2012. Gronk than can’t go full speed in the Super Bowl and it arguably cost BB another ring.

    Than in Jan 2013 Divisional Round, Gronk comes back too early from his forearm injury and MISSES THE REST OF THE PLAYOFFS. Not to mention possibly ANOTHER Super Bowl ring lost.

    Why in the hell would BB or anyone that has a clue in the Patriots front office or in the lineup EVER want to rush Gronkowski back in the middle of October??

  26. The patriots won’t be threatening anyone this year. They squeaked by New Orleans with a boatload of calls that went their way.
    I don’t blame refs for deciding games because the saints could’ve won that game but there is no doubt that the extra calls helped the pats more than the saints and when the margins are razor thin, it can make a big difference.

    I definitely am not whining for the saints. The season will play out and at the end of it the Patriots will not be left standing.

  27. nyg201 says:
    Oct 14, 2013 8:35 PM
    And the “R” word team watched as the GMEN took away two superbowl’s from them.
    The same GMEN that are 0-6??

  28. The offensive interference call on Dobson in the second half of the game was a makeup call, and it hurt the Pats more than the illegal procedure call on the Saints in the first half. The games are decided in the second half and it put NE in a hole that helped NO begin to come back. There were other non-calls so the crying game by Saints fans holds no water. The head shots by Saints players on Pats players shows that the Saints defensive philosophy/BOUNTY SYSTEM of “kill the head and the body will die” is still in effect.

    Brady has always been so good at fielding these kind of questions and keeping the T-E-A-M strong. He was like this as a kid and he hasn’t changed. Obviously, after 5 years of high flying offenses he’s had to adjust his expectations and attitude a bit. Winning makes that easier, and like he said to the team in the locker room after the game, “it’s ALL about winning.”

    AS FOR THE REDSKINS, they were found guilty of dumping 36 million in salaries into the uncapped 2010 salary year, which is how they were able to get Griffin signed. They lost 36 million in cap space and each NFL team got 1.6 million more in cap space as a result. Courtesy of Florio’s article from March 12 2012 – “So, for the second time in 10 days, the NFL has acknowledged what the NFL deems to be CHEATING. Though this isn’t as serious as the Saints’ bounty system, the league still thinks it’s cheating. As demonstrated by the consequences.

    *** Clearly all Redskins victories, however few there are, must be vacated and have an ASTERISK placed next to them as long as that FRAUD/DIVA Robert Griffin is on the roster.

    Clearly there are problems with the water supply in the mid Atlantic states, extending far into Pennsylvania.

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