Chargers grind out win over Colts

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The San Diego Chargers dominated the time of possession battle against the Indianapolis Colts and Nick Novak converted a 50-yard field goal with 2:00 left to play to give the Chargers a 19-9 victory on Monday night.

The Chargers held the ball for over 38 minutes in keeping Andrew Luck and the Colts’ offense off the field. Philip Rivers threw for 237 yards and a touchdown, including a nine-catch, 107-yard performance from rookie receiver Keenan Allen.

Trailing 16-9, Indianapolis had a chance to drive for the tying score but went three-and-out with 4:27 left to play. The Colts elected to punt on 4th and 2 from their own 17-yard line with 3:29 left to play in the game. A poor punt from Pat McAfee gave San Diego the ball at their own 48-yard line. Rivers and the Chargers converted two first downs to move into field goal range as Antonio Gates was tackled inches short of a first down.

Novak converted the 50-yarder to extend the Chargers’ lead to two scores and Luck was intercepted by Derek Cox on their final possession to seal the win.

Ryan Mathews also had a solid night for the Chargers carrying for 102 yards on 22 carries.

Allen’s 22-yard touchdown grab from Rivers in the first quarter was the only non-field goal on the night. Novak converted four field goals for San Diego while Adam Vinatieri booted three field goals for the Colts.  It was the first time in Vinatieri’s lengthy career he converted two field goals of at least 50 yards in a single game.

Reggie Wayne caught the 1,000th pass of his storied career in the fourth quarter. He’s just the ninth player in league history to reach that milestone. He finished the game with 88 yards on five catches for the Colts.

48 responses to “Chargers grind out win over Colts

  1. I wasn’t sure who the Colts were playing this week by all the ads I saw..

    HAHA. Love the shot Rivers took at BSPN after the game.

  2. Wow! How can they possibly say that Andrew Luck is the best young QB? He looked terrible against a bad Chargers defense. Russell Wilson has a better win/loss record, a playoff win, more TDs, fewer INTs, a better completion %, more yards per pass and is undefeated at home. Sorry I’ll take Wilson anytime over Luck. Next Luck will be destroyed by Peyton Manning leading to a 4-3 record. GO SEAHAWKS

  3. is this where Seahawk fans come in and say the Colts suck and are overrated and got lucky at home against the Seahawks and are clearly a different team on the road..? even though they beat the Seahawks last week? Or is that just something 49er fans do?

  4. Chargers looked good tonight. Good win.

    Colts still need more time and talent. Some hands would also help. I don’t think I ever quite appreciated how terrible DHB is at catching the ball.

  5. As a Colts fan this was very hard to watch. It was just one of those games where everything goes wrong. That’s life in the NFL.

    Have to have a short memory and move on to face the best team in the league next Sunday night.

  6. Classic trap game, big win last week, big game next week and played poorly this week. Credit to the Chargers for winning but I’m sure we’ll see a much better Colts team next week.

  7. So Colts beat 49ers and Seahawks. Chargers beat Colts. Raiders beat Chargers. Yes the Colts beat the Raiders the first game of the year, barely. But it sure sounds good for a team the experts wrote off before the season started.

    Absolutely nothing to do with this game but Go Raiders!

  8. The Colts haven’t beaten the Chargers since 2004. Wow. I thought with a whole new team (pretty much) that “curse” would be done with. Not so much. The Bolts own the Colts for some reason. But hey, we weren’t as bad as we looked tonight, and the Chargers aren’t as good as they looked. It’s one game in the NFL. Now commence the ridiculous hype for next week’s game…..

  9. Colts trading for Richardson has made them take a step backwards. They spend the first half of every game feeding him the ball and watch him struggle to average more than 3 ypc. They keep doing it to justify the trade, but it’s hurting the development of Luck.

    When they unleash Luck in the 4th quarter, they move the ball and score points. When they ahem- “execute” the “ground and pound” game plan for the first 3 quarters, it’s brutally slow and ineffective.

    Why draft Andrew Luck, and then run an offense thats suited for Christian Ponder and Adrian Peterson?? Time to make Luck the focal point of the offense, not a struggling run game!

  10. I’m sure the large number of Colts fans in attendance were greatly disappointed, lol. And as usual a large number of Charger fans stayed home and missed a great game. Probably the most complete game the Chargers have played in their powder blue uniforms in quite some time. Nice to see them pull a rabbit out of the hat on prime time. Considering the number of injuries, and lack of star players it was pretty amazing. But what really surprises me though is that they have kept Rivers at qb, considering how over the hill so many analysts have stated he is, lol.

  11. With the Colts’ loss, teams are now 0-5 the week after playing the Seahawks. There are no comments as I post this in case I end up being the ~5th person to point it out.

  12. See how popular America’s team’s QB The Great Tony Romo is? When he does What Andrew Luck did at the end, He is in the front cover of ALL NEWS! Andrew Luck?!? eh, good effort bud, maybe next week. Tony Romo? Everyone is blasting him with hate. I was actually rooting for the Colts. Look at all the sudden filled stadium of the Chargers. A bunch of bandwagon jumpers. Stay with your team through thick and thin. Not when they just winning. #Elididntwantthatfanbase

  13. This was the best all around game I’ve seen the Chargers play this year. Who knew we had a defense. Looking forward to the Mike McCoy era.

  14. Another stellar performance by Trent Richardson, a whole 40 yards, missed blocks and a key screen pass drop. The Colts are making Joe Banner look like a fricken genius. Every bone head player by Richardson gives just that more value to that first round pic.

  15. Thee best win of the year in my opinion being a Bolts fan. Reason was the whole game was played so very well by a “team” standpoint. There wasnt any wideout or RB or D lineman, that stood out, but a whole team effort. Good game!

  16. Wait a minute, did that say there was a Ryan Mathews sighting? Good now that he got his one good game for the year I can drop him in fantasy

  17. Where was the Colts team that beat the Niners and Seahawks? No focus, 5 drops and a terrible defense. Yikes. Denver next.

  18. “Welcome to the new age” Andy.. I love how ESPN made Andrew luck his own commercial this week to advertise the MNF GAME not showing one clip of Rivers. And look who could score a TD..

  19. That punt on 4th at 2 was as yellow bellied a play as I could imagine. The Colts weren’t stopping the Chargers run game at all, and the punt left them just a few dozen yards away from FG range.

    Total scaredy-cat call.

  20. How you feeling about the Trent Richardson trade now, Colts fans? As many Browns fans have said repeatedly, dude is a bust.Please don’t go to the “it’s only his 4th game in the system” card. Bradshaw looked light years better in his first 3 games, and dude is 5 years older and has way more miles on his legs.

    Thanks for that first rounder.

    Signed, Browns fans everywhere

  21. Kinda had a feeling the game would play out this way. The Colts in recent years going back to Peytons last few years with them have always had trouble with San Diego. With the Forehead & the 6-0 Broncos riding into town next week hoping Luck and the Colts will fair better in there next crack on the National stage.

  22. Huh…No mention of that 1st round STEAL of a running back they got from the Browns? Maybe the Browns front office knew what they were doing after all!

    Season…92 rushes 296 yards for a 3.2 YPC…not 1st round material there!!

    Just Sayin’…Go Brownies!!

  23. Great win by the Chargers.

    Rivers wasn’t spectacular but he didn’t need to be. He was smart, efficient, committed no turnovers, and was deadly calling adjustments at the line. I loved watching Luck helpless on the sidelines as Rivers and the O kept moving the chains and drained the LIFE OUT OF THE GAME CLOCK.

  24. Wow, Colts choke in front of a national TV audience. Sweet karma from T.Y. Hilton’s punk “sore winner” rant from last week. Since he told us that he needs Seahawks CBs whispering in his ear to “flip his switch on” maybe he should have recorded it so he could play it for future games. All the Colts receivers looked like they had their catch-the-ball switches set to OFF.

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