Danieal Manning could be out, somebody tell him though

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The Texans could be about to lose another key part because of injury, and if anyone has definitive word, it might be nice to let him know.

Jerome Solomon of the Houston Chronicle reported that Manning would miss six to eight weeks because of a hairline fracture in his fibula, which might need surgery.

Normally, that’s definitive, but Manning himself said he wasn’t sure that was the case — at least not yet.

The veteran safety told Tania Ganguli of ESPN.com that he hadn’t even received all the test results yet. He said an MRI showed no ligaments were torn, but that he was still awaiting word on results of a CT scan, which would show any structural issues with the bones.

If they finally getting ready to tell the poor devil he’s out, the Texans will have a few problems on their hands. Manning’s an underrated performer, who would leave them with  Shiloh Keo and a clearly-not-himself Ed Reed at safety.

But they’d also be faced with the reality that someone’s finding out player medical reports before the players themselves, which won’t be particularly popular in the locker room.

5 responses to “Danieal Manning could be out, somebody tell him though

  1. Someone seriously needs to do a detailed analysis of why Kubiak thinks replicating the Denver Broncos of 97 and 98 will work in the NFL of 2013. You can produce as many consecutive 1000 yard rushers as you want, without someone like a certain number 7, you’ll never get anywhere, and that’s assuming it’ll still work.

  2. Great, this will really help our not so great secondary. The Texans can’t afford injuries, they are playing too poorly to overcome losing key players. This season has become a train wreck, with Kubiak as it’s incompetent conductor. Bob McNair would be a fool to keep Kubiak. And basically a liar. Before the season started, McNair said he expected the Texans to go beyond the wild card game. There is patient and then there is stupid. McNair has made it a point to have continuity in the organization, which is a good thing. No one wants to see their team become the Raiders. But it hurts the team when you have continuity just for continuity’s sake when things obviously aren’t working. Kubiak has been the coach since “07. He’s compiled the following records: 6-10; 8-8; 8-8; 9-7; 6-10; 10-6; 12-4; and the team is currently at 2-4, having lost 4 in a row in embarrassing fashion. The Texans have lost more games than they’ve won under Kubiak If you look at the past 2 years (their best so far)….in ’11 when we were 10-6, that was the year Peyton Manning didn’t play. 2012, we took advantage of a weak schedule, played poorly down the stretch and lost home field advantage. When we played an actual Super Bowl contender (New England), they got spanked. The start of this season speaks for itself. McNair needs to prove to the fans he is committed to making this team great and not content to settle for average or “pretty good. If Kubiak hasn’t taken this team to the AFC Championship game by now, he never will.

  3. And don’t even get me started on GM Rick Smith. In what may go down as one of the worst decisions of all time, he said no thanks to Peyton freakin Manning!!!! I mean, C’Mon! Even if Manning was only 50% because of his neck…that would still be an improvement over Schaub. And as we all can see, Manning is playing some of the best football of his career. So, every time I see the Broncos play, I imagine Peyton Manning running our offense with Foster and Johnson. Of course, Denver’s special teams has another Rick Smith brain fart. Trindon Holiday returning punts/kickoffs for TD’s. He was on our roster and got cut, even though he had like 3 or 4 return TD’s in the pre season. Rick Smith also let half of our offense walk away in free agency. He also let multi time pro bowl fullback Vonte Leach go. Yes, he drafted JJ Watt and Cushings. But he has made multiple critical errors. Kubiak and Rick Smith are both screwing up badly

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