Duane Brown: It was a complete meltdown

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For the last few weeks, almost all the focus on the Houston Texans has been on quarterback Matt Schaub and his future as the team’s starting quarterback.

Thanks to the boos that accompanied his leg injury in Sunday’s loss to the Rams, Schaub grabbed more attention. That might have provided the rest of some Texans some cover for a performance that saw the team fail to reach expectations across the board, but the team went another direction. Coach Gary Kubiak said the team “sprung leaks” all over the place and left tackle Duane Brown echoed that assessment after a day filled with penalties, turnovers and special teams blunders.

“It was just a complete meltdown in all phases,” Brown said, via Tania Ganguli of ESPN.com. “We had some good things that happened but they were completely overshadowed by mistakes. Mistakes that we cannot make as a football team. As a veteran football team, you have to be disciplined, and we were not.”

Once things start rolling downhill for a team, it can be very hard to pull yourselves out. That’s what it looked like for the Texans against the Rams as it seemed like everything that could go wrong did go wrong for them over the course of the game. It’s created more questions than answers for the team, which isn’t an ideal situation to be in with a trip to Arrowhead Stadium to face the 6-0 Chiefs on the horizon.

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  1. I feel like the players are giving up and I really don’t blame them

    With the horrible coaching staff and barbaric fans that sorround them, they really have nothing to play for

  2. How does Marciano still have a job? The Texans special teams have been abysmal for years. This is the good ole boy network like I’ve never seen it. Kubiak needs to be fired NOW.

  3. What you’ve heard recently about Texans fans is not an accurate portrayal. It’s a safe and fun environment. Expectations were sky high and no one was prepared for this implosion, not the players, coaches, media and most of all, not the fans. Mental mistake penalties, overly aggressive penalties, poor judgement on kickoff returns were overshadowed by the pick-six parade but the errors are there. It’s time to redouble the efforts and play strong, foundational football. Everyone’s pressing when they should be focusing on THEIR role in every play. Do it right, be confident in what you are able to do and stay positive. Sometimes those simple things can be the hardest but they’re the foundation of what you need to do.

  4. I have to think Kubiak knows he essentially has a one-game audition at Kansas City on Sunday. He can stop the bleeding with a win, and he’ll keep his job. But a loss? Especially an embarrassing loss…then I think the owner will have no choice but to fire Kubiak and promote Wade Phillips because the open week follows the KC game.

  5. If someone had said Kansas City would have more wins after week six than Houston, Atlanta, NY Giants, Pittsburgh, and Tampa Bay COMBINED, I would have thought it was logicalvoice being logicalvoice.

  6. computojon says:
    Oct 14, 2013 12:05 PM

    How about giving the Rams a little credit for playing a great game? No?


    That’s generally a fair point, but I think people will look at the stat lines and see that the Texans gave it away with turnovers and penalties.

    I’m willing to concede that the Rams played a solid game, and I’m also definitely willing to concede that the Rams’ offensive line dominated the Texans’ defensive line.

    But the Texans played with no composure, no focus, and no vision.

  7. I am sure there were some people (not real Texans fans) who were cheering because Schaub got hurt. That is unacceptable, classless behavior and they should be ashamed of themselves. But there were a lot of cheers when he was able to get up and walk off the field, which is standard practice for injured players. Were there cheers when Yates came in? Sure there were, but after the past five games (and late last season, plus multiple times over the years), can you really blame them? Even though Schaub was playing well, fans do not trust him. There have been more times than I can count when Schaub has let the team down in crucial moments with interceptions, fumbles, and sacks (when he should have thrown the ball away). With Schaub, we’re always waiting for the other shoe to drop. The irony is that Schaub was having a really good game but the rest of the team melted down. I really hate that he got hurt. While I am not defending those poor excuses for human beings who cheered his injury, there are other dynamics at play for other things that are happening. And win or lose, Reliant Stadium will continue to sell out. And 99% of those 70+ thousand people are true Texans fans.

  8. When you dissect the problems, and can’t really pinpoint it to 1 issue (no. … it is not just Schaub), the focus needs to go to the coaches. Both sides broke down yesterday, and it’s time to make some to level changes.

  9. If the Texans lose at KC ..then Kubiak should be fired. The downhill spiral needs to stop.They need to turn the tied.

    The only thing to stop this is a coaching change. If its Wade Phillips he will get the last chance he has been wanting, It he turns this thing around, then he is next years coach. maybe the change needs to happen now and throw Wade into KC to start the process.

    Ownership and executive group are smart and patient people.and will figure this out. McNair is a patient man but I hope his patience has run out and the change happens. I see no other way. This team should be 0-6 and on paper this is not that bad a team. Something is being exposed about this team and it is very plain it’s the coach. I like Kubiak but he is just not the guy.

    I think the head coach does not have what it takes to lead a team to the SB.

    Also At this point I would trade number 44 NOW to someone who is very good but need a running back. The highest bidder. hopefully a # 2 if not # 1. maybe bundle draft picks for a need player. At this point I seriously think you need to start looking to next year but build now.

    This year is lost I think. what has happened will be too hard to turn now. it would be like a semi. Trying to do a u turn in the middle of the highway. They can have a respectable second half of the season but no playoffs unless Wade Philips is Jesus in disguise.

  10. That picture of Kubiak says it all. I never like to see anyone lose their job but He needs to go. I don’t know though if he gets another HC stink in the NFL .maybe not as an offensive coordinator either. His offense sucks. e is too conservative and vanilla.

  11. ” Expectations were sky high and no one was prepared for this implosion, not the players, coaches, media and most of all, not the fans. ”

    Some of us were prepared..it’s just that we weren’t expecting Kubiak to collapse so early in the season…he usually does it in the last 5-6 games of the season.

  12. The players ARE NOT giving up. The defense has continued to play hard. The most of the offensive players are still playing hard. What we have learnt from the Tampa and Minnesota fiasco is that if the QB stinks, it will be difficult to win…no matter how good other skill players are.

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