Engineering a Gameplan: Pats quiet Graham

The Patriots’ offense showed killer instincts during their late-game heroics over the Saints, but Mike Florio would rather laud New England’s defense for shutting down one of the most dynamic tight ends in Jimmy Graham.


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  1. It is really too bad week 5 with a bad redzone call and fluke storm, that we have to have that loss.
    At the rate Pats are playing, we could have been 9-0 going into the bye, and 10-0 going against a 10-0 broncos team. Defending the undefeated season potentially on the way to another undefeated season.
    After the Broncos there really isn’t another legitimate threat game, if we keep playing at a high leve,l plus the addition of Gronk.
    I think 15-1 still stands as a real possibility.

  2. As long as the pats play at home the refs will NOT let them lose.

    Do they count against the pats salary cap?

  3. Most overrated player in the NFL. Talib exposed this guy, he can’t handle a physical corner. Put a hand on this guy and watch him wilt like week old lettuce.

    Talib was allowed to commit pass interference cheap shots at every turn. The refs were pathetic, and anyone who watched that game knows it.
    There’s a pic running around the web showing the last play of the game, by the Pats. A Saints defender, coming after Tom Brady, is held, from behind, in an obvious chokehold, and as usual, no flag.
    The NFL should’ve fired every ref that was on the field.
    Can Jimmy Graham catch a pass, while being mugged? No; nor can anyone else.
    It was thoughtful for the refs to remove their Patriots Fan Gear, and don Referee Uniforms before stepping onto the field.
    Pats fans call it a win. The rest of the world calls it cheating.
    How many Superbowl rings do the Patriots have since being caught cheating? It looks like they never stopped.
    Sad day in the NFL.
    Too bad the Patriots can’t claim they’ve held every team they played to 14 points, or less. They were outplayed the entire game, with 15 men on the field.
    The Saints would beat the Patriots, on a neutral field, 10 out of 10 times, and it’s too bad they won’t get to meet again this season. Anyone who thinks the Pats will make it thru the playoffs is delusional.
    Denver, the only good team in the AFC, will meet New Orleans for the ring.

  4. Blaming the refs is such a lame excuse for losing. So let’s see, what did those evil refs do?

    Saints 7 penalties, 56 yards
    Patriots 4 penalties, 33 yards

    Wow, they really did make a difference! (LOL)

  5. It’s not the non calls and the obvious encroachment call that was called a false start on 4th down. The timeout brees tried to call that should’ve been a penalty on the interception. Regardless the Saints gave that game away. The patriots didn’t win it hands down

  6. I bet if you Pats fans go turn on Belicheats spycam you can see all the bad calls the refs missed. You know like the choke hold they had on Junior Gallette on the last play of the game. Then again I can’t blame the Pats for winning because they got beat hard by the saints on Monday night football prime time in 09….

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