Fans getting restless regarding Schiano

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In losing to the coach who turned them down at the last minute in January 2012, the Bucs have plunged to 0-5 in 2013, a run of futility that when considering the end of last season accounts for 10 losses in 11 games.

And with Josh Freeman no longer available to be blamed for the slide, the man who has stepped to the center of the spotlight is coach Greg Schiano.

As explained by Gary Shelton of the Tampa Bay Times, the fans who normally congregate at the southwest corner of Raymond James Stadium let Schiano have it as he left the field after Sunday’s loss to the Eagles.

Schiano, via quotes distributed by the team, downplayed the incident.

“I didn’t hear anything,” Schiano told reporters.

Schiano later was asked whether his winless team is well coached.

“I believe it is a well-coached football team, [but] not well enough,” Schiano said. “There [are] certain things that we have to get done consistently.  We’ll get ‘this’ done in one game and we’ll get ‘this’ in another game, but we’re not getting it all together.  That may frustrate some, but I’d tell you if I didn’t think we were doing a good job.  We need to be better — It starts with me, it goes through all my assistant coaches and then through every player on the team.  Again, we’ll get over this hump and we’ll get through it and we’ll start winning.”

The question now becomes whether Schiano will get the chance to get over the hump and get through it and start winning.  Ownership has remained quiet on Schiano’s status — which may actually be good news since a public vote of confidence often precedes an even more public proclamation of termination.

Then again, Buccaneers ownership usually remains quiet about the status of the head coach, until the time comes to act.  It typically comes swiftly and without warning or much in the way of rumor.  In one fell swoop, for example, coach Jon Gruden and G.M. Bruce Allen were dumped in early 2009, replaced the next day by Raheem Morris and Mark Dominik, respectively.

From the Freeman situation to the MRSA mess to the inability to win football games, the Buccaneers have become as bumbling as they were when John McKay famously gave his views on the team’s execution by saying he’d be in favor of it.   At least in the late ’70s the Bucs were lovable losers; these Bucs have become bad guys in the eyes of many, with their head coach slowly morphing into Captain Queeg.

While the Glazers likely won’t act rashly, they will act suddenly, once they’ve decided that the time has come to make a change.  If that time isn’t now, it’s hard to imagine what else would have to happen to get to the point where it would be.

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  1. I said it at the time and I’ll say it again. Josh Freeman has his problems, but he wasn’t the problem with the Bucs. Schiano and his ways are.

  2. I can’t help but think his approach of handling grown men, paid professionals like college kids might be the reason for this. He came into the league with an unearned since of arrogance. It doesn’t look like the players reacted too well to it.

  3. My seats are in that area, and for what it’s worth, his reception as he left the field after the Cardinals game was a chorus of boos as well.

  4. The man needs to go. He’s a meathead and has no business being in charge of a professional football team. Not to mention he likely broke some workplace laws by childishly outting private medical information about his former QB in order to libel him.

    Just a low class guy.

  5. Ownership has remained quiet as ownership doesn’t care. The Bucs are nothing more but extra money for the Glazers, all their eggs are put in the Manchester United basket. The Glazers don’t care about sports, they care about money, Man U takes priority over the Bucs as it brings in more money. It’s evident that their decision process with the Bucs is to hire whoever is average and cheap when the season crashes as usual, and then move on back to Man U.

  6. Never won anything in college,the treatment of freeman and worst of all you have a press corner like revis who you decide to play 8 yards off…might wanna start the head coach search bucs

  7. Reporter: ” What do you think of the execution of your team?”
    McKay:” Im in favor of it”

    Classic quote

  8. Should not be surprised…isn’t this the same guy who does not recognize the kneel down and tries to injure the other teams QB……

  9. Everyone got on Tom Coughlin when he criticized Greg Schiano for his low brow play calling during knell downs.

    It now looks like Coughlin was simply the first to bring attention to the smoke that surrounds Schiano’s character.

    Coughlin basically alluded to that type of coaching not belonging in the NFL and now it looks like he might have been right.

    Very few make the step from college to professional football successfully, and it looks like Schiano will be one of the many who fails.

  10. Ya THINK?!

    I was there yesterday and the only thing louder than obnoxious eagles fans talking mad mess to everyone (yesssssss) was the bucs fans talking about how they loathe their coach.

    He is awful at his job, and anyone who doesn’t see that is asleep.

  11. “Id tell you if I were robbing you blind and making a clownhorse mockery of your franchise for money” was the real Schiano quote I think…

  12. orivar = tool , You have no clue as to what your spewing about. The Glazers have dropped big $$ the last few yrs on free agents. The team is in the top 5 on spending now. As far as Schiano goes , the coaching search was a joke. Took too long and the coaching pool dried up. There is absolutely nothing wrong with discipline either. What is wrong is the lack of creativity in scheme offensively and the refusal to adapt the scheme to the talents of the players on the roster. That includes the Defense. How many times do you see Revis in zone. Also, the fact that Schiano is dumping quality players to hide his lack of vision and inability to understand the NFL level of play speaks volumes. Talib across from Revis would be sweet plus Blount pounding D’s gives the Muscle Hamster a break instead of burning him out early in his career. Schiano must go !

  13. How are the Glazer kids permitted to run a professional football team? I understand buying them a new action figure or a new bike, but a football team? It just doesn’t seem right.

  14. It’s so ugly now. Even Doug Martin who they market as the next coming of Marshall Faulk is averaging only 3.5 yards per carry and has 1 touchdown. That’s not even good enough to be a back-up in this league.

  15. If you run a search for “Schiano man”, you will understand this guy a lot better. You may even Know a Schiano Man. Either way you will enjoy the deadspin thread.

  16. bdog2013 says:
    Oct 14, 2013 9:11 AM
    orivar = tool , You have no clue as to what your spewing about. The Glazers have dropped big $$ the last few yrs on free agents.

    Vincent Jackson & Darrell Revis, yay! Who else? More importantly what have the Glazers done that’s notable with the Bucs? Since the acquisition of Man U what have they done that shows they deeply care about the Bucs and the sport of football? I can show you what they haven’t done and while at it, can show you that the moves that have made are nothing more than corporate moves for top dollar..mainly with Man U. All you have to do is pay attention to how much money they’ve put in and are getting back with them, compared to the Bucs. A team that’s around the bottom of the list at selling tickets, ..lower than Jacksonville!

    Deciding to throw a little money at the team that’s now a second hand option to them, doesn’t show caring. And the only thing that describes tool is blindly following a completely unstable and not cared about franchise.

  17. Schiano won’t be back next season. I don’t see this teaming winning any games this year. Having said that, I think he deserves some credit for keeping the team competitive through these bizarre few weeks. It could have been much worse. The offense played better yesterday and Glennon played well except for the deep ball. The question is, who will the Glazer’s hire next? If the trend continues they might hire a high school coach.

  18. People want to roast their coaches entirely too quickly when it comes to football. Maybe in the long run Schiano turns out not to be the answer, but you want an HC who courageously and decisively manages a divisive situation to in the locker room.

    Maybe it’s not all on Freeman’s shoulders, but you want your leaders to act without hesitation and that’s the way Schiano responded. Allow him another year to bring his staff and team and if he hasn’t molded his plan together into some semblance of winning, then cut bait. 3 years though. If you believed in a coach enough to bring him aboard, you have to give him 3 full years to bring it together-> otherwise, it’s truly an unfair assessment of the coach.

  19. I have to echo the revis situation. I saw deon sanscastle commenting how he is being wasted, how he was looking for safety help on the inside against fitzgerald (playing zone), when he can play man on fitz all day and leave him be, letting schiano worry about the rest of your defense. But this coach is an idiot. ur paying 16 million for a shutdown corner to stand 8 yards away from the wr in zone. Unbelievable

  20. “I think he deserves some credit for keeping the team competitive through these bizarre few weeks.”

    But the bizarre few weeks were entirely Schiano’s fault. Moving your franchise QB from starter to benched to inactive to cut within two weeks time speaks to a coaching staff with serious issues.

    Shame that when the Glazers come to their senses and fire Schiano, Freeman is long gone – he isn’t perfect by any means, but is much better than anything they have now.

  21. “But the bizarre few weeks were entirely Schiano’s fault. Moving your franchise QB from starter to benched to inactive to cut within two weeks time speaks to a coaching staff with serious issues.”

    QB’s get benched all the time. Freeman decided to act out instead of supporting his team. I totally agree with what Terry Bradshaw said about him. Also, based on Freeman’s reaction publicly I wonder how difficult it was to coach him. Did they tell him to stay off the field because he was throwing a fit? Who knows?

    No way the coach leaks Freeman’s drug status. Makes no sense.

    Coaching had nothing to do with the MRSA situation either.

    I’m not defending Schiano as a great coach but I do think he’s taking a lot of hits for things he had little control over, and the Bucs did play hard (except Underwood).

  22. Please keep him, please?!? Signed, Atlanta Falcons, Carolina Panthers, and New Orleans Saints.

  23. What do you mean by starting… the day he was hired I asked why us Bucs fans had to live through another Ray Perkins era, and it turned out that was a best case scenario.

  24. This team is drowning in real time, and never will the thought even occur to them to scream for help considering they don’t know how to swim, it’s quite a fascinating spectacle to watch teams do this same very thing each and every year.

    Too many teams just have no capacity to learn from themselves or each other. And unfortunately it’s really screwing up the parity of what would otherwise be an insanely tight competitive year if you didn’t have so many huge failure outliers.

  25. Freeman is up im MN sitting by the fireplace learning his new playbook with a big smile on his face… I`ve said it over and over again since our loss to the Giants last year…, Fire Schiano!!

  26. The Glazers acted pretty rashly when hiring Raheem Morris. They were afraid he’d be snatched up as a head coach by what turned out to be the hapless Denver Broncos, and gave him the keys to the castle.

    They’ve never been able to get the thing they want most, and that’s a team with an explosive offense. When their team doesn’t score points, it bugs the crap out of them.

    Don’t be surprised if they send down a command to ax Offensive Coordinator Mike Sullivan. Remember Schiano was the guy they selected after investing weeks of their own personal time flying around the country interviewing candidates. Firing him means admitting they made a poor decision, even when they had time to think it through. They won’t do that. Not yet. Not when there’s an easier scapegoat.

    But should word from above come down to Schiano to fire Sullivan, and he refuses, then he can pack his bags. They fired Dungy for the same reason, and fired Gruden when he refused their command to acquire a franchise QB (which is what most likely clinched Raheem then getting the job as he pimped Freeman).

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