Gary Kubiak: Matt Schaub’s status will be “end of the week decision”

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At his Monday press conference, Texans coach Gary Kubiak said quarterback Matt Schaub’s status for Sunday’s game at Kansas City will be an “end of the week decision” after he departed the Week Six loss to St. Louis with an injury.

“He’s very sore and beat up in the leg, ankle, everywhere,” Kubiak said of Schaub, noting the quarterback was “getting some injections.”

Said Kubiak: “We’ll have to see where he’s at, but probably got a little bit lucky there.”

Kubiak said the Texans would get T.J. Yates and Case Keenum ready to play for Week Seven. Kubiak declined to say who would start if Schaub couldn’t play.

Kubiak indicated he believed Schaub “played better” against St. Louis before the injury.

In other Texans news, Kubiak said Monday that safety Danieal Manning “has a significant knee injury, something that’s going to take some time. We’re trying to evaluate exactly how much time before we make decisions on moving forward.”

24 responses to “Gary Kubiak: Matt Schaub’s status will be “end of the week decision”

  1. A recent phenomena has taken place, garbage trucks across the country are hitting the highway making a beeline for Houston’s Reliable Stadium. Said one garbageman who could actually be stopped to comment, “There is garbage abundant at Texans HQ, and something must be done, fast.

  2. i know some alleged fans on here were embarrassed by the fan’s conduct at the game yesterday. what’s truly embarrassing is this bumbling moron’s comments and play calling, week in and week out.

  3. We saw this coming after 2010 when Kubiak was allowed to pick his 3rd defensive coordinator and Rick Smith ran us up to the cap by signing J Jo and Danieal Manning. And the defense heavy draft, all in an attempt to save their jobs. And we let it happen, we just wanted that first playoff berth. And now it’s all falling apart.

  4. Man, it’s sad to watch a favored team swirl down the toilet… reminds me of the Panthers flaming out so badly after Ryan Kalil paid for a full page ad in the Charlotte Observer predicting the Cats were headed for the SuperBowl during Cam Newton’s second year. I’m not a Texan fan, but I do feel their pain.

  5. I’d be happy to twist my ankle and be booed on national TV every week for 10 million/year. I’d soothe my hurt feelings by rolling around naked on my big pile of money.

  6. No accountability on that team. Kubiak has this job as long as he wants it. The owner is satisfied with the full stadium every week. The fans gripe after a loss, but keep on showing up on Sunday giving Bob their cash.

  7. they still potentially have a chance at winning the division or a wildcard spot this year, but I think they are done for the season. A new coach and qb would put them in the playoff mix for next year though. I personally can’t stand the offensive calls. Old Wade does alright though. They just need a general and a captain.

  8. There’s nothing “alleged” about myself and the large majority of Houston Texans fans. We are horrified by the classless and despicable behavior exhibited by a minority of so called fans. While many of us have become frustrated or even angry with Schaub, 99% of us were sorry to see him get hurt. I feel bad for Schaub…he was playing really well (for a change) but the rest of the team imploded around him. Even if he can play next week, it might be better if he didn’t. Not because I think any of our backups are necessarily better, but for Schaub’s safety. Even uninjured, he has no mobility. The chiefs just sacked Pryor TEN times. Schaub will be a sitting duck. Keenum orYates would have a better chance of avoiding double digit sacks. By the way, we all need to give Schaub props….no one can question his toughness. His behavior showed he wanted to go back in the game and seemed disappointed the trainers wouldn’t let him. And who can forget the Denver game where he took a shot to the head that was so hard it tore part of his ear off and Schaub only missed one play. So, as bad as he’s been playing… no one can accuse him of being a wuss or a quitter.

  9. If I were Joe Banner, I would be calling the Texans right now, and would be making a deal for Schaub. I don’t think there is a QB coming out of college that could step right in and perform exceptionally, like Luck and Wilson have. Cleveland has plenty of picks they could sacrifice, and they still would have two first round picks. Schaub isn’t worth a first, maybe a third, Weeden, and a conditional.

  10. assuredmutualdestruction says:
    Oct 14, 2013 6:19 PM
    Schaub didn’t throw a pick six this week, but Yates did. Maybe, just maybe, it’s the playcalling?

    I’m a Saints fan but to be honest I was thinking the same thing. It looks like Schaub’s interceptions were replays. And, he never had those sort of issues before. What I think the problem is the sequencing of plays that Cu is calling. I just can’t believe that someone that had shown himself to be adequate at the position would all of a sudden forget how to play QB

  11. Had this been Miami fans, worlds would have collided, universes exploded, and hell would have frozen over. The folks down there got skewered for leaving early during the NBA finals. But in NE and other parts of the country, fans that leave early or behave like this tend to get a pass. Philly fans are the worst. But here is the pass they get: ‘They are real fans with heart for their sport. ‘ The truth is that you have a minority of fans like this for EVERY sport in every town.

  12. I understand that Schaub is struggling, but cheering an injury is WAY OVER THE LINE. Those fans should be ashamed of themselves!

  13. I will be driving up to KC to watch the game Sunday. I would like to see Case get the start over TJ if Matt can’t play. Hope Matt has a speedy recovery and Kube thinks up some new plays.

  14. Bring in VINCE YOUNG… He has matured and he’s ready to go….
    He has shown everyone that he is NOT a cancer in the locker room and that he is a hard worker (e.g. Green Bay Packers)… Vince is a 6′-5″ mobile quarterback with talent and playoff experience…. He is hungry, motivated and determined to continue playing the game that he love so much, NFL FOOTBALL…
    Vince is a LOW risk-HIGH reward type of guy… This would be a wise move for any GM/Head Coach looking to upgrade their qb pool….

  15. Nothing to lose, sink or swim with Case the rest of the season, with some innovative play calling taking advantage of his strengths.

  16. Schaub is very similar to someone like Alex Smith. When the team is playing well, receivers are getting open, and the running game is working he can get the job done. His accuracy is acceptable, his arm strength is middle of the road, and he’s respectable in the pocket. He does lack the mobility of a Smith, but he fits that same “game manager” role. As long as the rest of the team is pulling their weight he won’t win the games, but he won’t lose them either. When things start breaking down, he starts throwing picks.

    You have to put some of it onto the play calling. The team has really settled into a limited playbook and the game plans are stale. Schaub isn’t the only one on that offense struggling. Foster is having a down year. Johnson is having a down year. Hopkins doesn’t look nearly as explosive as advertised. They didn’t all suddenly misplace their talent. Lil’ Shanny leaving for Washington seems like it could be part of the issue. The creativity he brought to the table is lacking.

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