Hakeem Nicks becomes obvious candidate to be traded


Last month, someone fabricated a rumor that the Giants had traded (not might trade, but had traded) receiver Hakeem Nicks to the Lions for running back Mikel Leshoure and a third-round pick.

This month, the Giants have 15 days left to try to trade Nicks.

Last night, Peter King and yours truly discussed whether the trade should happen.  King believes strongly that they should.

And it makes sense.  The Giants are 0-6, they likely won’t pay Nicks what he wants (which could be along the lines of what Mike Wallace got), and they may as well get what they can and move on.

The ability of G.M. Jerry Reese to find plenty of other competent receivers via the draft or otherwise (e.g., Victor Cruz, who wasn’t drafted) suggests that the Giants are better off finding a young replacement next year, trusting Eli Manning to help the player become a good-to-great receiver, and shipping Nicks to a contender.

For more on that topic, the Patriots’ performance on Sunday, and whether the Packers would be a candidate to trade for Nicks, here’s our discussion from the set of Football Night in America.

58 responses to “Hakeem Nicks becomes obvious candidate to be traded

  1. They need to get at a third at the very least with a player included. If they could get a 2nd and a lower pick, like a 5th or 6th they should jump at that. Problem is that it’s fairly clear that Nicks will be gone so teams are going to take their chances they could grab him as a FA.

  2. Niners will send you manningham back and lemicheal James. We could use a wr that can stretch the field and giants could use draft picks as they pack it in for the race for clowney.

  3. More of this nonsense? Teams packaging offers is not the same as the Giants coming out and saying Nicks is available (which he is not). And with the way he has played in all but one game, he can forget Wallace money. Wallace has proven he does not deserve even one third of that money.

    And Reese, with his draft picks and free agency moves? Most of the free agents have been busts. Nearly one third of all the guys he has drafted in just seven short seasons are COMPLETELY OUT OF FOOTBALL.

    I am as big of a Giants fan as there is, but facts are facts.

  4. A first and TWO seconds, and with your barren draft future, Panther fan, you can keep dreaming. Just because Nicks is from Charlotte, people keep thinking he is going there?

  5. Look for news on the James Jones/Randall Cobb injuries. Nicks could be in Green and Gold before too long.

    Packers are 3-2 and still the presumptive favorites to take the NFC North. The defense is performing at a higher level than they have in recent years. There appears to actually be a running game. Lots of pieces that would point to the Pack believing they have a chance to make a serious run at another Lombardi and feeling secure in investing in something like a rental deep-threat receiver.

  6. Giants aren’t going to do the trade unless they get at least a 2nd rounder. If Nicks plays out the year there is a very good chance the Giants get a 3rd round comp. pick back. If teams are only offering a 3, I think Giants are likely to let him play out the year and help Manning get through the year with this terrible team.

  7. If the Giants can get a 2nd or 3rd round pick for him they need to pull the trigger. We can’t tie up million in two WRs. Especially one that hasn’t stayed healthy. Plus we can’t afford to place the franchise tag on him either next year. We will have to use that for JPP unless they can work out a deal with him.

    Reese (if we keep this bum) needs to stock pile as many picks as he can and rebuild this team. Need at least 3-4 guys that will contribute next year. Reese needs to quit drafting these “projects” because none of them are panning out.

  8. It actually makes little sense for the Giants to trade Nicks unless they were getting a significant return (ie…a first or second rounder). The Giants COULD afford to pay him with some contract reshuffling (cutting Rolle, Webster, Baas….Snee possibly retiring…..Tuck and Diehl off the books), even if its just a 1 year franchise tag and take your chances that this 0-6 start is a fluke and try again in 2014 (for the record, I don’t think it is). If the Giants let him walk in UFA, they could probably get a 3rd rounder back for him in the form of a compensatory pick in 2014, so they should hold out for more than that now, seeing as they need guys now, and not in 2014.

    For what its worth, I don’t think the Giants will give him Mike Wallace money because of his injury history and the fact that they’ve already paid Cruz….but it also doesn’t make a lot of sense to sell for 30 cents on the dollar when, in theory, the NFC East is bad, the Giants do have talent at the skill positions, and a good draft and FA class could get you to 10-6 in 2014. I’d probably just franchise him.

  9. @MR.Wright you’re joking right? Nicks has had 3 really good games. And right now he’s our best WR. He’s far and away more talented than run straight and fast Wallace. He’ll get his pay day from someone.

  10. Nobody will trade a 2nd or 3rd round pick for a one year rental. You NY fans are delusional. Plus, he’s inconsistent. He’s worth a 4th at best.

  11. They need to trade him now,go after leshore he is un happy in detroit and giants will have a decent running back.James is good also but we need a running game and jacobs wont last at this pace.Getting a third round pic is great but accept a 4th if you have too.The rebuilding starts now.The third string running back for seahawks realy good,i think his name is micheals.The kid looked great in pre season.Pull the trigger now Reese,WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR.IF YOU RELEASE HIM NEXT YEAR IM GOING TO BE PISSED.

  12. I think you can count the NFC out. The 4 teams I see in the AFC are Baltimore, Jacksonville, New England, or Chargers. But the Giants will probably take highest bidder so NFC not out. But this is Nicks last year on a rookie contract. So are the teams willing to rent and cut loose or sign long term. Very risky but high reward if he pulls himself out his slump. Him and Tuck should come in a bundle. Never going to happen but would be interesting.

  13. Wish Niners would send lamichael james and a 3rd rd pick for him… they have 2 3rds and 2 2nds so would still be flexible. Just don’t know if it’s worth it assuming Niners would have to let him walk after the year

  14. Why is harvin and Roy Williams worth a 1 and a 3 but nicks is only worth a 3? Buck up if you want him. This ain’t madden.

  15. Um probably 2/3 (maybe more) of anyones draft picks are out of the league in 7 years as the average nfl career is like 3 years. Guys are drafted in rounds 4-7 for a reason, mostly they just aren’t good enough for the nfl. Kind of an ignorant comment man. The Giants draft very well. I just think Eli has been terrible & Coughlins act is getting tired.

  16. LOL at people suggesting Mikel LeShoure in a trade. He can’t get ahead of marginal talents on the Lions depth chart and is another drug bust away from a year’s suspension.

  17. As a Giants fan, I don’t think Nicks was in the plans for the future anyway. I believe after this year they were just moving forward with Cruz and Randle. I would hope they could easily fetch a 2 for Nicks. Still an elite route runner with great hands. And only 25.

    Like a commenter already said, if Roy Williams could get a 1 and a 3, Nicks is a great player. And hes been able to successfully handle a hard to grasp option route offense. Gotta worth something good…

  18. Mr. Wright 212 says: Oct 14, 2013 10:03 AM

    Nearly one third of all the guys he has drafted in just seven short seasons are COMPLETELY OUT OF FOOTBALL.
    Since the average life of an NFL player is about 3 years, this statement is far from a knock on Reese.

  19. Don’t laugh, but the Jets would be an ideal target. Right now, Jeff Cumberland (!) is somehow the Jets’ most prolific receiving threat and Geno sorely needs targets with good hands (ie: not Clyde Gates)

    Jets also have a full draft class (plus Tampa’s 3rd) and some depth at RB beyond Powell and Goodson (Ivory, Green). Not sure if the Jets would ever be buyers in their first year under Idzik, but it makes some sense.

  20. @emoney826 I’m sure whoever trades for him will also sign him to a new contract, this would not be a rental deal.

  21. Regardless of availability or willingess to pay him next year, if someone doesn’t offer more than the Giants can get as a compensatory pick (3rd?), why would they trade him?

    The only way I see the Giants bite is if a developing (and good) O-lineman and\or RB are part of the deal.
    Say one of the positions players of need and a 5th?

  22. I don’t understand how people think a 10 game rental is worth a high draft pick? Not to mention, he’s injury prone. It could be another week or two before a deal is done, so you’re talking about an 8 game rental. 4th or 5th round at best sounds right. And if so, get on the phone, Ozzie.

  23. I think Giants fans are off their rockers if they think they can do any better than what Jacksonville got for Eugene Monroe (a 4th and a 5th). Both are pending UFA and LT is a hell of a lot harder to fill than WR. Prying a 7th round pick out of teams seems like pulling teeth most of the time so these dreams of a 2nd round, lower pick, and a player are pipe dreams.

  24. If anyone on hear is a Giants fan and thinks Reese has done well in the draft or free agency you are crazy.

    Just look at the last three drafts they are terrible. Out of 20 draft picks over the past three years we have three guys contributing. Prince, Pugh and Randle (and he is playing average at best). He drafted guys like Jerringan in the 3rd round when we already had WRs. That kid can’t even get on the field as a return man. Hosely in the 3rd round was terrible. He can’t even beat out TT who is on his third ACL. The list goes on and on.

    He has signed two free agents that have been really good. Rolle as been solid and Cruz has been great.

  25. I did some research on the Giants’ cap numbers going into next year a couple weeks ago. With the addition of 3 or 4 cuts of old vets who are more than under performing, and other under performing vets contracts expiring, they can have upwards of 30 million dollars in cap space. To say that they can’t keep Nicks on the roster is preposterous. In fact, resigning Nicks, and a couple of good signings in FA with that cap space, along with a good draft can put the Giants back into really good standing next year.

  26. Nicks to Seattle for Christine Michael (their 2nd round RB pick this year) and a 2014 3rd rounder or 2015 2nd rounder. Good for both sides. Seattle has cap room to extend his contract.

  27. Also, the Nicks deal only makes sense for a team that needs a WR this year and in the future. That is why I think the Panthers make the most sense. Not just because he is from Charlotte but because the Panthers need help at WR now and in the future. Steve Smith is getting close to 35 he can’t have but a couple years left at the most. Detroit isn’t going to give up a high draft pick for a 10 game rental. No way they could pay Nicks what he wants.

  28. justintuckrule says: Oct 14, 2013 10:29 AM

    Why is harvin and Roy Williams worth a 1 and a 3 but nicks is only worth a 3? Buck up if you want him. This ain’t madden.

    Why was Boldin let go for a 6th? All Iam saying is sh** happens. Got nothing to do with Madden or bucking up.

  29. I hate hearing you disrespectful fans calling this guy a bum. He was instrumental in our last super bowl run. You think he wants to be hurt? Fools….

    It would be nice to keep him but it does not make sense. I cannot see them getting much in a trade unless a team feels they can make a serious super bowl run with him this year.

    Trade him to the AFC please……

  30. If you’re trading picks for this guy, they’re going to be conditional. On the one hand, bringing him in and then resigning him to a new deal makes sense for a team that needs a long term solution at the position. On the other hand, it makes sense to bring him in for the remainder of the season for a contender looking to get over the hump that can afford to let him walk for the compensatory pick.

    A one year rental would have conditions based upon making and winning playoff games, a long term solution would be based on the ability to resign him to a contract that he could afford. In either case, I don’t see them having a lot of success moving Nicks to another team with all things being equal.

  31. No, no one’s draft record is even CLOSE to Reese’s when it comes to the number of them being completely out of football. I don’t mean busts or with other teams, but OUT OF FOOTBALL ENTIRELY.

  32. Going back to 1976 Craig Morton, giants give up a #1 in mid -season, to Dallas, who pick Randy White, DT, Maryland, perinnal all pro, HOF.
    After which Wellington Mara said, “trading in mid-season is not something that you can see helping long term”.
    Don’t think it will happen.

  33. If Nicks will return a third rounder in compensation after the season, I think a first from a contender is sensible. San Fran, New England, Detroit, these teams need wide outs. That said, I’ll be shocked if he gets Mike Wallace money. First of all, Mike Wallace was overpaid. Second of all, Nicks is constantly hurt and disappears at times. We’ll see though it only takes one team to sign him to a contract.

  34. You have a point since if you look at Dallas the addition of some younger players not high on the charts have panned out. The guy who wears #17 and Beasley are two examples and they are not the only ones. This diversity of talent is one of the reasons that Romo seems to be playing better.

  35. I don’t need reminding of two Super Bowls. They had a prime opportunity to win three straight if he had replenished the roster properly. They failed. It’s personnel. That’s on Reese. I love the guy, but fair is fair. I am not going unconditionally fawn and ignore shortcomings.

  36. Wouldn’t mind seeing Nicks in Green & Gold but unfortunately he’d probably just get injured. Huge Packers fan here but there is some bad “injury juju” been following the Pack around for 3-4 years now.

  37. A young replacement for a 25 year old guy? They will not trade Nicks. They blamed last seasons melt down on the fact that Nicks was hurt. He may seem unhappy. Who isn’t unhappy when you’re 0-6? The media needs to shut up about this. It’s not going to happen. Jerry Reese know that 88 is part of the solution, not the problem. They will re sign Hakeem in the off season.

  38. Nothing brings out the ignorance of a pft commenter more than a trade rumor post.

    If any of you have been watching….the Giants need picks, not underachieving players and definitely NOT injury prone players. Run DMC? Are you on crack? LeMichael James? No thanks. We can draft a scrub RB in the 6th rd on our own thank you.

    To whoever said “Boldin got 6th, so what’s your point”? The Ravens were going to cut Boldin otherwise b/c of his salary. We’ll have 30M in cap space next year. $$ is not a problem for us.

    Nicks isn’t much different than Harvin. He’s a 1,000 yd 10+td guy. He’s only 25 and is nowhere near as injured as Harvin (hips and head are the worst kind of injuries). Plus, Nicks isn’t a diva, is a good locker room guy, has a championship pedigree, and runs each route as hard as the last.

    If we’d get a 3rd rd comp pick for Nicks, why would they trade him for anything less? Use common sense.

    SF is built to win now and has two 2d rders. They WONT beat Seattle without another WR.

  39. sfniners4life says:
    Oct 14, 2013 9:56 AM
    Niners will send you manningham back and lemicheal James. We could use a wr that can stretch the field and giants could use draft picks as they pack it in for the race for clowney.
    Are you missing a chromosome? If we could use draft picks, why would you suggest Manningham (hurt) and James (scrub)? Even Madden would reject this trade.

    SF has two 2ds and two 3ds. Give us your two 2ds and he’s yours. Otherwise….get beat again by Seattle 34-10.

  40. Mr. Wright 212 says:
    Oct 14, 2013 3:14 PM
    Everyone wants to dump off their slag and underachievers and land a top flight player. Hilarious.
    Flyover staters have no idea how to negotiate. Look no further than our gov’t. Go to any of their yard sales and they’re trying to sell a $9 toaster for $10.

  41. justintuckrule says: Oct 14, 2013 3:24 PM

    Mr. Wright 212 says:
    Oct 14, 2013 3:14 PM
    Everyone wants to dump off their slag and underachievers and land a top flight player. Hilarious.
    Flyover staters have no idea how to negotiate. Look no further than our gov’t. Go to any of their yard sales and they’re trying to sell a $9 toaster for $10.

    hahahaha right! It’s about as bad as Mets fans wanting to package a bunch of guys that they have had to send down to Buffalo a half dozen times to get Tulowitzki or Cargo. It’s mind numblingly galling to hear these preposterous trades that people are completely serious about.

  42. Unless the Giants are getting a 2nd round pick in return they should hold on to their first rounder who they drafted to take Burress place. They have two weeks before the deadline and the Pats, GB, Panthers, Steelers, Lions, SF, Arizona, Buffalo, & Philadelphia all need a receiver. Another 10 days and Pats, GB, SF, and the Lions will be in a bidding war for his services…

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