Kenny Britt plays two snaps with trade rumors swirling


The Titans haven’t made any secret about their dissatisfaction with wide receiver Kenny Britt’s performance this season.

They’ve benched him during games, dropped him down the depth chart and, according to various reports, have been trying to trade the impending free agent before the trade deadline. Jason La Canfora of CBS reported Sunday that the Titans are seeking a third-round pick or combination of picks in return for Britt’s services, a price that has found no buyers. Per the report, something closer to a fifth-round pick might generate more interest.

The Titans didn’t do much to showcase Britt on Sunday. The former first-round pick played two snaps and caught one ball in the loss to the Seahawks and suggested after the game that the Titans have given up on him.

“Me, I never give up on myself. I guess they did, I am not too sure,” Britt said, via Jim Wyatt of the Tennessean. “But I am going to work as hard as I have since Day 1. I am going to come back and work as hard as I can until my last day here.”

Wyatt reports that no deal is considered imminent, so Britt’s last day may not be right around the corner. Based on current trends, though, Britt may not be a factor in Tennessee again even if he remains on the roster all year.

22 responses to “Kenny Britt plays two snaps with trade rumors swirling

  1. Just get something. A 3rd is absurd for this guy. Take a 5th if that’s all that’s being offered. This guy is a mental midget. Just get him off the team.

  2. It’s this BUM’S career that’s swirling around the drain. He is either causing trouble or hurt. Why would any team bring this LOSER into the locker room?

  3. It wasnt too long ago people were clamoring for this guy on their fantasy rosters…

    He needs a fresh start, he is a talented kid…

    I would be weary about what is quoted in the Tennessean, it seems like that paper does alot of dirty work for the TITANS.

    How many of you are at the same job you started at, sometimes “a change will do you good.” (Thank you Cheryl Crow)

  4. If Cobb and Jones miss significant time GB should trade a 5th or 6th for Britt. He has a lot of talent and a change of scenery could do him good. Plus with AR throwing to him he will be happy.

  5. Package deal: “We’ll give you Kenny Britt and Chris Johnson for any one starter–any position–on your team. Just name the player.”

    “What’s that? … Oh, this is Jacksonville calling?”

    “Um … OK, yeah …The offer still stands.”

  6. Hopefully things will work out. He was a stud, keyword was! Now his mouth is bigger than his play on the field, which is never a good thing in the NFL. Look at Ochocinco & T.O…..

  7. Oddly, the guy still has “talent”. So what’s up? Perhaps it is just a change of scenery kind of relationship.
    But the Titans aren’t helping themselves sell he is a third round pick talent by dropping him down the depth chart and sharing every frustration in the media.
    Even as a loan, he could probably help … Jets, Vikings, Ravens, Chargers … Chiefs?, Patriots? But I don’t see any of them offering more than a 5th – if that.

  8. Don’t bother calling the Packers, malcontents are NOT wanted. Titans will be lucky to get a 6th for him.

  9. Much like Nicks, he is in the final year of his contract. Unlike Nicks, he won’t demand a king’s ransom for a salary.

    Not a chance you are getting anything more than conditional picks out of him.

    Britt’s best landing spot would be San Francisco. He’d be able to stay out of trouble because he’d be on the other side of the country, so getting to Jersey to keep it real would be really inconvenient. He’d be able to step into a major role on offense, which would satisfy his ego. Kaep has plenty of arm to get the ball downfield to him, so that plays to his strengths. Bringing him in makes sense with the current offense, because it opens things up for Q and Davis, and there is a running game that would really make you have to think about rotating a safety over the top, and he also makes sense when Crabtree comes back.

    San Fran has picks they can afford to spend, as well.

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