Locker getting closer to football, but not likely this week


It’s still unlikely that Titans quarterback Jake Locker returns this week.

But unlike previous weeks, there’s at least a chance.

Titans coach Mike Munchak wasn’t willing to declare his starter out this week, though he admitted it wasn’t likely he’d play this week. After injuring his hip and knee on Sept. 29, the plan has been to get through next week’s bye, with hopes of having him back on the field Nov. 3 against the Rams.

I think there’s always a chance,” Munchak said, via Paul Kuharsky of “I don’t think we’re going to sit here [and say no] like in the first two weeks when we knew he wasn’t allowed to do football activities where you rule him out. We’re not going to rule him out until, . . .

“Again, it’s a process. The odds aren’t great by any means, but I think as you start to move forward in your rehab you just wait and see how it works out.”

Munchak said Locker would begin doing more football activities this week.

“I think the rest part and the light stuff is over and now he can get more into real football stuff,” Munchak said. “It’s a matter of seeing how quickly he progresses without pain.”

The real pain has been the last two starts with Ryan Fitzpatrick, who hasn’t looked good in two straight losses, spoiling much of the momentum the Titans built with a 3-1 start. If he continues down that path, being under .500 at their break would be a major hurdle for a team that plays enough defense to be competitive with most.

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  1. I was hoping that Fitzpatrick would be playing well enough that Jake could be methodical with his rehab and return after the bye when he’s much closer to 100 percent. However, Fitz is hurting the team far more than helping, so Jake may have to pull a McNair and play through major pain. If so, hopefully, it wouldn’t be a premature return like he experienced last year when his competitiveness made his initial shoulder injury much worse.

  2. I am a huge Titans fan and this is the first season that I honestly don’t know if they are going to win or lose week to week. For the past several years (really a decade with intermitant spurts of competitiveness) I could go through the schedule at the start of the season and pretty much nail how many losses they were going to have, usually 10+. I can’t wait for Locker to come back. These picks late in the 4th quarter are absolutely devistating. One good drive in the 4th quarter the last two weeks instead of a pick and Titans would be 5-1 having beaten 2 of the best teams in the league. Though I still believe the Chiefs are a fraud. Combined record of Chiefs opponents thus far: 11-25. And the Titans were greatly disadvantaged with Fitz.

  3. Niners are going to beat you like you stole something. It’s not even going to be close. I’ll be conservative and say 31-13, but it’ll really be closer to 45-3. And afterwards the titan fans will be saying, “we should be 6-0 if it wasn’t for…”

  4. Why oh why oh why did the Titans call for a sideline post against Sherman? Not only is that a boneheaded, egotistical play call (to think you could be Sherman straight up) but it didn’t even give Fitzpatrick a chance to see if the WR was open. It was a simple three step no-look fade gambling that your guy would beat Sherman with a double move.

    When are OC’s going to learn that not only is Sherman a former WR and understands every concept you can throw at him, but he’s also the best damn CB in the league? Come on man…are you stoned or stupid?

  5. Stupid choice to release Matt Hasselbeck even though he is old he was a better choice than Ryan “Pick Prone” Fitzpatrick simply because he does not take bone-headed passes!

  6. Or the titans could sign Tebow, and run Lockers offense till he gets healthy. Fitz brings nothing to the team. Its painful watching Fitz play.

  7. Some idiot from every teams thread has to throw tebows name In . That person should be banned from commenting and have their license of being a man taken away as well

  8. Agree we’d be better off with Hasselbeck but I think that decision was more so it could truly be Locker’s team. They signed him to be his backup in the first place so it wasn’t about money or about Fitz being better.

    Locker will be rusty coming back but I just hope he continues progressing. It would be great to make the playoffs but I’m more concerned with the development of Locker the rest of the way.

  9. assuredmutualdestruction said: “Niners are going to beat you like you stole something. It’s not even going to be close. I’ll be conservative and say 31-13, but it’ll really be closer to 45-3.”

    Wow … Seattle fans are right … You 9’er fans really are living in your own little reality.

  10. I just wish Fitz would just run the ball if its not there and just start checking the ball down to CJ he was open so many times the past 2 weeks and i feel like he finally started running hard plus Fitz think he a gunslinger for some odd reason he stinks

  11. 49ers will get beat like a redhead step child this week. Was it like 26 points seahawks beat them by? They barely beat titans with the worst qb in nfl. 49ers qb is so overrated and Russell Wilson is the best qb in the nfc west by a long shot. Isnt San Francisco the queer capital of the world?

  12. Yup that is why everyone hates 49er fans.

    Titans have a solid solid defense. They have a way of causing turnovers. Without question Titans secondary is better than 49ers. But the back up QB is a turnover machine. Whats even worse is the offensive line isn’t creating any holes for Chris Johnson. Jake Locker needs to come back to give you a chance to come back to fight for the AFC playoffs.

  13. We can’t run because CJ.7K can’t ever break first contact. Fitz looks like he’s trying to throw fastballs every pitch. All bad.

    BUT let’s hope locker gets healthy before he returns and doesn’t create a chronic problem injury. We play Indy twice late year and let’s hope when it’s time the games matter.

    Go titans!

  14. Just to let you Titans fans know @assuredmutualdestruction is not a Niners fan but a Seahawk fan who lives in Phoenix. Go look at his other posts. But thanks for prematurely ripping our fan base, quarterback, and city.

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