PFT Live: Eagles talk with Geoff Mosher

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Road teams prevailed in seven of the 13 games played on Sunday, a group that included the Eagles’ victory in Tampa Bay.

Quarterback Nick Foles played well for the Eagles in that contest, which led to immediate questions for coach Chip Kelly about where Foles and Michael Vick stand on the depth chart. Kelly said that he’ll be evaluating everything this week and Geoff Mosher of CSN Philly will join Mike Florio on Monday’s PFT Live to share his own evaluation of the two quarterbacks. They’ll also touch on other areas of the team, which is 3-3 and headed for a date with the Cowboys that will leave one of the teams in sole possession of first place in the NFC East.

We’ll also bring you all of what you need to know from the other 12 games played on Sunday. We’ll hit the good, the bad and the ugly as we take a trip around the entire league.

You can watch it all live at noon ET by clicking right here.

6 responses to “PFT Live: Eagles talk with Geoff Mosher

  1. It should be Foles. He has a 104 QB rating I believe in the red zone and Vick has a 57 rating in the red zone. Vick is 5-19 in the red zone with only 1 TD, Foles has 3 in much less playing time.

  2. Foles has better instincts and football smarts. Traits that if Vick hasn’t learned as a QB by this point, he never will.

  3. As a lifelong Eagles fan I say that I would be happy either way. This is a good thing. We have 2 good quarterbacks that have different skills. The offense will be good either way. The problem lies in our defense and we cannot win enough games this year to do anything.

  4. Chip Kelly anointed Vick as his starting QB and should stick to that, unless he plays so badly that he deserves to be benched. That hasn’t happened yet.
    Foles will get more chances. Vick can’t go for more than a few games without getting injured, so Foles will have another opportunity to prove that he’s who the Eagles need for the future. Foles needs to have more than a random good game here or there to supplant Vick as the starter. He needs to show that he can do it consistently.

  5. The problem is much larger than picking Foles or Vick. How can the Eagles turnthemselves into a superbowl calliber team in two off seasons or less? It’s not happening with Vick. It may happen with Foles but even though mobility isn’t thee priority in this offense it helps – and that includes McCoy’s game.
    If to maximize this offense and the running game on the inside zone reads you need a mobile quarterback, then that is what the Eagles need to get in the draft and they need a high draft pick to get it. They also need alot of help on defense. The answer seems to be that now that Kelly proved he can coach an NFL offense, we need to see if we can get a 2nd for Foles now go to Barkely and tank the season.
    Winning the division is fun and all but it would hurt the team long term. Of course I agree that repeated accurasy and sound decision making is the most important in a quarterback and tanking for say Bridgewater can’t be reconciled with picking up Barkley but it does seem apparent the team needs and accurate and mobile quarterback and they can’t afford to give up their draft picks because the defense is so bad.

    Trading Foles for pick(s), shelving McCoy and Peters, tanking for a quarterback, and basically using the rest of the next two drafts for defense seems to be the only way to get the Eagles out of long term mediocraty.

  6. I don’t see who starts at QB the Eagles biggest issue. How about the middle of the field consistantly left wide open? I would love to see Philly make a trade for Jarius Byrd.. not likely but would love to see it. I know our D has more than just concern at safety but it is a start.

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