Reggie Wayne reaches 1,000 career catches


Reggie Wayne did something on Monday night that only eight players in NFL history had done before him: Reach the 1,000th catch of his career.

In the fourth quarter at San Diego, Wayne reeled in a pass from Andrew Luck that gave him 1,000 in his 13-year career, good for a tie with Hines Ward (who retired with exactly 1,000 catches) for eighth most all-time.

The only other players who have reached the 1,000-catch mark are Jerry Rice, Tony Gonzalez, Marvin Harrison, Cris Carter, Tim Brown, Terrell Owens and Isaac Bruce.

Although Wayne probably won’t catch Gonzalez on the career receptions list, and almost certainly won’t catch Rice, he could catch his old teammate Harrison (who retired with 1,102 catches) as soon as next season. That would put Wayne at No. 3 all time, and would give Wayne a strong case for induction in the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

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  1. I may be in the minority here, but I don’t think he is a HOFer. In today’s pass-happy league, catches aren’t a reliable indicator- and I don’t think Wayne was ever a dominating presence. At no point in his career was he one of the 3 most feared receivers in the game.

    Just my 2 cents, though. Great player, and much better dude than Harrison.

  2. Deserving Hall of Famer!!!!!

    Anyone who uses the “he played with Peyton Manning” argument against him (i.e. Peter King in 2009 with respect to 64 catch rookie WR with Jim Harbaugh as QB, Marvin Harrison) doesn’t deserve a vote.

    That person knows nothing about football and is too lazy to be trusted.

    The guy threatened defenses for years and played more than well enough throughout the years he played.

  3. Congrats Reggie. Interesting that Wayne and Harrison are the only two on that list to get all of their catches with one team.

  4. Congrats. A great achievement for a great player.

    On a side note: Eli Manning was sacked 5 times while I typed this.

  5. A strong case for the HOF? I hope being #3 on the all time reception list would give you a strong case to be in the hall of fame. How can you have a guy who is the best receiver in Colts history and a Superbowl champion not have a case until he is the third all time in receptions?

  6. Reggie Wayne is such a dynamic receiver, I didn’t realize he was THAT good until recently.

    Last year he had a monster game with over 200 yards, catching all sorts of balls, the defense couldn’t cover him. And he was doing it in Year 12, pretty amazing. Keep it up!

  7. How blessed are the Colts? They’ve had two receivers who are going to be top 5 all time in receptions, and went from Manning to Luck practically overnight.

  8. Wayne already has a strong case for Canton, because you have to factor in his Super Bowl title, those are very difficult to acquire. It is revealing to note however, that Wayne and nearly all of the 1000 catch players, played many of their home games in great conditions for the passing game. That’s not a coincidence, but it does strengthen the case for Hines Ward. Put Ward in a dome or in the west coast for the bulk of his career, and his impressive numbers would have been even greater. This also explains why Andre Reed deserves Canton as well.

    Chris Carter definitely earned his induction, but the vast majority of his highlight reel catches took place in the Metrodome for a reason.

  9. HOF’er without a doubt. He has shown that he is capable of building chemistry on the field with whoever is throwing the ball.

  10. Hines Ward is a better blocker than Reggie Wayne (and every other receiver in NFL history). But it ends there.

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