Texans players sound off on fans cheering Matt Schaub injury

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On Sunday, we mentioned that Texans linebacker Brian Cushing called the Houston fans who cheered Matt Schaub’s leg injury “barbaric.”

Other Texans have chimed in, too.

From quotes distributed by the team, left tackle Duane Brown said, “It’s disgusting.  I don’t want to address them first; I want to address the fans that were there until the end cheering us on into the tunnel.  We appreciate you loyal fans and the fans that stick by us.  For the fans that cheered when he got hurt, that’s disgusting.  You can feel how you want about him as a player, but this is his livelihood and how he provides for his family.  When a man goes down and he is not able to get up, you don’t know what is wrong with him at that point; that could be the last play of his career and for you to applaud at that — I have no words for that.”

“That is just tactless and tasteless,” running back Arian Foster said.  “I was extremely heated at that.  They have to go home and look at themselves in the mirror and if they were born to hurt a man, that’s fine.  They can do what they do.  The fans can get emotional.  That is just not how I was brought up.  That is not the kind of man I am.  I’ve got to go home and raise a daughter, and teach her right from wrong.  That is just not something you do.  I don’t care how you feel about a man. You don’t kick him when he is down.”

Receiver Andre Johnson, who has been with the team every year except its first, agreed.

“No class,” Johnson said. “It’s bad when members of the other team are saying that’s messed up that they would do something like that. It just shows no class. It wasn’t all of the fans, but those are the same people when you’re out somewhere with your family and you tell them they can’t have an autograph right now, they are the same people that tell you you’re rude. It’s no class. It just shows what they’re all about. You don’t cheer about anybody being injured. I don’t care who it is. Guys lay their bodies on the line out there on that field. Some guys get injuries and it affects them their whole lives. For them to cheer about something like that, it just shows they have no class.”

“It was ridiculous,” cornerback Kareem Jackson said.  “It goes to show at the end of the day who all is with you.  There is nobody but us in this locker room.  Like I said, we are family.  When things are good, they ride the bandwagon with you.  They are step by step with you.  As soon as things get bad, they boo and do all the other stuff.  To be honest, we don’t care about that.  We don’t care about who is booing.  For us as a group, we have to get better as a team.”

“That disappointed me,” defensive end Antonio Smith said. “Truly disappointing me. To think our fans that cheer for us don’t have emotions is to be a foolish man. I know that our performance affects them too. It disappointed me that they would cheer when somebody goes down hurt or they would cheer a man’s downfall.”

“I don’t think I’ve ever been as disappointed in our fans than at that moment,” guard Wade Smith said.  “As far as in the community, giving back to the city, as far as representing an organization the way you want a quarterback to do, for them to cheer at that moment it was extremely disappointing.  That’s all I’ve got to say about that.  Extremely disappointing.”

“It’s disappointing,” defensive end J.J. Watt said. “You never ever want anybody to cheer an injury. That’s just unacceptable. I sure hope they don’t truly feel that way. That’s a pretty tough life if you’re cheering for somebody else to get injured. That’s a man with a wife and kids, that’s a man who’s given a lot of effort and a lot of work to this city. I sure hope there weren’t a lot of people cheering. I hope that was a very, very small minority.”

“That is disrespectful,” quarterback T.J. Yates said. “The guy is laying there on the ground holding his ankle, and the fans are cheering. For all that guy has done for this city and this team, for the fans to be booing him when he is hurt on the ground, straight up disrespectful.”

Cornerback Jonathan Joseph was more concise, via Paul Gallant of SportsRadio 610 in Houston:  “They gonna do that, don’t show the f–k up.”

We like that one the best.  If you don’t have a basic level of respect for the men who take extreme physical risks to entertain you, be entertained at home.

91 responses to “Texans players sound off on fans cheering Matt Schaub injury

  1. I never cheer for a player being injured even if its one I loathe or think is dirty.

    Its disgusting and classless. Even the worst player in the NFL is an amazing athlete who works very hard. The don’t deserve the reward of people cheering when they get injured.

  2. The Texans are maybe the most disappointing team in the NFL this year. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Kubiak fired this week, and replaced by Wade Phillips, to try to salvage the season.

  3. You players must understand there are fans that have nothing in their lives but football. The nation could go into a civil war or a spread of a deadly disease and the first question these fans would have would be”Will this have any effect of the game?” It is just they have no other thing in their lives.

  4. have you been to houston? lots of saints fans in the area, and judging by that crowd i would say the city is now part of the who dat nation! yes houston its official we OWN you!

  5. I remember last year when the Texans played here in Chicago-I was disgusted at how they carried themselves the night before the game.

    Cornering Bears fans in bars, pissing all over the floors of the bathrooms…blatantly rude and obnoxious.

    Their behavior on Sunday was unfortunately not surprising to me at all.

    (*I am sure that this does not encompass the entire fan base, but, this is where the ‘stereotype’ comes from)

  6. I precede this by saying it is IN NO WAY honorable, nor is there any good excuse for cheering for a player getting injured. Not even Michael Irvin in Philly.

    But I wish I could’ve chimed in to the NFL AM set this morning to get ED and Garcia (garcia was particulaly high-horsed about it, saying players were like gladiators {slaves who were obligated to fight and die for the pleasure of the masses}), and now some of these players quoted in the article, for using the “we go out there and risk our lives for you the fans enjoyment and this is how you treat us” card.

    You play the game for the love of it, or for money. The copious amounts of money. One or the other. None of you play the game “for the fans.” Please.

    Just say it’s wrong to cheer an injury, because it is. Players discredit themselves and their stance when they say “how can you boo an injured player when we play for you and sacrifice our lives and it’s like the gladiators in Rome…” Sounds like my mom guilting me into coming home for thanksgiving.

  7. As a Vikes fan, I guarantee if Ponder would’ve started that Carolina game and got hurt, there would’ve been cheers. Chiefs fans did it last year, Houston fans this year, and it will happen again. It embarrasses all of us as an NFL fan base.

  8. I think 9er fans doing the wave as a Cardinals player is being carted off the field is worse. At least I understand that the Texans fans did it out of frustration with Schaub’s recent play. Niners did it out of gleeful spite.

  9. pftpoet, for your information, Packers fans have been among the NFL’s most loyal fans. They’ve sold out every game for over 50 years and for over 20 years the Packers were a dysfunctional, miserible team!

    And yes it doesn’t look good when fans cheer when a player gets hurt.

  10. Not going to pin this on the Texans fan base, but on the idiots you find in every stadium in every sport(look at the Sox fan shouting racial slurs and assaulting someone last night). These people are a big reason I rarely go to games in person.

  11. What, nothing in the article referencing the Eagles booing Santa or cheering when Michael Irvin got hurt?

    Could it be that’s finally been played out?

  12. “The Texans have now officially passed the Eagles’s as the NFL’s worst fans…”

    And somehow people STILL manage to talk about us. You have the debatable Michael Irvin incident as people there claim different things, and Santa. Those are the ONLY things that stand out with the Eagles.

    Everything else is nothing out of the ordinary as all sport teams have their share of idiot fans. McNabb booed on draft? 30 idiots picked by that idiot radio station that only idiots listen to. The fact that McNabb has had harsh criticism? Once again our Media sucks.

    What else? Last I checked there hasn’t been countless shootings and stabbings at Eagle’s games (San Fran). There weren’t beer bottles thrown (Browns & Giants) at players. Never iced an equipment manager and knocked him out (Giants). Never pretty much trashed EVERYTHING (once again in Cleveland). Never needed a police escort to leave a stadium and called for the death of a man (Chicago). Never tackled and beat up an eight year old (..Cleveland again) though we did have one drunk moron throw up on one at a Phillies game. He was consequently beat up by Philly fans.

    Hell, in Montreal burns down its city whenever they win in the playoffs in contrast to Vancouver burning theirs down whenever they lose. Philadelphia threw snowballs at Santa Claus during a frustrating season..can we let it go?

  13. I’m not sure that the Texans players realize that by getting on their own fans bad side that getting a long term deal with the same team becomes difficult. They’re entertainers paid to entertain the fans. So in other words, they should probably keep their opinions out of the media regardless of the specific events morality.

  14. have you been to houston? lots of saints fans in the area, and judging by that crowd i would say the city is now part of the who dat nation! yes houston its official we OWN you!

    There are more Cowboys fans here in Houston than AINTS and Texans put together!

  15. Steeler fans, 9ers fans, texans fans in that order…crude, rude, obnoxious and with no class…. Generally speaking of course

  16. I’m not defending the fans, but if a player has played so terribly that the fans actually cheer when he is injured, maybe the coaching staff should have pulled him a long time ago…

  17. Fans can be a bunch of DUMBASSES. Most think it’s all about them and that’s not just Texans fans. Any team can win week in, week out, but any loss is treated like the end of the world and anyone who is perceived to be the blame for that loss, instantly becomes, “public enemy #1”.

    Further, nothing if off limits, family, friends, even a player’s home. Fans forget or don’t care that these are human beings, flesh and blood. Just go to any fan site and read some of the serious crap they spew.

    MESSAGE TO FANS: If it were easy, anyone could do it.

  18. How is Matt Shcaubs million dollar contract paid for? The same fans who pay $100 a ticket, $30 just to park, $10 for half a pint of coors light, $15 a cheeseburger, and $12 a program I believe. So if they are tired of seeing pick six after pick six and want to cheer/jeer an injury by all means they should be allowed.

    All the football players think they are new age gladiators in the Coliseum but the second adversity strikes or the home crowd grows tired of under performing they turn very sensitive.

    Attendance in NFL stadiums is dropping and players are telling fans not to show up?heres a novel idea: if you do t like being boo’d WHY DO YOU SHOW UP AND PLAY GOOD BALL

  19. The Texan team and the Texan fanbase both deserve eachother. Both are classless and dirty. Your demise is well deserved.

  20. I just love the irony of posting an article about bad fans and then follows a ton of fans who bash the Texans and their fans because of their anonymity.

    I think there was probably a few that actually cheered Schaub getting hurt, but the majority of the cheers were for Yates coming into the game where a frustrated, angry fanbase has been clamoring to happen for a long time now. They just didn’t expect the same result, which was Yates throwing a pick 6 and 2 interceptions overall – both deep in Rams territory.

    This team was supposed to be a Super Bowl contender and they’re playing like the Jags. At least the Falcons have the excuse of injuries. This team is WAY too talented to be doing this poorly, and when Yates threw that pass he looked EXACTLY like Schaub – 3 step drop, other receivers open, but telegraphing to the TE. To me, that’s coaching, not the QB.

  21. @ assuredmoron

    This is the third time amd first non Niner article that you keep repeating this LIE. The fact that you have a number of likes shows how many people just feed the meter to hate on the Niners.

    When Calais went down, one small groups of fans tried to get the wave going but failed. The entires stadium 65,000 gave him a standing ovation and cheered for him when he gave the thumbs up you seahack TROLL.

  22. I recall a Ravens Colts game when Boller was knocked out of the game. Same thing happened in Baltimore, some fans called out those booing, fights ensued.

  23. First of all, I couldn’t agree more. People (notice I didn’t call them fans) who cheer when a player (especially one of their own) gets hurt are low life pieces of crap. That also goes for the dumb a##@$ who threw ice on the field. And for those scum of the earth f@#$ heads who showed up at Schaub”s home. It is disgusting and disappointing. And for true Texans fans such as myself, it pisses us off and is embarrassing. But for each jacka## who isn’t a fan, there are thousands of loyal fans. We have stuck with this team from the beginning. The Texans first season was in ’02. Every single game has been a sellout (real sellouts, not the ones where a team or sponsor buys remaining tickets). We suffered through the 2 win season with David Carr getting sacked for a record 76(8?) times. We cheered when they won four games. We kept supporting them for years before they even had a winning season. We hate what’s happening as much as the players do. And it sucks that the actions of a small minority are reflecting poorly on Texans fans and the city of houston. I am sure some of you have run across Texans fans acting poorly. But it doesn’t mean we are all like that. When I go to Texans games and people are wearing the opposing team’s jersey, I make it a point to talk with them and be friendly. One time, the guy wearing a titans jersey was an a##hole. I didn’t say “f@$% the titans fans, they are all drunk @#$%. Just because he was a @!#$% doesn’t mean all titans fans are the same. There are sh#$ fans from every team. Unfortunately some Texans “fans” are painting us all in a bad light.

  24. Texans fans have, as a group, been childish and low-rent since the beginning. They have a massive inferiority complex. In all my years of attending games, the only ones more boorish are the Browns fans.

  25. Texan fans make the eagle fans look like they have some class. Never thought that would ever happen!

  26. This from the team that tries to win with letter jackets and spitting on opposing teams logo’s at the 50 yard line. If the Houston fanbase has “no class” it comes from directly their team.

  27. @jimithebuilder

    Sellouts have nothing to do with whether or not Packer fans are annoying. And I live in Wisconsin. You people are annoying.

  28. Talk about about going from a goat to a sympathetic figure in no time. There is always a silver lining.

  29. Every team has a few thousand moronic fans who get drunk every Sunday and act like animals. This week the Texans’ few thousand drunken morons were on display. Unfortunately.

  30. Do we seriouslly have to login every time we comment now? And screw shaub. Ticks me off cause ive known for 4 years the guy would never lead them. But now its a bigger deal bc they have defense. Lol. Ya ok.

  31. As a Texans season ticket holder since day 1, I have never been more embarrassed as a fan. Even after losing 4 in a row, 5 straight games with a pick 6, getting blown of 3 of last 4 games by 25+ pts, there is NEVER a time in sports you cheer for a player when he is hurt laying on the field, much less your own.

    The sad thing is, it was about 1/3 of the stadium or 25,000 fans. It got louder and louder as Schaub stayed on the ground. Then, when T.J came in, the stadium erupted…. (Almost sarcastically) We know how that ended, pick 6 and another INT.

    I wish I could sit here today and say “It was just one idiot, not our fanbase as a whole” unfortunately, it was thousands… Texans players have every right to be pissed at the fans, Schaub is their brother and leader in that locker room. No matter how poorly he has played. Yes, he has played like s*%T.

    If/when we get blown out by the Chiefs Sunday, I do think heads will begin to roll in Houston – and rightfully so. It starts at the top.

    GO Texans!

  32. A little part of me is irritated by the responses of the players. Yes cheering for Schaub’s injury isn’t right. Though don’t forget this franchise has put its fans through a decade of terrible football (not to mention the crap the Oilers put us through). Recently it gave us a taste of what it was to be “good”. Now we’re falling right back into mediocrity. I get that people are pissed. I’m pissed. So don’t call out your fanbase. Shut up and do your jobs and win some games. Ignore the idiots cheering for injuries and don’t give them any spotlight. You signed up to play football so play it.

  33. “snowman36 says:
    Oct 14, 2013 11:03 AM
    How is Matt Shcaubs million dollar contract paid for? The same fans who pay $100 a ticket, $30 just to park, $10 for half a pint of coors light, $15 a cheeseburger, and $12 a program I believe. So if they are tired of seeing pick six after pick six and want to cheer/jeer an injury by all means they should be allowed.”

    Congratulations on outing yourself as one of the classless Texans who cheered a man when he’s injured. Now go tell Aryan Foster or JJ Watt you can boo him just because you “pay” his salary. This ought to be good.

  34. Remember, most of the fans going to NFL games are on someone elses dime, usually the company they work for so you will always have JA’s at every game. I would bet money that most of the season ticket holders were not cheering, it is just the off the street riff raff scum that so overpopulates are culture these days! You take morals and discipline out of schools and what do you expect to get when Hollywood and Nintendo raises your children. In fact I would bet that quite a few kids went without a meal so that their “parent” could attend the overpriced circus that is an NFL game.

  35. have you been to houston? lots of saints fans in the area, and judging by that crowd i would say the city is now part of the who dat nation! yes houston its official we OWN you!

    no doubt, but it took a hurricane, a corrupt government and some of the dumbest people God ever placed on this earth to get you there.

  36. So stupid the people who do this crap aren’t real fans. The texans are having a bad year as compared to the last few but these “fans”always just blame the QB as if he is solely responsible for the team Losing.

  37. It’s disgraceful and I can’t just single out Houston fans because I remember when Ravens fans did it to Kyle Boller. Some fans justified it as well saying they weren’t cheering the injury but cheering that the back up was finally going in. Some fans take this game too seriously you should never root for an injury and Schaub’s looked pretty bad to the way his leg bent

  38. I like what Andre Johnson had to say the most. These are the same people who will judge every thing these players do, crucifying every wrong thing they say in an interview, every small misstep off the field. The hypocrisy of the human race is mind boggling.

  39. 87hollywoodhorn….nice attitude. Especially considering Houston mobilized a HUGE relief effort at the astrodome after Katrina. Those working to take care of thousands of people from new Orleans were almost all volunteers. A friend of mine was volunteering as a medic and was mugged by a gang of refugees. But you don’t see me bashing everybody from new Orleans. Houstonians OPENED THEIR OWN HOMES to Katrina refugees. But sure, go ahead and talk #$%@ about the very same city that stepped up to help our neighbors.

  40. r8dernation says:
    Oct 14, 2013 11:08 AM
    “A millionaire twisted his ankle, cry me a river.”

    Youre right, but cheering it is unacceptable. Like one of them said, the injuries dont just magically go away when their careers end. They carry them for life sometimes. I doubt you would like it if a bunch of people were taunting you after you just got fired from your job.

  41. OK, the “Pick6” Matt Schaub Burger was funny.

    Booing him when injured is totally classless.

    And the booby prize? TJ Yates is your starting QB!!!

    See you early in the 2014 NFL Draft!

  42. @orivar

    In a simple statement, NO.

    The city of Philadelphia’s fan base’s reputation goes much farther than the 2 incidents you are trying to minimize.

    Veterans stadium was the only NFL stadium with a judge & jail onsite during home games due to the fans bad behavior.
    The intentional puking on another Philly fans child after an altercation.
    Last years Winter Classic saw a group of Ranger fans brutally beaten as they waited in line to get a cheesesteak as were harassed by the locals.
    The playoff game in 2010 against the Packers, Packer fans wearing GB shirts were brutally harassed & beaten.
    49er fans had batteries thrown at them during a regular season game because they were wearing opposing jerseys & cheering.
    Google the Michael Irvin injury, that cheering went on for an ungodly amount of time, that incident isn’t confused. It’s available on YouTube & it was as classless a move as there can be.

    Here’s a better idea, instead of people ceasing to bring up your city’s legendary bad behavior, Philadelphia fans start acting like it actually IS the “city of brotherly love”!

  43. This is the reason that professional athletes shut off the fan noise regardless if it’s applause or boos. Not all fans are idiots but a lot of them will turn on the player like a Cobra snake in a split second. As long as everything is going well they love the player but as soon as things turn sour they curse him. The players are the ones practicing, sweating and playing but some fans think that by buying a ticket they can behave like “barbarians”. Fans always say “we” like they play for the team but they are just spectators they don’t play for anybody.

  44. I hope the Texans players talk about this all week , and forget they have a game on Sunday . PS almost the exact same thing happened at Arrowhead last year with Cassel …

  45. So according to the comments, Houston has lost the right to have a football team, and Texas has lost the right to be a part of the United States of America?

  46. Just to clarify, fans cheering an injured player = bad but players dancing around like idiots after laying someone out with a massive hit = fine and dandy?

  47. Take it easy with your shock. First, it was a leg injury. Yes, the type of injury does matter. He isn’t going to be brain dead his whole life. But, people pull out the “he has to care for his family” card and “no free agents will want to play there”? Give me a break! He’s rich. He and his family are set for life. And free agents will play where the money is. There is no other reason that a free agent chooses a team. I don’t care what he says. Money talks. Plain and simple. So, Schaub has been paid. Do I want him hurt? No. Am I up in arms today? Not even close. I just balanced my checkbook. Matt Schaub doesn’t concern me in the least.

  48. Classless Texans. Bunch of republican, tea bagger Idiots! Why don’t you scum just form your own country and go away!

  49. This has been a huge over-reaction. It’s not like Schaub was down with a head injury, career and life in the balance. It’s a leg injury.
    What the fans are really cheering about is change it’s their product let them do it.
    If you’re coming to an NFL game expecting class, you need to get your head examined.

  50. If that’s how the players feel that’s fine.

    But in that case I don’t want to see JJ Watt do a single sack dance when he flattens some QB or Cushing or one of their defensive backs jumping around like the roided up morons that they are when they lay a player out in the open field.

    They don’t give a crap about how “barbaric” it is until it involves one of their teammates, then fans have crossed a line. Bite me. Barbaric is laying the hit that hurts another person.

  51. I wasn’t watching that game, but sounds bad. If I was a Texan’s fan I may have cheered on the new QB coming in, but that doesnt sound like thats what they were doing. Schaub hasn’t been nearly as bad as they think….his numbers are really good for the past few years.

    I know blame comes down on QB, but you guys have more broke than that – I promise.

  52. Just because you buy a ticket doesn’t give you a free pass to be an ass. Well done parents for a real teachable moment for your kids. In Green Bay last year, Mason Crosby was in the worst funk of his life. This year he is saving our Butts. Matt is a really good quarterback support him or be carefull of what you wish for.

  53. As a season ticket holder for 10 years with the Texans their was a small amount of fans cheering after the injury. Most of the fans was cheering because Schaub was being replace not that he was hurt!!!!

  54. Houston is like West New Orleans, especially since Katrina. Both fan bases are notorious for wearing bags over their heads when their teams aren’t doing well. Houston fans did it with the Oilers and we all know about the Ain’ts fans in Nawlins.

  55. I love all the “Higher than thou” posters that are showing up here. Every team has it’s bad fans. Don’t act like the fans of your team are innocent of doing stupid things. Hypocrites.

  56. Indeed, that was pretty classless! As for J-Jo, the Bengals want you back. We’ve seen the error of our ways. We will have all of the free Gatorade you want and we will even give your kids a hug or walk them to school for ya.

  57. I don’t get why people are surprised. I mean the only thing that might worse than booing a man after getting injured is showing up to his house after a poor game.

    Those extremist fans would make me not want to play in Houston if I was a player. After the Oilers left they shouldn’t have even had a team return to Houston if their fans are going to be this foolish.

  58. vickspreadherpes says:
    Oct 14, 2013 12:04 PM

    “Veterans stadium was the only NFL stadium with a judge & jail onsite during home games due to the fans bad behavior.
    The intentional puking on another Philly fans child after an altercation.”

    You’ve already messed up as you’re bringing up incidents that were already covered or fall under the usual business of idiot sport fans, that’s complete over sight. What’s also over estimation is the inclusion of a jail cell in the vet as at the time the Eagles didn’t rank anywhere close to what some of the other teams did, especial ythe Raiders. Including a jail and a judge to your stadium doesn’t correlate into an absolute factor of being the worst, especially when it came to wide spread violence, they weren’t.

    I already covered the one puking incident, that happened once, by one guy, and everything else falls under the usual business of fights. Also there’s a lot of incidents that I omitted so if you’re really trying to prove how bad Philadelphia is, I can show you how bad it isn’t by only going into a complete countdown of incidents in Cleveland, Oakland, San Fran & Ny. One of those places a guy was recently beat to death.

    Point it you’re casually going by reputation and I’m going by fact, if you debate on this you will lose.

  59. @orivar – PLEASE TELL THESE PEOPLE THIS AGAIN !!! No comments on the RECENT issues at all these other stadiums that are 10 times worse than the Philly incidents, yet idiots wanna keep talking about things that haven’t happened in over 2 DECADES !!! Give me a break and go handle your own fans/stadiums before criticizing some ancient Philadelphia fan non-sense !!!

  60. Matt Schaub deserves letters of apology from the fans cheering the injury. He doesn’t even need one from all of them, he can just pick six.

  61. I’m glad these players have focused on one minor issue with the fans’ behavior at the game, and not their own awful performance for an entire season. you don’t want fans at the game Joseph–you are doing a good job driving them away with your performance.

    this team’s 16 game debacle was kubiack’s fault at the end of the last season and five games this year, but now it is on the owner. i don’t understand how he can be happy with the product he is forcing the fans to endure. kubiack, special teams coach, and bentaub schaub need to go. i wish mcnair would get that through his thick skull.

  62. Before all you bash my city, you should realize that more than 1,100 people move to Houston everyday due to the great housing and job market. So, I am certain, a percentage of those “Houstonians” that were booing are actually from your town. just saying.

  63. Message to players: We won’t boo anything if you just show up and play to your potential. Your play yesterday deserved boos! Schaub’s injury didn’t!

  64. I really are getting tires of all these hypocrites slamming Texan football fans and the entire state. Was it classless to cheer when Schaub got hurt? Absolutely. As a Texans fan, I am disgusted and embarrassed by some of these so called Texans fans. But don’t sit there and pretend all of your fans are little angels. There are Shi##$ fans for all 32 franchises. When chiefs fans cheered when cassell got hurt, no one suggested they were the worst fans of all time and made disparaging remarks about the entire city and state. No one suggested they should be punished by losing the franchise. And for your information, the oilers left because the ever classy bud Adams (you know, the guy who gave bills fans a 2 fingered salute from the owners box) asked for and received a renovation of the astrodome, then turned around and demanded a new stadium. But I guess I am fighting a losing battle. hell, people are using politics to slam the state’s entire population. To be honest, you are showing as much class with your bashing as the idiot’s who cheered Schaub’s injury. But go ahead if it makes you feel better.

  65. Opposing fans getting beat to death in a restaurant/bar across from the stadium for wearing another teams colors. Funny how the Philly supporters conveniently forget the behavior of their city.

    Bottom Line is: The city of Philadelphia’s reputation for bad fan behavior is well documented, no matter how much you want to try & deflect to other cities. Your awful behavior as fans is long storied & very well deserved.

  66. gpry say:

    Steeler fans, 9ers fans, texans fans in that order…crude, rude, obnoxious and with no class…. Generally speaking of course
    More specifically speaking, of course, you know nothing about Steeler Fans. When 0-4, they don’t treat their players as though they were bums. They support them and rally around them – especially in Western PA.

  67. I don’t understand people that get so pissed off at underachieving players…is it the player’s fault he’s sub-par, or management’s fault for putting them in their position?

    To cheer a player’s injury is despicable and heinous. It’s pretty obvious from a couple comments on here that most of the problem stems from some fans’ own insecurity and jealousy because of the money athletes make.

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