Von Miller: Suspension didn’t go by fast


The Broncos are 6-0 after beating the Jaguars on Sunday, a record that makes it easy to forget that they have played those six games without star linebacker Von Miller.

Miller’s six-game suspension for violating the league’s drug policy has come to an end and the linebacker says that the last six weeks have gone by a lot more quickly for the rest of the team than they have for him.

“It hasn’t gone by fast, though,” Miller said in an interview with Mike Klis of the Denver Post. “A lot of people have said it went by fast. It hasn’t. It wasn’t easy. And I don’t want to get away from that. I want to stay with that focus that it’s not easy.”

Miller said he is “working hard” to regain the trust of fans and those in the Broncos organization and that having football taken away from him has made it mean more to him now that he’s back. As far as his conditioning, Miller says he can “move like a wildcat” and is in the best shape of his life.

The Broncos will get a chance to judge that for themselves this week and determine what role Miller will be playing in the coming weeks. If he’s as prepared as he says, it should be a sizable one and a 6-0 team will be looking even better than they have to this point in the season.

39 responses to “Von Miller: Suspension didn’t go by fast

  1. Maybe you shouldn’t be selfish and violate the league’s drug policy then and you wouldn’t be suspended Von Miller.

    Common sense applies here, but that’s assuming you have any.

  2. Andy Reid has assembled a dynasty team.. Look for them to go 16-0 this year and win multiple superbowls in the next few years, they are light years ahead of Broncos and the playoff choker that is their quarterback

    The Chiefs are the most balanced team in the game, #1 defense in the NFL, an elite RB, a solid QB and a nice group of WR’s… I will laugh at everyone when the Chiefs beat the Broncos

    This is what I will sound like…


  3. having football taken away from him has made it mean more to him now that he’s back.

    If having 50+ thousand people cheer for your every week and getting paid millions for the privilege isn’t enough motivation than its not going to mean anything more now than it already did.

  4. thepftpoet says:
    Oct 14, 2013 10:37 AM
    Chiefs are taking the division this year…

    Defense wins games. Broncos have NONE

    They made the Jaguars look decent…


    A dominant WR and a QB that isn’t Gabbert made the Jags look decent. Once Gabbert was gone last year Henne and Blackmon did quite well in the second half of the year.

  5. These chiefs fans have another thing coming. The object of the game is to score points, something your offense cant do. Try coming from behind with alex smith, he will show his true colors then

  6. He is a Great linebacker. Yes he lied and cheated, but so did/do you, most of baseball, most of Football, Etc…, its amazing how judgemental people become. This is non related but do you know what HGH is?, it’s a hormone that is in our brain that allows you to heal quicker like you did before the she of 25. And what they ingest releases it to the body which in my eyes is not harmful at all..!, so it’s ridiculous to ban it as an illegal substance. Judge all you want, but don’t forget to buy your wife flowers after you cheated on her you freakin Hippocrates!

  7. He should have been suspended for the entire year. For using PEDs and for manipulating the testing system. The compromise because he had help from a tester was a cop out. None of this even takes into consideration all the legal issues.

  8. @matteyghoukis, what a load of bullcrud. It’s NOT ok that baseball players used PEDs and it’s NOT ok that football players are using.

    It is absolutely NOT ok that Bronco players like DJ Williams and the cheating liar, Von Miller try to cheat the system by using animal urine or pay off the test takers to submit fake samples. These two should have been suspended for a year for their DELIBERATE lying actions.

  9. thevikes85 says:
    Oct 14, 2013 10:29 AM
    They better hope he can make a big difference cos their d looks garbage.


    We Bronco fans are flattered that you are concerned about our team, but for the record the Broncos record is 6-0. Six Dash Zero. The entire Vikings team is garbage. So worry about your own.

  10. He didn’t use PED’s folks. He smoked pot. Learn the facts. He’s taken his suspension and hopefully learned his lesson. He’ll be a baller and help the already best team in the NFL tremendously.

  11. As a chiefs fan, I take a more realistic approach to this thought. To the guy who said the chiefs will be 16-0 and multiple superbowls, have you watched our offense play this year? It’s mediocre at best. Yea Jamaal Charles is a great back, but he can’t carry us all year long, and halfback swing passes are the majority of our passing game. We have no vertical passing capabilities.

    Yea our defense is a great commodity right now, but when your offense can’t keep from going 3 and out all the time, your defense gets worn out, a can’t keep producing the same results for 35+ minutes a game. Our defense and special team have won all of our games thus far, not our offense.

    Be realistic. I believe we will make the playoffs, but as a wild card team, and I do believe we can beat the broncos, it’s the Nfl, everyone is beatable. But stay classy about it as realistic. Our offense will have to match Peyton manning touchdown for touchdown, something we cannot do.

  12. Point #1–Von did not cheat. Cheating implies “performance enhancing” drugs. He just had fun. He used “recreational” drugs which, actually, the rest of the league should be happy about. Pot would actually make him lazy.

    Point #2–Kind of over the Broncos “suck” mantra by Chef fans, et al…..the point of the game is to “win” and winning is all this team has done. In fact–17 regular season victories in a row–so y’all can take your “moral victories” (jerrah and gus) and stick’em up your *ss ’cause staying close and beating the spread doesn’t get you any closer to the playoffs….

    Point #3–The Broncos are eventually going to face adversity, as they have recently with injuries, and quite possibly, lose a game. Defense has been without 5 starters out, and at least 2 starters out for each game this year, so far. Tell me football geniuses–how would your team fare with that many starters missing?

    Broncos have kept winning…..

  13. It’s amusing that the 2-14 Chiefs of last year have delusional fans who think that their team is better than the Broncos. But that happens every year and it takes a bit of the smack down to curb their lion hearts back to reality. They’ve got a new coach and new QB and in the NFL it takes six games until the other teams get a big enough book on who you are and your six games are up Chiefs. The Broncos are who they were from last year, now Von Miller comes back and the defense will get stronger. It will be fun.

  14. This guys is freaking moron, let’s go speeding down the highway with no driver’s license after you’ve already been arrested for DUI how stupid can you be. Oh ya I gotta buy some clean pee too cause I can’t give up the bong. Freaking idiot will probably get arrested on his way to the stadium. Donkey fans better realize that their defense needs a lot more help than Von Miller can give. Chump Bailey made a huge difference didn’t he? Ha hahahahahaha the Colts are gonna steamroll the Donks, cause Denver hasn’t played a team yet with a winning record let alone on the road.

  15. @Granadafan- I’m not saying its ok to use drugs, I was over generalizing what is policed by the professional establishments they play for. I know steroids are bad so I can see not allowing them. If you can play as good as him or Jimmy smith or at the time Santonio Holmes and you smoke weed on your own time, or snort a few lines I have no right to tell you any different. Now I know we all have to drug test for our jobs etc…but we all know there are ways around it.

    It’s no different than the NCAA exploiting players then fining them for accepting $100,000 for playing. When teams like Texas make more is football alone than some countries GDP. That’s insane!, hippocrytical, and no better than the NFL telling you to play on Thursday or go to England and play. NFL players are more expendable than a hooker in NY. Next man up right?, where’s the concern for them?, play your heart out as long as you can, but if a guy comes by a little faster than you or who can run, and catch the ball out of the backfield then what do you do?, you have a house, a car, 7 family members counting on you IDK I’d do what I had to and if that meant doing something “illegal” to do it I would.

  16. Von Miller returning Champ Bailey returning and Wesley Woodyard returning and this defense suddenly looks a whole lot better!

  17. I love how the know it all football fans sound so sure of something and don’t even have the correct facts. He wasn’t suspended for PEDs. He was suspended for violating the drug policy and trying to cheat the system. And he tested positive for Molly as well, which as a Denver fan is concerning.

  18. These Chief fans are hilarious, they finally are having a decent year and they want to talk all kinds smack to the Broncos. Sorry Kansas City we bear teams by a couple touchdowns. Your offense can’t hang with ours. BTW do you all realize we got Peyton and you all got Alex Smith. Can’t wait for Denver to smash KC! We still don’t see you as a threat!

  19. Chefs are a paper tiger. The Raiders with a patchwork offensive line ran wit them fer a half. Wait til December when VELDHEER is back. Tamba will get shut down like he did last year. But y’all is cute. Fun watchin the delusional fans. Tho this don’t end good fer y’all.

  20. Welcome back Von. Who cares what the perfect people say. And to the Chief fans, ” your team is playing well but let’s not get delusional. ” You can’t score enough points to beat us. The Colts will be a bigger challenge than the Chiefs.

  21. kctigerchief says: Oct 14, 2013 12:53 PM

    That awkward moment when the Denver strength of schedule has been easier than the KC chiefs
    Like a typical Chiefs fan the facts are out of whack. The Broncos and Chiefs play the same schedule except the Broncos play the Patriots and Ravens while the Chefs play the Bills and Browns. The Chefs have the easier schedule, fact!

  22. @kctigerchief

    That awkward moment when you realize the Chiefs and the Broncos have played the exact same schedule with the exception of the Broncos playing the Ravens and the Chiefs playing the Titans (both of which have 3-3 records).

    Also, should we look at point differential? Didn’t think so…

  23. fearthehoody says: Oct 14, 2013 11:54 AM

    Guy is a piece of garbage, but he can play football so people wont care
    I watch football to see guys who can play football. I don’t care if the guy smokes weed and drives without a license.

  24. Denver’s hope and dreams live or die with Peyton Manning, plain and simple.

    The Chiefs are vastly overrated, but their fans are so starved, they’re blind.

  25. Chiefs fans are hilarious. They think that defense wins in the NFL. Ha Ha – well, tough to blame them, that was probably the case the last time they were relevant.

    The NFL has changed a lot since you last won a playoff game 20 years ago…..the league is now designed for offense and scoring not defense and running games, idiots.

    Poor Chiefs fans – every time they have a good year, Denver is in their way. Pretty big “Denver Complex” in that city.

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