With Gabbert a few weeks away, Henne gets another shot

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After leading the Jaguars to a dramatic cover-the-spread at Denver, Chad Henne’s going to get another chance.

Jaguars coach Gus Bradley said with Blaine Gabbert not ready to get back under center, Henne will start this week against the Chargers.

We’re going with Chad this week,” Bradley said, via the team’s official website. “We’re just talking about San Diego. We’ll see when Blaine comes back, but right now Chad’s our quarterback.”

The Jaguars surprised a lot of people by only losing 35-19 to the Broncos, with Henne throwing for 303 yards and two interceptions.

Henne’s been the better quarterback of the two by a significant margin. He has two touchdowns and four picks to Gabbert’s one touchdown and seven interceptions, and Henne’s passer rating (70.9) is nearly double Gabbert’s (36.0).

But Henne’s not a former first-round pick, so there seems to be a need for an explanation for putting him on the field.

Gabbert, who has also missed time with a lacerated hand, watched Sunday because of a hamstring strain which Bradley said “may take a couple of weeks.”

25 responses to “With Gabbert a few weeks away, Henne gets another shot

  1. When you’re rotating QB’s, it means that you don’t have a real QB on the roster. Henne makes the same mistakes over and over again. Gabbert is a marginal NFL talent at best.

    Of course, that’s the least of the Jag’s problems. It starts with their defense, which is weak, especially up the middle. Their secondary is BAD too. They look like an expansion team at this point.

  2. “We’re just talking about San Diego”? Gee, Gus, I hope you’re not overlooking them because they too can kick your butts!

  3. I don’t understand how every day we have to hear about how offensive the term Redskins is yet there are no articles about the assault on good taste that is the Jacksonville Jags helmet. If you’re going to do a gradient, do it correctly or not at all.

    Goodell, you said if one person is offended you must listen. Well I’m offended. Do something about this offensive helmet already.

  4. I really hope Gabbert makes it back into the starting lineup soon, because watching him play football is one of the most enjoyable experiences the sports world can offer. It’s right up there with watching Ron Rivera coach.

  5. The Hen Boy ain’t exactly Namath in his prime , but he’s still better than Gabbert. Then again , my Grandmother would probably be better then Gabbert.

  6. Chad Henne has proven many times that he’s a much better QB then the oft-injured Gabbert. It only took the Raiders a couple of games to cut the cord on Flynn. Perhaps the Jags need to do the same.

  7. I agree every time I see them play I know there bad at football but geez that is the ugliest helmet I’ve ever seen. sad thing is its stuck like glue for a while. must of been boy George on the design team for the jags.

  8. Ha ha ha. Both thegreatgabbert and his cousin logicalvoices commenting in the same column. One is delusional about the Redskins. The other is delusional about Gabbert. Together they are both have half a clue

  9. As a Jag fan and season ticket holder this Gabbert thing is sickening! The kid cannot play period! He has gotten two coaches fired and run off thousands of fans. Continuing to even contemplate playing him is stupid!

  10. thinkarez says:
    Oct 14, 2013 7:33 PM
    I agree every time I see them play I know there bad at football but geez that is the ugliest helmet I’ve ever seen. sad thing is its stuck like glue for a while. must of been boy George on the design team for the jags.

    Sorry, you’re wrong. Hands down the ugliest helmet in the NFL is definitely the plain pumpkin orange of the 1950ish throwback team, The Cleveland Browns.
    Should they change their name like has been suggested of the Redskins? After all, they might offend the Brown family, which owns the Cinncinnati Bengals.

  11. The best QB on the Jags roster is former OW and current WR Denard Robinson. Run the friggin’ wildcat the whole game with him at QB.

    If you want a “best chance to win” with that steaming pile of a team, try that.

  12. There is no way Gabbert can start. He has a 36.0 Qb Rating. Sure small sample size, hows this sample size: He has 1 win 9/23/2012! He only has 5 career wins, and 2 were against the 2011 Colts who ended up with the 1st overall pick. Henne deserve the job.

  13. Toilet Stain Blaine is the absolute worst QB. He is positively comical to watch but I’m sure thegreatgabbert will tell us how Crappert is just using this time to stop the government shut down, fix the Redskins name issue, solve world hunger and all while perfecting his QB skills.

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