Aaron Hernandez’s fiancee pleads not guilty to perjury


As expected, Shayanna Jenkins has pleaded not guilty to charges of perjury.

As also expected, she’s specifically accused of lying to a grand jury investigating the murder of Odin Lloyd.

Prosecutors contend, via NBCNews.com, that Jenkins lied to the grand jury about conversations with her fiancee, former Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez.  Prosecutors also believe she lied when she claimed she didn’t recall what she did with the gun safe or lock box that she removed from the home she shares with Hernandez, allegedly at his request, after Lloyd was killed.

She admitted, with a grant of immunity, putting the box in a dumpster.  But she said she doesn’t recall which one, which prosecutors contend is a lie.

Doing what defense lawyers do, Jenkins’ lawyer has defended her client.

“Their relationship in many ways had elements of what I would call ‘Don’t ask, don’t tell,'” lawyer Janice Bassil regarding the relationship between Jenkins and Hernandez.

Bassil also claimed that Jenkins was questioned in an “extremely aggressive” fashion before the grand jury.

Jenkins remains free without bail.  No trial date has been set.

It’s difficult to prove perjury beyond a reasonable doubt, because the jury has to essentially get inside the defendant’s mind.  It’s easy to charge someone with perjury and hope the extra pressure will make her tell the whole truth to authorities.

24 responses to “Aaron Hernandez’s fiancee pleads not guilty to perjury

  1. Her lawyers know perjury is hard to prove so why would the charge make her cave? I have a suspicion she’s probably a cold individual, not Aaron Hernandez cold, but won’t give up much information.

  2. Rich, good looking athlete like that, seems he could find someone who doesn’t look like the missing link. I guess in this case, what’s on the inside matches what’s on the outside. U. G. L. Y.

  3. I hope they get a conviction, but I have a feeling all of this strong-arming of witnesses is going to come back to bite the prosecutors at trial when the witnesses have no credibility left (e.g., Ortiz conveniently changing his story to now say Wallace never got out of the car).

  4. She will not remember what dumpster it was until it is in her best interest to remember.

  5. @northstarnic You forgot something in that list of adjectives to qualify Hernandez : completely insane, maybe they had that in common? Seems like a pretty good love story.

  6. She looks like the kind of girl that would knife you in your sleep. Then kill your dog and rob you.. But I suppose that would make her and Aaron two peas in a pod..

  7. She took something that she knew was potentially criminal evidence and drove out of her way to get rid of it at the behest of her boyfriend charged with murder. That is just not something you would forget the specifics of. I guarantee she knows exactly when and where she disposed of the evidence. She is definitely lying. The lie may not be about the specific dumpster. It might be that she didn’t toss it in a dumpster and therefor can’t remember specifics because that is the lie. If it were dumped in a trash bin, the authorities could definitely find it. It isn’t like that stuff gets randomly dumped. There is a pretty specific schedule usually. She has apparently admitted to disposing of the evidence so I hope they pursue the max possible for that (in addition to perjury)

  8. @shogunassassin30… i don’t know. With that look in her eyes, I’d upgrade her to Lorena Bobbitt 2.0!

  9. …elements of what I would call ‘Don’t ask, don’t tell,’”…

    So AH is gay? Not that there is anything wrong with that…

  10. I always wonder when I see a guy with a gal that you think “he could do better than that”. Some guys fall for the first girl that can offer exceptional “oral” skills.

  11. The prosecution is botching this case royally, they have stooped to scare tactics to get a confession.

  12. northstarnic says:
    Oct 15, 2013 7:01 PM
    “Rich, good looking athlete like that, seems he could find someone who doesn’t look like the missing link.”
    Criminal intent aside…just because she’s not the cup of tea of most that visit this site…doesn’t mean she has to be described as something on the lines of a Simian. I think we can read behind the lines.

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