Antrel Rolle: We’re capable of blowing teams out

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Giants safety Antrel Rolle is not a man easily dissuaded from an opinion.

Rolle believes the 2013 Giants are a good team. He believed it when they were 0-4, saying that he thought the team would run off 12 straight wins to finish the regular season. He was proven wrong in emphatic fashion over the last two weeks, but that’s done nothing to make him downgrade his expectations for the team. Rolle said Tuesday that the Giants “can go out there and blow teams out” and called for them to start doing it next Monday against the Vikings.

“This is my fourth year being a part of the Giants and what we do is we lead,” Rolle said on WFAN, via the New York Daily News. “Let’s not let that be our mindset that we have to hang in there for dear life at the end of every game and make it so close. Go out there and you blow their ass out early. Put them in a panic mode. Put their backs up against the wall.”

With the exception of last Thursday night, the Giants haven’t been hanging on for dear life at the end of any games because the result was pretty well in hand before the final minutes so just getting that first win should be the thing regardless of style points. That doesn’t mean that Rolle shouldn’t be looking for ways to convince doubting teammates that there’s still things worth playing for this season, but talking blowouts before you have wins is putting the cart way before the horse.

Despite what he said on Tuesday and in the past, Rolle seems to agree. He said at another point in the interview that talk is cheap and that the Giants have to “go out there and play the game,” advice that’s worth a shot with little else working for the team this season.

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  1. He better stop yakking it up, your record is what it is, and your QB is an interception throwing machine.

  2. And you were going to go 12-0 after you were 0-4. Why don’t all of you idiots shut up and play save the we can do this or that and win one single game. No salsa dancing no back flips after tds go about your business clowns. Btw it was karma that hurt Wilson for doing those stupid back flips you looked like a clown boy

  3. The Giants have players on their team that would make them theoretically capable of blowing other teams out. Victor Cruz, Hakeem Nicks, and Eli Manning can potentially put up a lot of points.

    The reality of the situation is the team is struggling and their offensive line couldn’t block the Alabama D, let alone an NFL caliber defense.

    A few tweaks here and there and that team will be back to respectability in no time.

  4. Vikings fan here and after watching every Vikings game this season (and a few Giants games) I’d say Rolle is right…about this week’s game anyway.

  5. Rolle is on the crack pipe. I smell an 0-16 season coming . once they go 0-10 you can almost book it. AP is going to run wild on Monday night. he might gain 250 yds rushing. If i were the midgets i would trade Eli to Houston right now for 2 1st round picks and a 2nd round pick. Rebuild the team. Draft Clowney and Gurley the RB from U Georgia. Make a run at Johhny Football. Deep in his heart Belicheat wants to be the midgets HC.

  6. what we do is we lead”

    Lol, yeah from the rear.

    And guess what Antrel, no 0-6 team has ever made the playoffs in the NFL so you might as well shut your hole at this point. The Giants are largely irrelevant for the rest of 2013 and flapping your mouth won’t change that, only make you look like an idiot.

  7. They will get there first win this Monday night! Not happy with what’s been going on here in MN! Coaches suck as well as our qb, maybe this week will be a change for the better with Freeman starting, not confirmed yet, but no other choice! SKOL VIKES??

  8. Guaranteed win this week for the Giants. The Vikings are 2-13 in their last 15 night games. The only wins were this season in London (the game started at 6:00 there) and on a Tuesday night in 2010. I don’t think you can count the London game because they probably felt like it was noon, and a Tuesday night game is just weird. If the game is played on American soil on Thursday, Saturday, Sunday, or Monday night, it’s a guaranteed loss.

  9. As a Giants fan, I can try and understand what Rolle is saying and trying to do. But as an overall football fan, he, like most have stated here, needs to just stay quiet and do his talking on the field where fans rarely get to hear what players say.

    I also understand he may be frustrated and, as most people do, an outlet to that maybe to “dream” of what could be. Yeah, the Giants could have very well blown out each of their opponents but if one would claim something about a winless team, you can’t deny saying the same about a Jaguars or a Steelers team that is on the same boat.

    I know it makes him feel good to say these things about his team. And, unfortunately, that is 9 out of 10, what most players end up doing.

    At this juncture, baring a miracle winning streak, the season’s awash for them. It would serve Antrell better to keep his self-medicating proclamations to himself, otherwise, he’ll keep appearing like a fool to everyone out there, not that he isn’t already.

  10. Some pretty lame comments considering Rolle gave you all a basketball size layup of a comment to slam him on. “shut up clown”…Oooh. Good one. Come up with that all by yourself or did you copy/paste that from the last 10 Antrel comment posts?

    Here’s the deal….Rolle is of championship pedigree and speaks from the heart. 90% of you fanboys cannot begin to relate because your teams haven’t won dill nuts since Andre Rison was making 20 foot high leaping catches in Tecmo Bowl.

    Not saying it’s gonna happen but the “no 0-6 team has ever….” does not phase us b/c we’re the team of firsts.

    First 9-7 team to win the SB. First NFC WC team to win the SB. First team to be ranked 32 in rush offense to win SB. First team to beat the 18-0 Pats. List goes on and on.

  11. The Giants Defense will make Josh Freeman look like Peyton Manning or Tom Brady, they are the worst Defense I have ever seen, they make my Skins pathetic Defense look like the 85 Bears.

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