Eagles kneel from shotgun to avoid Buccaneers attacking victory formation

Tampa Bay Buccaneers head coach Greg Schiano is adamant in his belief that his team should exhaust every opportunity to win a football game. That belief has led toward the Buccaneers firing off the ball in an attempt to blow up a team’s “victory” formation multiple times over the last two seasons.

Chip Kelly and the Philadelphia Eagles were ready for the strategy Sunday afternoon and employed a new tactic to avoid it –  a kneel down from shotgun.

With 34 seconds left to play, Nick Foles lined up in shotgun behind center and took a knee to run the final seconds off the clock. Since the Eagles were ahead by more than one score at 31-20, the Buccaneers didn’t actually go through with an attempt to blow up the play and allowed Philadelphia to take the kneel down unimpeded.

Schiano said it’s a part of the team’s beliefs to play that way in those situations and will continue to do so in the future. In fact, Schiano is probably glad teams may attempt a shotgun kneel down because there is a higher likelihood of an errant snap out of shotgun that would allow the Buccaneers a chance to get the ball back.

However, taking a snap from shotgun isn’t exactly a novel concept to NFL teams either. As long as Schiano calls for his team to attack against “victory” formations, it wouldn’t be a surprise to see more teams go to a shotgun snap for their final plays of the game.

Screen shot via NFL Game Rewind.

37 responses to “Eagles kneel from shotgun to avoid Buccaneers attacking victory formation

  1. good job coach Schiano sticking to your guns… next up think of some exotic blitz to counter victory formation… for some reasons opposition is using victory formation a lot against the bucs…

    Talib and Blount got lucky!

  2. Still unnecessary to take the statistical yardage loss. It’s no threat without the shotgun and the team can behave to try and cause injuries just the same way if they still want to when a team lines up in the Shotgun formation. I don’t like Coach Kelly’s approach, it’s weak, not victorious. But that’s what I expected from him.

  3. Great body of work as well as reputation: I am a crummy coach who forces my players to do a meaningless and insipidly stupid play to end a lost game…What a legacy to include on my resume when I begin to look for a new job next week.

  4. Ummm … OK

    So what you’re saying here is that Philly was wisely guarding against Tampa Bay trying to somehow pull off some sort of rare 10-point miracle TD??

  5. I bet the NFL can’t wait to see the last of this punk. Remember all the Bucs’ fans defending this classless move? How do you like it now ? Karma …

  6. The smartest head NFL football coach in the league.No whining , sniffling ,or complaining. He really did not have to do it. BECAUSE?? It was not a 1 score game. But none the less he figured out how to respond to Schianos’ evil plans. HaHaHaHa

  7. Considering the Bucs will see the victory formation used against them a lot this season, at some point he will give up on rushing it. What a waste of talent on this squad; Greg is clueless…

  8. Tampa has only done that in one score games. I applaud them for that. Why should they concede a close game if there is still time on the clock. Don’t coaches preach playing a full 60 minutes?

  9. Funny how many of the people complaining here about schiano doing this are the same ones that will drink hard right until the end of last call…….it ain’t over til it’s over.

  10. The way Schiano is working out in Tampa, I doubt many more new schemes will have to be worked out for the V formation amongst the league’s coaching staffs. This JV stuff will be headed back to the Big East.

  11. Greg, have a press conference and say you will never try to blow up the victory formation again and that you will start listening to your players. It’s your only hope. Oh yeah, and appologize to the fans about Winslow, Talib and Blount who are proving they were good players.

  12. saintsredwings says: Oct 15, 2013 3:55 AM

    I’d fake the kneel and bomb a TD pass. Teach Shiano to rethink his cheap tactics.

    And what happens when during this rushed throw, the DB takes the pick 6 for a TD?

    most of you might not like it, but it is a specifically coached play. Its not just utter chaos.

    He’s never done it when down by more than one score. THAT would be very bush league.

    as a matter of fact, i even recall a game last year when we did the same exact shotgun kneel down when we were up by a score…

    anywhoo, still sucks that we have to be the ones to do this every week. I sure would love it if we were the ones in position to have OUR victory formation crashed.


  13. bayoubuddha says: Oct 15, 2013 11:44 AM

    I’d expect no whining from Schiano, the Bucs or their fans when a team runs the score up on them.

    As a Bucs fan, i agree. The offenses’ job is to score…the defenses’ job is to stop the offense from scoring.

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