Eagles kneel from shotgun to avoid Buccaneers attacking victory formation

Tampa Bay Buccaneers head coach Greg Schiano is adamant in his belief that his team should exhaust every opportunity to win a football game. That belief has led toward the Buccaneers firing off the ball in an attempt to blow up a team’s “victory” formation multiple times over the last two seasons.

Chip Kelly and the Philadelphia Eagles were ready for the strategy Sunday afternoon and employed a new tactic to avoid it –  a kneel down from shotgun.

With 34 seconds left to play, Nick Foles lined up in shotgun behind center and took a knee to run the final seconds off the clock. Since the Eagles were ahead by more than one score at 31-20, the Buccaneers didn’t actually go through with an attempt to blow up the play and allowed Philadelphia to take the kneel down unimpeded.

Schiano said it’s a part of the team’s beliefs to play that way in those situations and will continue to do so in the future. In fact, Schiano is probably glad teams may attempt a shotgun kneel down because there is a higher likelihood of an errant snap out of shotgun that would allow the Buccaneers a chance to get the ball back.

However, taking a snap from shotgun isn’t exactly a novel concept to NFL teams either. As long as Schiano calls for his team to attack against “victory” formations, it wouldn’t be a surprise to see more teams go to a shotgun snap for their final plays of the game.

Screen shot via NFL Game Rewind.