Flynn is in, but Bills expect Lewis to be ready

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The Bills brought Matt Flynn in yesterday for depth, but coach Doug Marrone said he still expects Thad Lewis to be able to play Sunday against the Dolphins.

Tests came back clean on Lewis’ foot sprain, and Marrone said he “feels good” about Lewis’ availability Sunday.

That didn’t stop them from adding a guy with experience, to go with Lewis and Jeff Tuel while they wait for E.J. Manuel to recover from a knee sprain.

We were talking about bringing him in for a workout prior to the game,” Marrone said of Flynn, via Mike Rodak of “What we’re doing is trying to make sure that we have enough players on our roster, with the amount of injuries we’ve had, so that we’re backed up with people who can go out there and be able to do it.”

That’s becoming hard for the Bills, who have struggled to keep a passer on the field all season.

Flynn’s looking at his latest chance as a clean slate, after being cut by the Raiders after a disastrous loss to the Redskins.

“I’m happy I’m getting a fresh start,” Flynn said. “One game isn’t going to affect my overall confidence or my belief in what I can do.”

Of course, the one game he had for the Packers in 2011 set him up for life, so he probably shouldn’t scoff at the power of one game.

14 responses to “Flynn is in, but Bills expect Lewis to be ready

  1. “Of course, the one game he had for the Packers in 2011 set him up for life, so he probably shouldn’t scoff at the power of one game.”

    Good one. I’ll always be a Flynn fan. I hope he comes back to Green Bay next year.

  2. Wow, they’ve had a crapload of qbs this year…Kolb, Leinart, Flynn, Manuel, Lewis, Tuel… and I think I’m forgetting some.

  3. i think its funny when a team is willing to bring in M Flynn over V Young. I don’t kno what happen in Buf between the Bills and V Young. but VY is better qb than Flynn. the same Flynn that beat out by R Wilson. the same Flynn that was beat out by T Pryor. let’s do the math Flynn has 2 starts with 1 win in his career. V Young has to many starts to count along with to many wins to over look him.

  4. How many fresh starts does Flynn need? He managed to turn 2 good games into 3 simultaneous paychecks

  5. The Raiders decision to drop a bunch of money on a player, only to cut him after one bad outing was ridiculous. No one player can be judged off of one single game. That is why they shouldn’t have relied on the one good game that he has played to judge his skills. At least when Buffalo brought Ryan Fitzpatrick in as a backup, they only gave him his contract after seeing several good games from him. Flynn won’t get much from Buffalo’s front office, I think they have learned from others mistakes with him.

  6. Where is Tebow already? He can run the same type of offense and there isn’t a treat to steal the starting job, plus he can help sell tickets so Ralph won’t have to dip into his own pocket again. They’re in a no lose position by bringing him in and they are in a no win position otherwise. I’m just saying.

  7. Thank you for taking Matt Flynn! He is a great QB and if you can give him 3 seconds of protection with the offensive line…you will be amazed. We played against him 2 years ago (last game of season) and he reminded me of Joe Montana. The guy is impressive…and thank you for not letting him come back to Green Bay.

    Rodgers is enough to worry about. I want to win on Thanksgiving!

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