Jason Hatcher would rather face Foles than Vick

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The Eagles haven’t named their starting quarterback for Sunday’s game against the Cowboys, but one member of the Dallas defensive line knows who he wants to see.

Cowboys defensive tackle Jason Hatcher said it will be a challenge for the defense regardless of whether they face Nick Foles or Michael Vick in Week Seven, although he said he finds the challenge provided by Foles more to his liking.

“I would like to see Foles,” Hatcher said, via the Dallas Morning News. “Vick is like a rabbit. He’s all over the place. Foles is more like a stationary guy in the pocket. Both of them are awesome quarterbacks. Foles is playing his butt off these last couple of games. Either one, but I would take Foles over Vick.”

With DeMarcus Ware looking like he’ll be out this week, the Cowboys’ pass rush will take a hit that could make Foles’ more stationary approach to the position less of a positive for Dallas. If Foles has time to throw the ball, he’s been an effective and productive passer that could make Hatcher more careful about what he wishes for in the future.

17 responses to “Jason Hatcher would rather face Foles than Vick

  1. That’s interesting. I would not want my QB to be compared to a rabbit ‘all over the place’. Brady, Manning, Breed, Rodgers seem to do a great job playing QB while not being a rabbit.

    If I’m an Eagles fan, I would want to see where this Foles can take them. They know what Vick will do (run, make good and bad plays, but still just miss the playoffs).

  2. I think most players would rather face Foles while most coaches rather face Vick.

    The Dallas players should be worried about McCoy more than the QB’s. The way their “D” has played so far, I predict this will be McCoy’s biggest game of the year.

  3. Every highlight I see of Desean is a free release off the line…not this week, his 170 lb frame won’t be running anywhere close to the endzone

  4. #1: this game’s outcome is primarily dependent on if Jekyll or Hyde’s play at QB on the Cowboys side.

    #2: I think Foles will understand whatever D Kiffin sets up whereas I question Vick’s ability to adapt to certain defenses (Man?)

  5. As a Cowboys fan cobrala2 I agree with you, I also would really really like to see the offense on the field a little more than we did last week. I started feeling bad for our defense because of harris being so bad@$$ they barely had a minute to breathe!

  6. ccjcsr says: Oct 15, 2013 10:10 AM

    Every highlight I see of Desean is a free release off the line…not this week, his 170 lb frame won’t be running anywhere close to the endzone

    Yeah, that’s what everyone else said also…. And here we are.

  7. This should be an interesting matchup. Both teams are transitioning to new defensive schemes, but defenses are under-performing, both offenses are high powered and can explode for big plays at any time, but also know how to explode on themselves with big mistakes. It’s a shame to see some of the big injuries that will leave key players out on both sides, Vick, Ware, and Murry.

    Time for bragging rights in the NFC East folks. Whether you like the Eagles or the Cowboys, this should be a good game in a drastically changing division.

  8. I’d rather face Vick than Foles. Foles takes care of the ball better than Vick and turnovers are a big deal in games. You can count on Vick to put it on the ground and throw a pick every game. Facing Vick is like getting a 7 put on the score board before the game even starts.

    If the Eagles want to make any sort of run at the post season, they need to move away from Vick right now. Vick is good for some highlight reel stuff, but if you put his highlights up agains his bone head plays and other stupid stuff he does, the highlights aren’t all that impressive anymore. Vick has had 2 decent seasons in his entire career, and because he can look awesome on a play or two a game, fans love him like he is the best to ever play. Problem is, Vick is not even in the top half of best QBs to ever play.

    If I offended you, the truth must hurt.

  9. bluebongzilla says: Oct 15, 2013 1:14 PM

    “Time for bragging rights in the NFC East folks”

    In October? You must be an Eagles fan.

    0-6 in October… you must be a Giant’s fan.

  10. I hope he faces Foles, too because I have had enough seeing all the ways Vick can lose a game.

  11. No actually I’m a Cowboys fan. The Eagles should win something actually worth bragging about before they brag.

  12. I don’t know about all that bragging rights stuff. I do know the Giants season is over and you can still go the games without a coat!!!

  13. All I know is that if Foles lives up to expectations and beyond in the Dallas game…then Chip needs to keep him as starting QB.

    Regardless, IMO, Vick won’t be an Eagle next year….

  14. I can see Philly trading up in this coming draft to grab a QB like Boyd… Vick can’t hold up, and Foles isn’t the answer. Chip Kelly needs a fast QB to run things. No matter how good Foles is, he doesn’t FIT the offense.

    Cowboys, 38-17

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