John Fox tees off on Jim Irsay


This is getting good.

In response to comments to USA Today (which, frankly, were buried under far less compelling quotes) from Colts owner Jim Irsay regarding the various one-and-out playoff runs and absence of multiple Super Bowl wins from the Peyton Manning era, Broncos coach John Fox fired back.

“I saw the comments [from Irsay] and to be honest with you I thought it was a bit of a cheap shot,” Fox told Pat Kirwan and Jim Miller of SiriusXM NFL Radio.  “To me, in my opinion, they were disappointing and inappropriate.  I mean, Peyton would never say anything.  He’s too classy to do that.  But they sounded a little ungrateful and unappreciative to me for a guy that has set a standard, won a Super Bowl, won division titles, won four MVP awards.  I’d be thankful with that one Super Bowl ring because there’s a lot of people that don’t have one.”

“We’ve changed our model a little bit, because we wanted more than one of these,” Irsay said, referring to his Super Bowl XLI ring.  “[Tom] Brady never had consistent numbers, but he has three of these.  Pittsburgh had two, the Giants had two, Baltimore had two and we had one. That leaves you frustrated.

“You make the playoffs 11 times, and you’re out in the first round seven out of 11 times. You love to have the Star Wars numbers from Peyton and Marvin [Harrison] and Reggie [Wayne]. Mostly, you love [championships].”

Apart from whether Irsay has a point (and some would say he does), the timing couldn’t have been worse.  In five days, Manning returns to Indianapolis — and now it’s obvious he’s going to be pissed and driven and determined to show Irsay what Manning is still capable of doing.

Irsay has yet to address the situation on his favorite communications platform — Twitter.  We’ll be keeping an eye on anything he may have to say there, decipherable or otherwise.

187 responses to “John Fox tees off on Jim Irsay

  1. I’m torn on this one.

    On one hand, I’ve always ripped Manning for being a first round playoff choker.

    But on the other hand Isray is the biggest tool owner in professional sports, and that’s saying something.

    Team Peyton.

  2. I’m totally unbiased when it comes to Peyton. Good guy, amazing QB, and from all indications a stand up guy.

    The post-season proof is in the puddin’ however. He’s s___t the bed every time except for 2006. In 12 post season appearances, he’s won just one SB.

    He’s a pick-machine at the most crucial moments. I side with Irsay here

  3. Well, you’ve got to tip your hat to Irsay–there’s not many people who can say more asinine stuff while being interviewed sober than while tweeting drunk.

  4. Whatever. MegaHead doesn’t need any billboard material for his ego…I don’t think there is a billboard big enough for that…and Fox is nothing but a pawn who does nothing.

    Hopefully the Colts will be motivated after that trash they showed Monday and put this arrogant team where it belongs…in the loss column.

    Go Colts!!

  5. John Fox wants to date Peyton doesn’t he? The only problem I have with Irsay saying that is that he is playing Peyton this week. Other than that it’s true! Peyton isn’t a playoff QB. He isn’t clutch in the playoffs and he wouldn’t have gotten his one ring if the opposing QB wasn’t Rex Grossman. Broncos fans will be seeing the true Peyton in a couple of months.

  6. Irsay is the biggest d-bag in the league! A huge embarrassment of an owner.

    Peyton is going to eat the Colts for lunch this week!

    What a douche!

  7. Didnt even know broncos had a coach. Thought it was all manning. Enjoy the ride Fox, you are one lucky coach.

  8. I lived through the older Bob Irsay’s wild rantings when the REAL Colts played in Baltimore. Sorry to say but Jim Irsay is beginning to sound quite a bit like Dad. I guess like father like son is happening again!

  9. And this is one of the many things I like about John Fox– He’s taking a ‘Classy Hammer’ to the buffoon owner. Can’t argue with anything Fox said. Everyone wants to find SOMETHING to dig into Manning about, but it should be a forgone conclusion that this is the ultimate team sport and winning a superbowl is more than having just a HOF QB and some all-pro receivers, just ask Marino, among others. Every area of a team needs to be tweaked by playoff time, including running the ball and coaching.

    Looking forward to Sunday night– hard not to imagine Peyton taking the proverbial machine gun to the colts D.

  10. Irsay is an idiot. Maybe I’m old fashioned but owners should be above this stuff. Stay behind the curtain. Irsay makes himself looks so small.

  11. Interestingly, Elway was also considered a “playoff choker” before ending his career with two Super Bowl victories. I have a feeling Peyton is in line for the same.

  12. But he’s having fun. Although the best comeback from the Broncos would have been to make fun of him for not trading him away and capitalizing on his exit strategy instead of losing a championship 10 of those 11 times. He left a lot of value on the table and he’s the one that was responsible for losing those 10 times. Not Peyton.

  13. Irsay has a point, they have remade that whole club in a much tougher image. That will help them later in the playoffs, but not nearly so much as the officials calling pass interference instead of letting bogus interceptions stand.

    And the Saints game, legitimate loss for the colts, a tougher team and a tougher minded coach could have won that. Not so sure the QB was the issue.

    But have to grant it to Irsay, that team is tougher in this version then in previos versions.

  14. Jim, wow, seriously WOW. I would say that your coaching hire after Tony D, multiple first round draft misses, and having a crazy person in the front office contributed as much as anything to having only 1 SB. Way to be a “team guy” on the ultimate team sport. ……. Check your back Andrew. BTW.. what exactly have you accomplished in your life other than being born?

  15. I’m a Chargers fan but nevertheless very annoyed with Irsay. All the NFL needs is Peyton to be even more fired up than he already is. He already dominates the league. Why would you inspire him even more?

  16. He does have a point. And he probably knows better than most how to get under Herman Munster’s skin. Should be an entertaining game.

  17. It’s pretty crazy to think that 3 of the best statistically passing QBs ever (Favre, Manning, and Marino) have 1,1, and 0 Superbowl rings.

    I’m not big on using Spygate as an excuse, but as much as Peyton uses audibles and hand signals I’d say they gained the biggest advantage of all against the Colts.

  18. The older Irsay gets, the more he reminds me of his dear old dad, who moved the team to Indy from Baltimore in the middle of the night. Classless is as classless does.

  19. yeah I don’t think this was a good idea, nor was it the place for the owner to comment, as Brady in his early years wasn’t really a great QB, they just had a great defense. As Brady has improved over the years, their defense much of the time had deteriorated and he hasn’t gotten those additional rings. And you see Eli and his 2 rings aren’t good for much when the defense is a joke and he has no running game or rookies at WR. QB is 1 of 22, the great ones can mask a lot of flaws, but not necessarily win it all with those flaws.

  20. In all seriousness, Peyton’s legacy was solidified when he came back from the 21-3 deficit against my Pats and his nemesis in the ’06 AFC Championship Game. That win and the Super Bowl win 2 weeks later ensured he wouldn’t be another Marino and made him great.

    The fact that he doesn’t have 3 rings like Brady just means he was never a part of a dynastic TEAM with a defense that could make multiple rings possible. This coming from a Pats can who has seen every down since 1993.

  21. With Peyton, Marvin, Reggie, that offense was great for years. Their one title came when the defense finally pulled its head out of it’s arse.

  22. I’m not a fan of Irsay at all and I assume he was drunk when he said this, but it’s not wrong even last year in Denver one and done, but with that being said it’s a little early for Irsay to be throwing stones because Luck is still 0-1 in the playoffs.

  23. Fox needs to realize how incredibly irrelevant he or the rest of the donkeys are in this Saga. That team is Manning. Manning chokes when conditions are out of his comfort zone. Facts prove this. End of story.

  24. Irsays right…

    mr 20 million a year has only 1 sb ring… the one he got vs rex grossman.

    The next time he got there he threw it straight to tracy poster for a pick 6…

    Manning got to play vs the expansion texans, mediocre titans and woooo… jacksonville for a decade…

    He is vastly overrated… a bully who likes to run up his numbers on weaker teams…

    Brady this weekend proved why he is the best of all time and been to the SB 5 times

  25. Peyton Manning is a personal fraud (ask the local TV weather girl) and a playoff loser…he didn’t play well in either Super Bowl and Jimmy Irsay made the right decision on cutting him…when the cold weather hits in January, let’s see how that arm works…he still has no zip on the ball to the sidelines against cover 2 and the cold weather will doom him in the Playoffs…No domes in the AFC Playoffs unless he is in Indy and Super Bowl in Jersey…Fox knelt on the ball against Baltimore because he feared the interception Manning eventually threw…regular season is meaningless…call me in January

  26. Fox must really not like Irsay. It takes a lot for him to respond to an idiot. I think Manning is going to destroy the Colts, and Fox will be happy as hell when he does. But you know, it is what it is.

    go panthers

  27. Irsay is a moron who won the “lucky Sperm Club”.
    Take away his silver spoon, and he ‘s delivering beer.

  28. Irsay is a classic toolbag, but the heel’s got a point.

    More than the upcoming game, I look forward to February, when I don’t have to hear from ANY of these guys.

  29. Not very classy from Irsay to say it, but Manning absolutely should have won at least another Super Bowl in Indy.

  30. Manning is the greatest QB of this generation, and Irsay should thank his lucky stars he had Manning to carry his team to division title after division title and get him a Superbowl.

  31. Irsay may have a point about the playoff record but he is a drunken fool. His playoff record would be 0-0 as Peyton is the reason they ever got to the playoffs in the first place. Yeah, Peyton has been paid plenty but Irsay and his GMs never bothered to build a team around him. Peyton’s career was mirroring Marino’s except when Peyton got to the big game, he didn’t have to face a stacked team with Montana as the QB.

    It seems to me that Irsay has realized that the only way for Denver to lose this game is for peyton to make some mental mistakes. Manning is not the same QB when he gets flustered. That’s all this is. A drunk’s childish attempt to get under the skin Manning.

    I was hoping for a good game, but now, I’m hoping Denver goes in there and drops a stinking pile of 50+ in Irsay’s front yard. Peyton should audible out of the victory formation to toss his last TD and blow kisses towards the owner’s box before the WR even gets to the end zone.

  32. maybe if irsay had stopped directing his team to tank the final games of the season they would have carried their momentum through the playoffs, or had they not hired Caldwell the incompetent, they would have beat the jets that year, but the idiot decided to give the jets an attempt at a game tying field goal by calling a timeout for them…. but yea it’s all mannings fault he turned a clown show into a winner

  33. Manning and Co. took up to much of the payroll to put together a team that could make long playoff pushes. I think that was Irsay’s point. He couldn’t keep Manning, despite the MVPs and big time stats, and still build a championship team.

  34. good to see foxy spit some fire back at irsay. i miss him here in carolina, thought firing him was a poor decision. that’s a lot different than his previous ‘is what it is’ rhetoric. you folks in denver have a damn good coach. keep him around.

  35. As a Colts fan, I’d have to side with Irsay on this one. I’d rather have 3 championships than 1 + many broken records. But of course, you could say Manning would have more if he had a defense in Indy.

  36. Looking forward to DEN vs IND even more now! Was wondering if Peyton will be affected by the inevitable homecoming welcome, but now any platitudes they dole out will just sound insincere, so Peyton can remain focused on the task at hand.

  37. Funny that he didn’t change directions until Manning sat out for an entire year and they had an opportunity for a new franchise QB. Sorry, but this is revisionist history thinking.

  38. Good thing the Colts got rid of Peyton and found a new QB to lose in the first round to a wild card team! Irsay might want to wait on Luck to win something before he starts running his mouth.

  39. This isn’t a cheap shot at Manning. Irsay was just saying that now he’d rather have a more complete all around team so Indy can win multiple Super Bowls rather than having the league’s best QB that can break records.

  40. Why do I believe the Indy DC began updating his resume after seeing this little exchange today?

    I really have had no problems with the success of Indy last year and this year, but Irsay seems to be having a bit of the Jerrah growing in him.

    The last thing Indy needs is a peeved Manning (and with him the rest of the Denver Offense) going in looking to set all kinds of NFL season game records. Would not shock me if Denver hung 60 on them.

  41. NBC would like to thank Jim Irsay for boosting this game’s ratings from excellent to out-right post-seasonal.

  42. Fox may sing a different tune if the Broncos exit the playoffs in the first round like they did last year. Even Tim Tebow won a playoff game with the Broncos.

  43. Mark, it’s not revisionist history if he changed styles while he still had manning and had to make a decision. It would be revisionist if what he said wasn’t a great reason to move on. It’s an easy way out of the situation and fire Polian and let Peyton go, but this isn’t revisionist history, it’s a part of the story you hadn’t considered or known about until now.

  44. I am sure some will disagree with me but i think the only reason that the colts never won more than one super bowl is because of there defense, especially there run defense.

    Them not winning had nothing to do with Peyton is you ask me. Like i said it had to do with how bad there defense was.

  45. Does anyone think maybe he meant that he was moving away from the way Polian built the team?!?!?! OBVIOUSLY he likes having great QBs or he wouldn’t have taken Luck, so maybe he was talking about being completely focused on offense and taking scraps to build a defense or special teams that were always dreadful. I think he’s talking about putting the emphasis on all phases of the game, and that is a decision the owner and GM make.

  46. I’m sick of people ignoring the fact that the Colts did not have even an average defense except the year they actually won the Super Bowl. When Peyton plays defense, get back to me. Good for Foxy.

  47. Hey I don’t blame Colts fans for moving on because that is what Dallas did with Tom Landy and Tex Schramm and Jimmy Johnson and Jerry Jones. Still Peyton is always classy. The fact that he loves his family openly speaks to his character.

    But Irsay, he left Baltimore of the middle of the night if what I know is correct.

  48. Not every “One and Done” should be attributed to a mistake by Manning, but the issue is that culmulative, he hasn’t racked up more than one SB. It is what it is………..As the QB, you get the credit and the blame in the long term for your overall team’s successes and failures.

    I think Peyton will press hard to do extremely well in this upcoming game. He may even get picked one or two times. He will, however, not lose. After all, it is a regular season game.

  49. As a cowboys fan its so hard to pick a worse owner than Jerry Jones….except when we have Danny Snyder and this drunk incoherent redneck Jim Irsay.

    No class at all, and he probably doesn’t even realize it though which could be the worst part. They would be irrelevant without Manning, oh Jim, you think Ryan Leaf would have won you championships had you taken him instead. This is awful for Colts fans.

  50. irsay is right. peyton manning’s number are very inflated by regular season. in playoffs he struggles. his career playoff record is something like 9-12. many of those loaded indy teams didn’t do anything in playoffs, with p manning at qb, except go home early.

    remember, tim tebow has more denver playoff wins that p manning. fox might start changing his tune if p manning’s trend, which includes last yr’s playoff loss to balt in which he threw a back breaking int in OT, continues.

  51. Here’s a piece of advice from Brian Billick:

    coaches should coach, general managers should manage, and owners should own. Shut up Jim, you’re getting old with this stuff. And stay off social media.

  52. Coltsfan166
    As bad as the colts defense was , in almost in all of manning playoff losses in indy, his defense played well. Tell me when they got blown out. Manning played bad in all the losses and made crucial mistakes.
    coltzfan166 says:
    Oct 15, 2013 7:26 PM
    As a Colts fan, I’d have to side with Irsay on this one. I’d rather have 3 championships than 1 + many broken records. But of course, you could say Manning would have more if he had a defense in Indy.

  53. It might be true but do you really want to give Manning even more motivation then he already had to destroy your team just ridiculous I hope his coach and players thank him when Peyton comes in and does them dirty lol

  54. This isn’t even a point of whether Isay is right about Peyton not winning in the playoffs. The point is how ungrateful Isray is. Do you know how many teams would love to have been to 11 playoffs in the past 15 years? Ask the browns, Jags, bucs, dolphins, jets bills, he’ll pick any team you want. There are a lot of teams with out a single SB WIN. Winning in the NFL is hard. Teams don’t just hand you a win. As great as Tom Brady is, any NFL fan who doesn’t acknowledge that Brady had some great defenses backing him up isn’t paying attention. Teams win SBs, QBs just get all the credit when they do. Maybe Peyton presses a little too much because he doesn’t have a defense he can lean on. Anyone pointing to last year need look n further then the poor pass defense on the ravens game tying TD. Fans who can’t acknowledge that both Peyton and Brady are great QBs are either haters or morons.

  55. Maybe not a cheap shot, but definitely a dig. I hope Manning hangs a 60 burger on them–and if he does, he will never say a single word, it will be awesome.

  56. Tony DUngy should have won at least one Super Bowl with the Bucs and he should have won at least one more with the Colts. He rode the team that Sam Wyche drafted to Tampa then he went to Indy and rode Peyton. I love Tony the man but Tony the coach is vastly overrated.

  57. Outsiders can talk about Peyton’s playoff failures as a conversation point when ranking him amongst the all time greats, but for his previous owner to come out a say it as if he’s Dissapointed in the manning era and that he’s gonna do it better without Peyton is pathetic.

  58. C’mon Irsay, crank up the crazy meter even more this week. I have faith in you. I know you can do it. You can make Sunday night a great show.

  59. Amazing how all of the sudden the Colts defense was to blame. The Colts defense was good enough to win all them divison titles and 13 wins a year.Then all of the sudden in playoffs it was the defense

  60. If “doing it better” means bringing in guys like dhb and burning 1st round picks on Trent Richardson, Irsay is in for a rude awakening.

  61. Let the games begin! I’m loving this because John Fox rarely says anything remotely close to disrespect. Cmon Irsay, let’s see if you really aren’t afraid of “the sheriff”.

  62. I love the Colts & I love Peyton, but Irsay needs to SHUT UP!! Yes some of those playoff loses are on Peyton and a lot are on Irsay! Yes Eli, Brady & Big Ben had something Peyton didn’t consistently have. A good defense! What did Irsay do to improve the d? Absolutely nothing! The d couldn’t stop the run nor get off the field and Peyton had to play from behind a lot! Look at this past MNF game and you see nothing has changed. The Chargers controlled the clock, gashed them all night and Luck had fewer opportunities to score! I hope Manning passes for 500yrds & throws 7 TD’s to stick to that motor mouth! #shutupIrsay

  63. I blame the media for this foolishness. We act like the football men of old would never stoop to the level of current coaches, owners, and players. That’s bullcrap. If every Tom, Dick, and Harry was following Vince Lombardi/Tom Landry/etc. around for twenty hours a day, they’d have said some Twitter-worthy things, too.

    The media creates stories, intensifies stories, assigns blame (but always toward some other entity), and never has egg on its face.

    The media sucks.

  64. Its fun to watch an owner self-sooth and spin over a risk not taken (Peyton’s health/ability to play). Now Broncos are benefitting and Colts fans are wondering why Peyton isnt wearing blue and white anymore. Operation “save face” has begun. Too bad he didnt take the high road and wish Peyton well.

  65. unfkwthabl says:
    Oct 15, 2013 7:18 PM
    Irsays right…

    mr 20 million a year has only 1 sb ring… the one he got vs rex grossman.

    The next time he got there he threw it straight to tracy poster for a pick 6…

    Manning got to play vs the expansion texans, mediocre titans and woooo… jacksonville for a decade…

    He is vastly overrated… a bully who likes to run up his numbers on weaker teams…

    Brady this weekend proved why he is the best of all time and been to the SB 5 times


    The ignorance dripping from this post knows no bounds

    Peyton didn’t play Rex Grossman, he EARNED Superbowl MVP honors in a monsoon against the #1 D in the league that year

    Hypocrite much? The AFC East has been a joke for the past decade, but don’t let facts get in the way – here’s a hint: just because you keep spouting idiotic drivel doesn’t make it right unfortunately

    Brady proved he was the best QB last weekend? You mean by turning it over on downs with 3min left, throwing an INT and FINALLY getting the TD despite a blatant hold on the last play that gave him the clean pocket he needed?

    Brady proved he’s the best QB the past decade by consistently choking in the play-offs since 2004? You might want to check your facts junior, you might not like what you see.

  66. Don’t be surprised if the Colts are the next team to move to L.A. Jim’s ego is getting too big for a town like Indy. He’s going to want a bigger stage for his act and he won’t be afraid to do the same thing his father did to Baltimore. Maybe it won’t include the excess drama of packing up in the middle of the night but at some point, he’ll be lured by the glitz and glamour of L.A.

  67. Thank you, Mr. Fox. As a Colts fan, I can’t believe Irsay would be dumb enough to publicly throw the guy who did so much for the team, the city, and Irsay’s bank account under the bus. Tactless.

  68. I’m thinking that this is the guy who has to sit at the kids’ table during owner meetings. He’s the Justin Bieber of the group.

  69. Phil Fulmer admitted that when Peyton was his QB that the team over-relied on Manning. The team became so used to the guy doing everything that they became an unbalanced team, and when a defense stifled Manning, they stifled UT. That knack for carrying a team seems to have carried over to the Colts as well, but realistically, they never had a good “D.” Manning’s salary may have been the reason, but it doesn’t change the nature of the game as being a team sport. It gets old to keep reading post after post taking shots at Manning, or really, any QB, as though that player was the only one taking the field. In all likelihood, Archie was probably as good a quarterback as ever played the game, but he never made the playoffs. It is a team sport.

  70. I’ve never had the impression that Manning and Irsay were on bad terms. Either way, Manning is not the type to try and blow someone out.

  71. Isray should be far more worried about his Colt’s terrible defense than taking cheap shots at a guy who actually put them in a position to win a championship in the first place.

  72. Couple sides to this one.

    If they could have matched up Peyton with a better defense all those years, maybe they would have a couple more rings.

    On the other hand, if you’re paying a HOF quarterback a kazillion dollars and some good offensive weapons, the cap prevents you from affording that good defense.

  73. Uhmmmmm Confidence Pool, 16 pts put on Peyton and Denver to win, check…. thanks Jim, hahahahhaaaha

  74. What’s Manning going to prove in five days? How about nothing. If it was the AFC Championship game, which he’ll probably never get back to, THEN he might have something to prove. We already know he can win regular season games.

  75. So I guess we can pretty much guarantee that if the Broncos make the SuperBowl, Irsay will be strongly rooting for them to lose.

  76. Brady hasn’t won one of those since 2004. Should the Patriots start looking at a young QB in the draft?

    Time for a twelve step program, Jim.

  77. It’s a fair comment. Maybe some bad timing here on irsay’s part…. But c’mon people….call a spade a spade here…. Peyton has a sub .500 record in the playoffs period! Forget superbowls…they’re hard to get..but to have a below 500 record in the playoffs says alot…and until he changes that(running out of time now) he’ll always be behind Brady, Montana, aikman etc…. Reg season….he might be best ever….playoffs is a far different story

  78. Irsay is speaking the truth here…. Bad timing maybe but who can really argue this? Forget the superbowls…. He has a below .500 record lifetime in the playoffs also! To me that’s the most glaring….. Superbowls are hard to win…but to have a crappy playoff record as a whole is more telling to me. Until he changes that, he’ll always be behind Brady, Montana, aikman etc…. Peyton might be the best reg season qb ever…but he’s far from a clutch performer

  79. I love this kind of stuff. Both of these teams are going to be fired up for the game.

    Irsay has a point, but that doesn’t mean he is not still a huge drunk jackass, because he is.

  80. Like father like son. I guess it is only fitting that two generations of Irsay’s will be made to look ridiculous by top quarterback’s of their respective generations, both of whom play for the Broncos. I hope the Broncos go undefeated and win the Super Bowl just to stick it to Irsay for what he allowed Bill Polian to do the year the Colts lost to the Saints.

    Honestly, I thought Irsay was better than his old man, but his true colors come out. Maybe Jim should look in the mirror and think maybe he left a senile old man in charge and then allowed that senile old man to pass the torch to his incompetent son. Peyton was not responsible for fielding an inferior defense or three years of draft misses after 2006.

  81. I don’t have a horse in the race with this Brady Peyton comments….but all the Peyton fans who make the excuse that the colts had no D…. Need to look at what brad did with spare parts on offence and a 31st ranked defence…. He came within one play of a 4th superbowl…. And a tyree helmet catch from his 5th…. From a fan that hates both teams….Brady is light years ahead of manning as far as playoff success goes

  82. Jim Kelley’s multiple SB runs and no rings. Atlanta’s prolific runs and no world series. People already know that some accomplished people and their teams don’t always produce the big one. Although Irsay is technically correct you show some class and keep that information to yourself especially with the guy coming back to town and you planning some celebratory recognition of his contribution to the team. Feels a little hollow now and a little awkward.

  83. if there is 1 week im going to bet on denver to cover the spread, this is it. after irsay’s comments, im doubling my bet. peyton is going to rip indy a new a$$hole on sunday.

  84. Irsay is a bafoon. I used to like to root for the Colts because I liked Manning. I kept rooting for them because I like luck as well. But Irsay’s constant yapping has grown so annoying I hope they lose. They are beyond annoying. I hope Manning hangs a 50 spot on them and then goes and shakes his hand, smiles, waves to the fans and walks away. Irsay is basically Jerry Jones light.

  85. I am sure Pat Bowlen wanted a championship here in Denver prior to the 1998 but he, nor us fans, did not blame John Elway for that not happening. Classless to talk that way in a team sport and backhanded to have a ceremony after speaking his true feelings. Here is to hoping the sheriff makes him eat crow this week and after this year!

  86. Nothing more annoying that some bratty kid/man that takes over owning his fathers team or business for that matter. You deserve it as much as I do. Keep your dumb comments to yourself you spoiled hack.

  87. I’m not condoning Irsay for what he said, but he’s not lying either. I like and respect Peyton as much as the next guy, but his postseason numbers and record speak for themselves. Most people just tend to gloss over that, just because of his regular season success and the one Super Bowl. Skip Bayless says it best – best regular season QB of all-time. Anything else is disputable.

  88. I love how winning a SB is apparently so easy. I think sometimes people forget that the opponents you play in the playoffs are usually quality teams.

  89. We would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to the Irsay family for providing us two of the top five quarterbacks in NFL history. And in February of 2015 when 18 ends his career by being carried on shoulders off the field after winning his second Super Bowl in two years for our city, just as the first gift (some guy named Elway) you gave us did 16 years earlier, we will give you one of those cheesy “key to the City” ceremonies to commemorate your generosity.


    The City of Denver

  90. In fair to Peyton, he gave it all when the Colts played Dynasty team, New England Patriots, in the play-off. Did you and Irsay forgot that it has been a fist-clenching and nerve-wrecking play-off game every time they square it off and 90% of the game was played in Foxsborough. No argument that NE Patriots were better team than Colts in all department. Had there been no Patriots, Colts would definitely win few Super Bowls, no question!

  91. This reminds me an awful lot of Jerry Kruse saying (in regards to MJ) players don’t win championships, organizations do. Your team was terrible before Manning turned it around and you spent half a decade putting a garbage defense on the other side of the ball, you ungrateful d-bag. And you act like Luck is a guaranteed championship QB, which you have precisely zero evidence towards—the league is filled with good qbs who don’t have a ring. He could have been classy and just thanked Manning for his time there like the Eagles did with Andy Reid, but Irsay takes the low road. Who would have thought that the Eagles would have been the classy organization in a similar situation. I hope Manning tears the Colts up this weekend, and this from a Bears fan.

  92. Jim, you did your best team-owning in 2006. Great all around season for you that year. I’m sure Peyton is glad he had you around to help out. With your ownership. Of the team.

  93. As a Pats fan I always respected Peyton but obviously wasn’t rooting for him. Until today. I hope he drops 70 on Thanksdad Irsay.

  94. This morning I had the Colts in an upset. Tonight I am taking Manning in a landslide. What a clown…. right or not it was totally classless to say

  95. Peyton is a great QB and from all accounts a nice guy but lets face it he ate up sooo much cap room the couldnt afford any defense. Thats the reason theres only 1 SB for Indy

  96. Irsay, you never gave Peyton a great defense or a good RB in most of his years there. You really expected him to do it all himself?

  97. Irsay – the ole mad was a sly sneaky drunk; the kid is just an idiot drunk. Poulian had to go because the liquor cabinet just wasn’t big enough.

    If it wasn’t for Peyton, the fans wouldn’t have gone to the new stadium that was built for them while they were still in Baltimore. Without that success, Irsay would have snuck the team out of the city again when there was no new “oil can stadium” built for him with tax payer money.

  98. teams win championships and Peyton never had good teams. he should of fired polian way before he did. isray is a fool. Brady and Peyton numbers are almost identical in the playoffs. rapeburger is not the main reason why they won.

  99. lebronsinsecurity says:
    Oct 15, 2013 8:19 PM
    Isray should be far more worried about his Colt’s terrible defense than taking cheap shots at a guy who actually put them in a position to win a championship in the first place.

    Haha seriously? You mean the same Colts defense that held SF to 7 points in SF? or how about the Colts defense that held Jacksonville to 3 points at Jacksonville. You call Denver’s D better? Giving up 48 to Dallas and even giving up 19 at home to Jacksonville. Wait until Denver actually plays a real team for once this year and see how much you talk. And even if the Colts lose this game, it could be a benefit in the long run if the Colts can win the AFC South and rematch with Denver and choke artist Manning when it really counts.

  100. As a Pats and Tom Brady fan, Irsay can keep his comments to himself about his admiration of Tom.
    I have nothing but respect for Peyton.
    Brady and he have gotten where they are by working harder than anyone else. (Sanchez take notes).
    Peyton is a stand up guy and has always made me laugh in his commercials because he can take himself lightly. Never heard his teammates say anything but great things about him. That’s all you have to know.

    Irsay is a clown. Glad we got Mr. Kraft.

    Keep taking the high road Peyton. Nice having his back Coach Fox.

    Tom and Peyton = Top QB’s (maybe of all time).

  101. It seems pretty obvious to me that Irsay’s comments are much more a dig at Polian than Manning. He’s saying Baltimore, Pittsburg, and the Giants all won more SB’s with QB’s and receivers not as good as Peyton, Marvin, and Reggie because they had better defenses and special teams.

    However, it really did no good making the comments. I think he is still trying to convince some Colts fans that getting rid of Peyton was the right decision.

  102. What a jerk! Just no respect…sad. Peyton could be the greatest ever & he made a lot of money for this clown.
    We in Baltimore know fair well how unstable the Irsay’s are…and we really love the fact that our 2 rings bother him so much.
    I hope the Broncos kick the hell out of the little horses. Go Peyton!

  103. Irsay if this is your way of trying to get your team to back your words up….it’s Peyton you are playing! You know damned well that the team you spent money on was lacking key positions that would have gotten the Colts further in the playoffs, mainly DEF and O-line and a healthy RB to make the other team not think Manning has to throw it all the time. Your team got as far as they were physically able to go with the talent that you wanted to pay for! Don’t try to rewrite history, you’ll look foolish!

  104. Pongonnfl:

    But have to grant it to Irsay, that team is tougher in this version then in previous versions.”

    Bravo. : the difference is no more Polians making decisions.

    It took YEARS and YEARS to change over the colts when NaPolian took over. Why? Because they had very good drafts before him. Now it is down to Skeltons with Polians picks, it is a whole new team.

    Jimmy, if you were man enough to keep tighter reins on Polian and stopped the rein of terror, Peyton May have had a defense or more of a team. Bills ego was alays in the way.
    What was Polian holding over you Jimmy? He had you hook line and sinker.

    By the way Jimmy, go get cleaned up again.

  105. Simco123:

    “Jim, wow, seriously WOW. I would say that your coaching hire after Tony D, multiple first round draft misses, and having a crazy person in the front office contributed as much as anything to having only 1 SB. Way to be a “team guy” on the ultimate team sport. ……. Check your back Andrew. ”

    You hit the nail right on the head!

  106. Don’t cry for Manning. They paid him a ton of money in options near the end when he wasn’t playing in order to make this easier. Manning took the cash and tried to block them from drafting Luck. Remember Archie (Daddy) got involved and told Peyton not to accept that. That’s when they said “OK, we’ve paid you a gross amount of money and you really haven’t played well when it counted, and now you are trying to run our franchise by leveraging the media against us. Adios!”

  107. Irsay is right about the super numbers that Payton and Co. put up.

    There is a lot more to a game than just the QB. If he wants to put the onus somewhere it would be his coach not his QB. The offense wasn’t the problem. He brought in a coach who was supposed to build a D to go with his offense and it never happened. Just super classless to try and lay it at Manning’s feet.

  108. Not a football fan. Definitely a Peyton Manning fan. He is a class act, a good man. His dad raised him well, but you don’t make a silk purse from a sow’s ear. The article is wrong when it says Peyton will be pissed. As always, he will be driven and determined. And a class act.

  109. Neck Beard Luck has to be feeling the air going out of his charmed NFL career!

    The Chargers showed press coverage and a 4-5 man caving of the pocket makes him look Shaubish!

  110. Maybe if you gave manning and the colts a better defense back in all those years you might of won another ring. All those others you mentioned has top 5 defenses the years they won.
    I can’t wait til manning lights up the scoreboard.

  111. Irsay is a horses you-know-what but Manning does get a public relations pass on virtually everything he does on and off the football field. When Manning referred to Mike Vanderjagt in a Pro Bowl interview as “our idiot kicker who got liquored up and ran his mouth off”, he did so because Vanderjagt told a true story about Peyton. He also lied about Vanderjagt who didn’t drink alcohol. Manning signed on to the Papa John’s franchise, a company that has has boatloads of money for TV ads during NFL telecasts but insures about a third of its workers and has threatened to will cut worker hours due to the Affordable Care Act. That’s Manning’s right but it hardly makes him a model citizen. Eli strikes me as a genuinely nice guy; Peyton, not so much.

  112. Wait til the colts have to resign Luck…. Hahaa, 300 mil and another huge chunk of the cap. They will always be a softer dome team come December/January. Peyton is better for being free of Indy, not the ther way around.

  113. A player doesn’t win Super Bowls, teams do. You are not a great quarterback based on Super Bowl wins. A lot of great quarterbacks have lost, a lot of crap quarterbacks have won.

  114. What a piece of work you are Irsay…I’m not even a Broncos fan, but I was gonna say that I hope Peyton rips you a new ahole, but you opening your mouth proves that is already covered…even if it isn’t a new one…

  115. 1) If Fox has so much respect for Manning why did he treat him like Trent Dilfer at the end of the Baltimore game in the playoffs?

    2) Have any of you read the article? Irsay says nothing at all bad about Manning. He’s says they changed their “model” so they could win more than one title. He didn’t say they changed their QB. He goes on to talk about building a well rounded team. The Colts failed Manning and Irsay knows it. He’s not taking shots at Manning – he’s taking shots at Polian! He’s basically saying: “this time we are going to give our franchise QB more help”. What the hell is wrong with that?

    3) Irsay has promised a huge tribute to Peyton on Sunday. You don’t do that for an active player about to play a game against you unless you respect and appreciate what he’s done for your franchise.

    4) Irsay may hit twitter a little more than you’d like, but he’s a damn good owner. He knows football, he hires good football people, he cares about winning (not just profits), and he spends to win. I’ll take that over the majority of NFL owners. Is he eccentric? Absolutely. But he also appears funny and interesting. Keep your stuffed suits – as a Colts fan, I’m perfectly happy with Irsay. Anyone that compares him to his dad doesn’t know what they are talking about.

    5) Other than the Colts I, like most Colt fans, am rooting for Peyton to get his TD record back, another MVP, and another SB ring. But Fox is making hard. Shut up, mind your own business, enjoy the gift you’ve been given and don’t treat Peyton like Trent Dilfer next time.

  116. With all the talk of these teams that won super bowls during the Manning era. Does everyone forget that they had defense? I don’t care how good the quarterback is, if your team doesn’t play defense its a losing battle to fight. Baltimore with 2? Defense. Pittsburgh with 2? Defense. Pats with 3? Defense. Giants 2? Defensive line and 2 miracle plays. Don’t forget Manning has more rings than Marino, the same amount as a starter as Steve young… Just some perspective.

  117. That was a classless move for irsay. If you want to blame Peyton for the losses in the post season, go ahead.
    That “defense wins championships term” comes to mind, however…I haven’t seen any of these more clutch qb’s winning rings without a great defense. Not Brady…Not Brees, No Big Ben… Even Aaron Rodger’s Packers D was playing out of their minds for their rings…
    As for the paycheck, if you think Luck won’t demand a big contract then you must be in denial. So you have a few years with a rookie contract for Luck, after that you are either in the same spot as with Manning or Luck is gone. How is this that different? The Pats and Steelers had lower paid qbs when they won multiple rings, so you have a couple years colts fans.
    If irsay really cared about Peyton and all he did for that organization then he really should be thanking him, not making shots at ONLY 1 ring when he got to the playoffs.

  118. In addition, was Manning on the field last year when Jacoby Jones was catching the pass that sent the game into OT? yes he threw the pick… But they never would’ve been in that situation if they played D

  119. Not an Irsay fan…at all. However, this may just work in Indy’s favor. This back-and-forth puts all the pressure in the world on Manning to come into Indy and light it up. It’s in these moments we’ve seen Peyton wilt — seeing ghosts and throwing picks.

    That being said, I think Peyton may be a different person than he was in Indy. He seems “mature” — not from an attitude perspective b/c the guy is the ultimate pro, but rather from a “monsters under the bed” one. Kinda like a kid who isn’t afraid of the boogey man anymore.

    I guess we’ll find out Sunday night.

    O, and, go BoSox!

  120. lakerfan0907 said:
    In addition, was Manning on the field last year when Jacoby Jones was catching the pass that sent the game into OT? yes he threw the pick… But they never would’ve been in that situation if they played D

    OK, I’ll give you that. I’ve always said Brady never lost a SB because in both losses to the NYFG he left the field with the lead. All the D had to do was stop one drive in both cases.

  121. Lights out stats during the season, below .500 in the playoffs

    AWFUL commercials

    That’s peyton

    In 2001 he threatened to take the colts to l.a. after the 2006 season unless they gave him a new stadium

    that’s irsay

    take your pick

  122. Overblown. So Irsay says that he prefers championships over great statistics, and all of a sudden he has murdered Peyton’s first born. Relax everyone.

  123. Last time Manning was taunted, he was in Philly where the linebackers were shouting “PAPA JOHNS!” at him. He then went on to throw four TDs and the Broncos put up 52 points that day. That should have been a lesson to you, Irsay.

    -Sincerely, an Eagles fan

  124. The Bronco players are going to do everything they can to blow out the Colts. Irsay put the Colts players in a must win situation.

  125. I hope Manning comes into Indy and breaks the record for most touchdown passes in a game. I hope he throws 10 touchdown passes. The Irsays have only ever been loyal to themselves. Drunk Robert ‘Pappy’ Irsay moves the Colts out of Baltimore in the middle of the night. Now Jim ‘Junior’ Irsay is following in his footsteps (drunk part not known about Jr.) by shoving his own foot squarely in his mouth. I hope the Broncos score 100 points.

  126. Think current Colts players appreciate Irsay popping off like that? Now they know that even if the Broncos are up 5 TDs, Manning might not be inclined to take his foot off the gas (although from the sounds of it, he has more class than that). For some people, nothing is ever enough, is it?

  127. Not a great fan of Manning. Just trying to make a rational argument/point here.
    1) Manning is one of the greatest QB’s to very play. However, the # of SB rings argument is quite moronic. Is Eli/Big Ben better than Peyton because they won 1 more ring?
    2) Clutch is way over-rated/misunderstood. Tom Brady, when he started, was lighting up the post-season. However, of late he hasn’t won anything; does that imply he has suddenly stopped becoming clutch? As good as he was, their defense was instrumental in their SB rings. Same goes for Eli and Ben with the Giants and Steelers defense respectively.
    3) Manning post season QB rating is among the top echelon (look it up)

  128. Wow, the last thing in the world I’d want to do is piss off Peyton Manning. The guy is out to win another ring after the Raven shocked them last year in the playoffs.

    You see what he did to the Ravens in Week #1, 7 TD passes, 49 points . . .

    I just think Irsay should have been quiet given the fact he jettisoned Manning for Luck, which indeed, I thought was the right move.

    Now you have Manning simply out for blood X2, like he needed any more incentive.

    Saying “Bad Move” is an understatement.

  129. 1historian says:
    Oct 16, 2013 8:55 AM

    In 2001 he threatened to take the colts to l.a. after the 2006 season unless they gave him a new stadium


    And you sir, are a liar.
    Where is your source on this?
    That’s what I thought.

  130. This guy is gonna give Richardson a run for his money for “idjit owner speaks out” I wonder how many owners would be slap happy for multiple 12-win years and even 1 sb ring. Apparently, they grow on trees and Irsay’s arms are just too short. From a fact perspective he is right about coming up short in the playoffs. Really this is an embarrassment to him more than Peyton for not fielding a team that could defend better than my dead grandma.

    I like how some people feel that people are overreacting. The did comparing him to Brady is what rubs me the wrong way. Do you think during the draft, Kraft would have chosen Peyton or Tom when he had a choice way back when? Exactly. While Irsay is making comparisons, did he mention in his inital statement that Peyton had to play with a paper thin defense most of the time. No he kinda left that part out while going on about Tom Brady’s rings. The bottom line is that Irsay hoped to ride Peyton’s coattails to a SB and he did it. Now he has the audacity to say I shoulda got more? How do you figure? Well anyway, when Irsay looks back on things, it will be just like Bills fans talking about the Jim Kelly days or Cowboy fans about the Aikman days, just you wait. No Mr Irsay , SB rings don’t grow on trees.

  131. We are far too soft as a country when we cannot even state the obvious for fear of offending a millionaire. Although I despise the entire Irsay family he was merely speaking the truth. It’s no different than the Atlanta Braves lamenting the fact that they only won one World Series during their great run or, quite frankly, stating that my Ravens should have won more than 1 Super Bowl in the early 2000’s with that terrific defense. Athletes are graded on wins and losses, not statistics. Do you think Drew Bledsoe is better than Montana or Unitas? Obviously not, but he had more passing yards. Manning is not the greatest QB to ever play the game. He’s arguably in the top 5, but somewhere behind Brady and Montana.

  132. I hope a lot of you enjoyed your crow omelettes this morning

    And those of you who still somehow think Brady is better than Peyton… TEAMS win superbowls just like Indy played better than Denver last night.

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