No personnel changes on Dolphins offensive line


In the first five games of the season, the Dolphins offensive line failed to offer much protection for quarterback Ryan Tannehill or much in the way of running room on the occasional running play by running backs Lamar Miller and Daniel Thomas.

The Dolphins returned to work after the bye on Monday and the offensive line remained intact. There will be no personnel changes this week on the unit and offensive coordinator Mike Sherman said that the team remains confident that focusing on fundamentals in practice will lead to better results on the field in the weeks to come.

“Well I think they’re a hard working group, they’re a work in progress, I said that from the very beginning,” Sherman said, via the team’s website. “They’re going to continue to get better. I think they’re taking a lot of hits that aren’t necessarily all their fault, you can spread that around to all of us, not just to them.”

There are schematic changes and play calling choices that the Dolphins can make in order to alleviate the pressure on the line, but they won’t matter if the players don’t execute better. The Dolphins are betting that they can.

The choice to bank on improvement will get an immediate test when the Dolphins face the Bills in Week Seven. Buffalo has 21 sacks this season, tied for second in the NFL, and the Dolphins will need to keep them from adding to that total in order for their offense to operate at peak efficiency.

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  1. Smarter play calling would help the most. I was hoping Garner would get in the mix. Move the pocket, change the snap count, and call a few screens. Steal a play or two from Denver and New Orleans. Figure out what is tipping the defense. They seem to know what’s coming way to often.

  2. ruh roh!!!
    MNF top 5 young qb’s

    what it should look like

    when are people going to realize that kap is terrible?

  3. The Chiefs tried very hard to make a deal with Miami that would have sent Branden Albert there, but no go.

    So far, the only regrets would be on Miami’s part.

  4. Tannehill needs to work a lot on letting the ball go early and throwing away. It may lead to some big plays but more often leads to a costly sack.

  5. In the 1st half of the Ravens game, Miami ran the ball 9 times and Tannehill was sacked twice. Second half they ran the ball twice and Tannehill is sacked 4 times. This team is so predictable that they just as well tell the other team what they are going to do.

  6. Unless they trade for quality players, nothing can be done. This is no talent left on the o-line outside of Pouncey. I agree the coaching staff is poor, but no amount of coaching can make up for the lack of talent on this roster. And we all know who picks the players. Same guy who said he “nailed” the 2012 draft….

  7. Coaching is becoming more important every year in the NFL. At this point the Dolphins do have a ton of very talented players, however, the coaching is the weak point of the team. The O Line may or may not be weak, but the coaching is not putting the team in good positions for any of them to perform. The rushed the ball 2 times in the 2nd half of the last game. You have got to be kidding. Can’t make the changes now, but next year the Dolphins need to make coaching changes. Does Philbin ever get mad at anything or anyone? Can’t be acting like a broad to be a head coach.

  8. I agree with you about Philbin, but I see mostly average players when it comes to talent. Pouncey and Wake are Pro-Bowl caliber. Tannehill has potential, but it is still too early to tell. Wallace is inconsistent and basically a glorified #2 receiver. The new LB’s are average and not special in terms of making plays. The secondary has dropped off badly from last year. Brandon Fields is pretty good, though.

  9. The actual coaching seems fine. There are fewer mistakes/penalties during the games. The team has a better overall attitude than in years past.

    Where I see problems is from a play-calling viewpoint. Sherman can call some good plays and has done so this year but he also calls some really questionable ones–several in a row. At times this offense is clicking and moving the ball at will. Then there are times when they can’t squeak out 3 yards on 3 downs. They need to vary the plays that are run from certain formations. Fans can tell what is coming just from the formation (and who is on the field) so you know the defense can as well. Successful offensive teams can all do several things from the same formation. Stick with the run a bit more and stop calling slow to develop stretch plays. Run a pitch instead.

  10. The play calling is atrocious. What hurts even more as a Dolphin fan is that Sherman seems so hard headed and is going to continue to try and ride this out. Despite the fact that everyone including my 2 year old daughter can see that there needs to be some sort of change in scheme, personnel, or both. Because regardless of what the record is it will not stay in the positive for much longer. 25 sacks in 5 games is not just an eye opener its a freaking blow it up and start over type of flag. If nothing is done with Sherman or his outlook you can bet that all the optimism the Dolphins were beginning to have will be right back where they were 2 years ago, awful.

  11. i believe that there is enough talent on this team to have 5 or 6 pro bowlers (tannehill, grimes, ellerbe, wheeler, wake, pouncy, wallace, and even miller) and a couple all pros with wake and pouncey, but you have to be able to get the most out of them. i believe philbin can do that, i question coyle and sherman though. i like coyle but im not sure what he has been doing latley, he has enough talent on the d line that he does not have to blitz with the lb’s so much and jordan has made plays when he is in, play the kid more. i have no idea what sherman is doing though.

  12. scmems07,
    I think Coyle is calling too many stunts. He is moving the d-line around when I don’t think he has to based on their talent level. I have seen them stunt right out of plays and get gashed. Overall I like Coyle. This defensive line has the talent to play straight up and get after it while the LBs clean up. Sherman needs to come down out of the booth and get a feel for the game from the sidelines. It flows based on things he cannot see, like emotion, attitude, fatigue, slight injuries, etc. He has the ability but he needs to coach the offense and stop playing “real world” madden from up in the booth

  13. People are really complaining about coaching? Do you not remember Dave Wannstedt running the ball on 3 and 11 or Tony Sporano kicking a field goal on 4th and inches from the 2 and getting waaaay too excited about it?

    The coaching has been great and the team has played really well. At the beginning of the season fans were hoping we could get 2 or 3 wins out of that early schedule against Cleveland, Indy, Atlanta, New Orleans, and Baltimore. We got our wish. The toughest part of our schedule is over and we are mostly worried about the offensive line. I’ll take it. The coaches put a bunch of players together who had never played together and led them to a 3-0 start. Quit complaining.

  14. I agree…. Stop the garbage talk about our squad & coaching! We lost by 3 pts to the defending champs otherwise we are 4-1 right now. Buncha freakin bandwagon jumpers! We could honestly win 7 games easily after the bye and they won’t be happy with a 10 win season. 10 wins and a Wildcard… I’ll take it and make a serious run next year.

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