Packers place Cobb on IR with designation to return


Reports on Tuesday indicated Packers wide receiver Randall Cobb would miss six-to-eight weeks with a fractured fibula and the Packers confirmed them in the afternoon.

The Packers announced that they have placed Cobb on injured reserve with the ability to return. Cobb will be eligible to begin practicing again in six weeks, which means the Packers don’t think there’s a chance for him to return at the most optimistic side of that timetable. He’ll be eligible to play in eight weeks.

With James Jones also hurting, the Packers are thin at wide receiver. Aaron Rodgers thinks the running game can help the team navigate past the rough spots, but the team also made a couple of roster moves to increase the available targets for the quarterback.

Wide receiver Myles White and tight end Jake Stoneburner, who played some wide receiver at Ohio State, have been promoted from the practice squad to the active roster. Both players signed with the team as undrafted free agents in the spring and have been on the practice squad for the entire regular season.

The Packers also placed guard Greg Van Roten on season-ending injured reserve.

29 responses to “Packers place Cobb on IR with designation to return

  1. Regardless of how this season turns out for Green Bay. I expect Ted Thompson to get back to what he does best in 2014 draft – drafting WR. He’ll add 2 in the first 4 rounds guaranteed.

  2. great stone hands… sheesh, stoneburner has worse stone hands than finley. smh… getwell soon cobb we might need ya sooner rather than later. and as a packers fan i’m really tired of people comparing this year to 2010! it’s not 2010! and no ted is calling driver either, it’s not how he does things. so please stop with all that. i’ve heard myles white has showed some promise but i’ll wait to comment on him until i see for myself, either way losing cobb was huge.

  3. nelson, jones, & cobb are all back next year. TT isn’t going to make a trade this year or draft a WR high next year to be #4 wr on this team, and anyone that thinks they will, don’t know TT

  4. If it was that simple chitown the Ravens would have done it last week but yet again nothing is simple for you is it?

    In addition I thought our defense sucked according to you? Now it is the offense? Every prediction you made last year was wrong why would it be any different this year?

  5. Mr. chitown always good for a laugh…keep em’ coming you always put a smile on my face…lmao

    Go Packers…we’ll be ok, get well soon Cobb

  6. I didn’t know Greg Van Roten was injured, or I wasn’t paying attention. Who is the backup center now?

  7. chi01town hopes that GB doesnt adapt and overcome yet again. The Packers have owned the Bears for awhile and Bears fans are hoping their prayers have been answered with a weakening of a team that has their number year in and year

    The Packes will be fine. They have talent all over the place, and if you want a receiver to look good, just make Aaron Rodgers the QB. Take Jennings as an example. Superstar in Green Bay, nothing notable in Minnesota. It is all about the QB. You can teach a man to catch, you can’t make a QB toss the ball anywhere near him. Green Bay has a way of making superstars out of guys no one ever heard of before. None of their receivers were even drafted in premium spots. 3rd, 4th and 5th round picks, and these guys are on the highlight reels every week.

  8. @shlort:

    I can appreciate some of your points, but many of their WRs were high draft picks. Jennings, Cobb, Nelson were all 2nd rounders. I agree though that a good QB will make a middle of the road WR into a stud. Look at what Favre did with Brooks, Freeman, Driver, etc… You see these WRs go to other teams and things get real in a hurry. Jennings and Freeman are both good examples of ex-Packers who struggles with their respective new teams. Javon Walker also comes to mind.

  9. Get better cobb…the cheapshot by that rookie DB was uncalled for..should have been a personal foul… now move on to a healthy and speedy recovery

  10. He lil’X I would be willing to bet Jennings wishes he was still with that brainwashed into being good team rather than the losing menality he is suffering through now. Your continued posts are filled with jealousy of the Pack once again and it must burn you to know the only thing the media says about the Vikings as that they are not good. One other thing how do you like being outrushed by the Pack?Thats gotta sting!

  11. @tokyo
    for Chicago its 10 games left we gotta wait and see how many more games they win. BUT the packers dont have a O-line and we DONT have to wait to see that. Nelson is by his self in the passing game and everybody the packers have left on the schedule knows it. STOP Nelson and BEAT the Packers.

  12. Yeah the pack has owned the Bears for awhile. Doesn’t matter the 9ers are going to stream roll the pack and if you somehow beat them seahawks will own the pack so doesn’t matter

  13. leatherface and other Packer haters are so funny. Their teams have no success even against a banged-up Packer team, so their only hope is more Packer injuries.

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