Patriots clamping down on leaks


At first, the reports and counter reports regarding the status of Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski provided great cover for the team, keeping opponents guessing about his availability and forcing them to prepare for the possibility that they will or won’t face him.

Now that the reports and counter reports have shed light on possible locker-room conflict and resentment regarding the disconnect between Gronkowski’s performances in practice and inability to play, the Patriots have decided to clamp down.

As Tom Curran of CSN New England explained on Monday’s Pro Football Talk on NBCSN, the Pats have put out the word to quit talking about any injured players.  As a result, it has been difficult if not impossible to get updates regarding receiver Danny Amendola (apparent concussion), cornerback Aqib Talib (hip flexor strain, reportedly), and linebacker Jerod Mayo (arm in sling, which likely wasn’t a fashion statement).

Curran also said that team security is trying to find out who has been talking about Gronkowski.  Presumably, the focal point will be the leaks regarding players unhappy with Gronkowski for not playing.

The last we heard on Gronkowski is that he’ll miss at most one more game.  And that may be the last we hear about Gronkowski.  Ever.

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  1. Excellent! I was disappointed to hear anonymous whining about Gronkowski. After all, the Patriots are not the Jets.

  2. The last we heard on Gronkowski is that he’ll miss at most one more game. And that may be the last we hear about Gronkowski. Ever.

    but probably not the last article about it.

  3. So now we’ll get to hear media outlets everywhere complain the Patriots aren’t being “cooperative” or they aren’t “fan friendly.” I wish all teams would do this.

  4. Compare this to the Steelers who are clamping down on no more bumper pool tables, candyland games, or “go fish” card games……

  5. I guess people in the Pats organization forgot they were in New England w/Bellicheck and not Tampa Bay with Schiano. Leaks aren’t gonna be tolerated.

  6. As a pats fan- this Welker trade is making you look worse and worse Kraft, giving him up for a fragile junior athlete in Amendola.
    While te Patriots are winning and won’t have trouble squeezing bye to 8-1 into the bye week, you gave all Tom and New England’s offensive records away, and the chance at another undefeated season.
    I sure as hell hope that Tom can manage in week 12. If Welker becomes the missing piece that wins it in the end, pats nation that no fury on your poor decision making.

  7. As a rule, I don’t consider anything Tom Curran says. I think he likes to start fires more than report on them. Mike Reiss is the only legitimate Pat’s writer.

  8. Mzew233: before you go on about how Kraft is looking “worse and worse” you might want to learn something. There was no welker trade this past offseason, there was one in 07 when the pats acquire him but the broncos didn’t just trade for him. They signed him in free agency. The fact you thought it was a trade shows you know very little about the patriots and the NFL in general.

  9. surfinbird1 says:
    Oct 15, 2013 6:20 PM
    Hey pigskinaholic why don’t you show us a pic. of your woman. I’ve seen Bradys.

    So what? Tom Cruise has had hot women too, and everyone knows that, well… I’m sure money has nothing to do with that

  10. Torpos:
    Understand it wasn’t a trade, it was low balling offers for welker for insane incentives, telling him he ‘overestimated his market value’ while he was the most reliable reciever anywhere the last 6 years and most reliable NE receiver ever. Letting him go for the idea that Amdola could do the same for less, and having is offer made before they talked with Welker, and after he took Tom on his plane making him take the Good ol boy discount on his contract. So yes ‘trade’ may have been the wrong word used, but does not hide Krafts mistake.

  11. @mzew233 You are a total idiot and have NO idea what you’re talking about. Do your homework before you spew crap out of your mouth! They offered Welker MORE than he is getting in Denver and Amendola ISN’T getting less.

  12. weepingjebus says:
    Oct 15, 2013 5:40 PM
    Any chance we can get Bob Costas assigned to only cover the Patriots?


    And can he take Olbermann along with him.

    There’s other channels for political opinions.

  13. I think Bill is one of the best coaches ever, but really, if teams were totally forthcoming and honest with the media regarding injuries, would they lose one more game because of it?

    There’s too much cloak and dagger self importance with this crap. It’s football, not CIA operatives on the ground in whateveristan.

  14. How dare other teams try to use information not meant for them to gain an unfair advantage in a game.

    That’s the Patriot Way, dammit! LOL

  15. Did someone find out about how they paid off the refs so they could beat the Saints? Pathetic.

  16. Whatever, with Brady, New England remains among the elite.

    Watching them drop pass after pass getting Brady more and more piss ed. Only to have him thread another needle and win another amazing game.

    Don’t really matter who the receivers are as long as one makes the final catch.

  17. This crap was all made up by the idiots on WEEI in Boston, specifically I believe Felger started one of the rumors. Felger is a total weasel and the kind of sports media person who thrives on what they perceive as mistakes or problems in one of the teams they cover. He’s like a giggly, 5 year old girl when something comes up.

    He hates Belichick and constantly complains that he won’t tell them anything that they want to know. He also gets very upset that the players usually don’t give him anything either.

    What he does is make up these negative things and then starts asking the players about them in hopes of being able to twist any response he gets into something that will create artificial controversy.

  18. ^^ torpos – you dumb puck – Patriots offer was $10m – 2 years with insane incentices that could have pushed it to $16m – Go use google on how much his contract is worth with Denver, EXACTLY as was stated. And do some of your OWN research before you talk smack on a news forum.
    – Shows you not only are the one who doesnt do research before opening his holster, but is not even close to a legitimate New England fan. Nice try

    ^^ And deejayehn – you should be talking – for a guy that has a FARMERS ONLY profile – google that one for yourself too.

  19. “steelersreallysuck says:
    Oct 15, 2013 8:06 PM”

    Steelers + Torpos
    You are apprently the idiots here. New England never offered Welker more than Denver —
    They offered him a ‘Take it or leave it’ contract with incentives that technically could have made it more, which even he said were unattainable. But was NEVER more than Denver’s base.

    This also comes AFTER they threw him out infront of everyone in 2012, trying to ‘phase’ him out.
    Nothing but disrespect, and obviously a mistake by Hoodie/Kraft. Any legit Pats fan understands that.

  20. Welker and Belicheck didn’t like each other so one had to go…that is the bottom line. Kraft and Brady had nothing to do with anything.

  21. Ooh, The Patriot way! Look at how much smarter BB is than anyone in the history of the World! Look at how pretty Tom Brady is! Bla, bla, bla…

  22. @mzew233 and anyone else that is unintelligent: New England did offer Welker a two-year, fully guaranteed deal for $16 million the season before, but it was refused. Like I said, know what you’re talking about. If you even know a little bit of math, you should know that $16 million is more than $12 million.

  23. ^^ Steelers, you are still spewing trash without any research.
    Where in the name of Zues’s butt did anyone every say $16m fully guaranteed. Nowhere.
    It was $10m with incentives. So take YOUR Unintelligent self and go to any football website.
    It’s unbelievable your sitting here calling people out about things you are blatantly wrong about.

  24. $10 million was the last offer, $16 million was the season before IDIOT

    You’ve just illustrated that Welker made stupid decisions two years in a row.

    Take a look at Edelman’s stats btw.

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