Randall Cobb expected to miss 6-8 weeks with fractured fibula


Green Bay Packers head coach Mike McCarthy indicated receiver Randall Cobb would be out “multiple weeks” after leaving Sunday’s game against the Baltimore Ravens with a leg injury.

According to Tyler Dunne of the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, Cobb suffered a fractured fibula and is expected to miss 6-8 weeks of action.

The injury is a full break of the fibula and will take the full 6-8 week window to heal.

Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers wasn’t thrilled with the hit from Ravens’ safety Matt Elam that injured Cobb. He felt Elam should have been able to adjust to strike him in a less dangerous manner. The hit has now cost Rodgers one of his top targets.

Cobb leads the Packers with 29 catches so far this season.

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  1. Conversely, just to emphasis how dirty that hit was Troy Polamalu had a textbook hit on the TE for the Jets Cumberland (perfect hit of the target area, clean and solid) Elam had ample time and decided to go with the knees. I think thats just wrong in my opinion.

  2. Nick Perry and his broken foot getting no love?

    Packers will be league leaders in injuries, as they were in 2012, again.

    Meanwhile, Ted Thompson hired a skip tracer to find Taco Wallace.

  3. This is what happens when you make high hits illegal. If Rodgers should be mad at anyone, be mad at the NFL.

  4. Tough break (no pun intended). My team, Bears, have a ton of injuries as well. It takes a lot of luck; good for your team, and bad for the hated teams to win in the NFL. Hope Cobb, Jones, and Perry get well enough to play soon. For the good of the NFL it’s best if all teams are at least semi healthy. Injuries, especially season ending ones are the devil.

  5. As a Lions’ fan, here’s hoping he’s back for the Turkey Day rematch. Now, we want a healthy Pack coming into Ford Field that day.

  6. I knew when McCarthy just said multiple weeks when he was asked again it was bad. This puts him at the earliest week 12 but more likely he’ll be back around week 14 or 15. Depending on where the packers sit in the division they may elect to rest him until the playoffs.

  7. Packers are in some rough shape after the injuries from this week. Cobb being the quick, shifty WR of the team is a player they just cannot replace. He really made teams pay for sitting in a cover 2 all day. Finley will really have to pick up his game.

    The other big loss is OLB Nick Perry, i know some will scoff that he isn’t that great but your talking a team that didn’t produce alot of pass rush pressure even when Mathews was playing. You remove a guy who was coming on with 3 sacks in the last two weeks and it really gets dicey for the GB chances of producing a pass rush.

    The Packers i would think will be adding a WR today or tomorrow in some form, whether that is calling up Dunn and/or White from the practice squad, trading for a WR, or signing someone else practice squad guy.

    Here is to hoping the Pack have enough warm bodies to compete against a physical Browns front 7.

  8. Packers fan here. It wasn’t a dirty hit, just the kind of hit that occurs when playing football.
    Rodgers went to Elam during the time out to question the hit. Elam said with the NFL rules against higher hits, a defender has fewer options.
    One of the sacred cows to pro players is don’t take out the knees, as that could be a career-ending hit. If you do it to someone, eventually someone will do it to you. That’s the unwritten code from what I can decipher.
    This hit wasn’t dirty, but gives you an idea of how fast an NFL career could change.

  9. Wishing Cobb a speedy recovery. The Pack’s rivalry with my Bears just isn’t the same when everyone is going down. So many leg/knee injuries across the league this year. I wonder how much of it results from people being afraid to hit high.

  10. I hate to see any player get injured.

    But I also hate to see a medical staff take over 24 hours to diagnose a broken leg!

    For 24 hours, we have had most of the green and gold faithful complaining about the hit on Randall Cobb’s knee and how it was a “cheap” shot.

    Aaron Rodgers has whined about it to the media – complaining about an illegal shot at the knee.

    It’s a broken leg – not a knee.

    This should have been able to have been diagnosed on Sunday afternoon. No need for an MRI – just a simple Xray.

    Time for a new medical staff for the Packers.

  11. Let me put a scenario out there that we’ve all seen: Defender comes in for a clean tackle, leading with the shoulder, aiming for the ball carrier’s shoulder or midsection. Ball carrier adjusts for impact or try to and avoid the tackle. As a result of the changed positioning of the ball carrier, the defensive player now “leads” with his helmet or strikes the ball carriers head and draws a penalty and possible fines from the league office.

    Gee……..I wonder why they’re hitting low?

  12. Hey….haters: Please don’t confuse stating facts regarding the extreme number of injuries the Packers sustain year after year as whining or complaining. It’s just the facts.

    The whining and complaining comes from posters like you that cannot believe how well the Packers continue to do under those conditions.

    Next Man Up! Go Pack!

  13. No big deal. Packers can find joe schmoe on the street, bring him in and throw a jersey on him, and Rodgers will make him look good.

    This might help so the Pack doesn’t put up 50 against my vikes… Maybe only be 42-3 now…

  14. As a Packer fan this is the modern NFL. A few years back a guy in the Packer secondary knocked Adrian Peterson out with a low hit. We dish it out, we get it back. It’s the modern NFL. I guess we just have to choose if we want to watch this manipulated, unintended consequence NFL that has become human pinball or get interested in something else. I’m barely keeping an interest in this product. A multi-billion dollar, taxpayer subsidized behemoth filled with starters who make multi millions on the sideline while $500,000 a year backups are on the field. Yippee.

  15. whose up for the IR next week?
    As long as #12 sets up his Wr’s with hospital throws, free agency & practice squads should be depleted by week 9.

  16. GenXJay is probably right. If Rodgers would sail most of his throws far over heads or drive them into the dirt like a Viking QB, WRs wouldn’t have to worry about getting hit.

  17. Be careful Aaron, he’s from UF. Consider yourself lucky he didn’t bust a cap in yo ass.

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